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Casa Coquina Bed and Breakfast

Casa Coquina Bed and Breakfast

Casa Coquina Del Mar Bed and Breakfast, owned by Dennis and Ginny Fitzpatrick, is located in Titusville, Florida near the Indian River. In each of the eight total suites, there is a bedroom, private bath, and a sitting room. The backyard of the property includes a garden filled with native plants and cultivated plants, in addition to a small fish pond with goldfishes. A full breakfast is available to guests between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m., with several options ranging from fruit salad to pastry dishes. Dennis and Ginny provide guests with a snack plate upon arrival or set up wines in the guests' suite if there's an occasion planned. The busiest season for Casa Coquina is typically from mid-January to mid-May. A fair amount of visitors come to see the Kennedy Space Center. When the space center launched their very first astronaut, several TV networks came to film from the Casa Coquina B&B's deck.


Casa Coquina Del Mar B&B, located in Titusville, Florida, includes a library and 8 suites, all of which are named after gems, with the exception of the Lighthouse Suite. Some rooms, such as the Emerald Suite and Ruby Suite, match their designated gem name with the gem color on the walls, sofas, and decor. The style of each suite features vintage furniture with several modern touches. The Topaz Suite and the Black Pearl Suite, in particular, are both oriental-style rooms. The suites range in size from 360 square feet to 1,100 square feet, but all of the units contain a bedroom, sitting room, and private bath. Some of the suites feature a small 1-2 person jacuzzi.

The exterior of the light beige-colored B&B is decorated with printed-on cracks exposing painted bricks and greenery surrounding it all along the walls. These details were added by a local artist. Inside the B&B, there are some paintings done by the same artist on display for guests to view. The backyard includes a garden with native plants and cultivated plants to make the area more colorful. Additionally, with the garden, there is a small fish pond with several goldfish, as well as picnic tables, firepits, and a jacuzzi that fits about six people. Some guests take their wine or snack plates out to the garden. Another amenity that guests have found useful is the electric car charging station, which is free for guests staying at the B&B. Casa Coquina B&B also includes free Wi-Fi, board games such as jigsaw puzzles, cards, and corn hole, and provided beach toys for kids if needed.

Casa Coquina Del Mar B&B serves a full breakfast from 8:00-10:00 a.m. Coffee/hot water is available by 6:30, though the establishment contains a library where guests are able to make their own coffee and tea at other times of the day. Many breakfast options are available for guests to choose from among the pastry dish, egg dish, fresh fruit salad, and other food dishes. A few of the guest favorites among the breakfast options are the creme brulee baked French toast and the spiced apple pastry. The owners cater towards any dietary restrictions such as gluten-free or soy-free, for example, and guests are asked of such during the booking process. Guests receive a snack tray in each room after check-in. The tray generally consists of cheese, crackers, meats, and pre-packaged snacks. Complimentary soda, wine, and beer are additionally available to guests from 5:30 to 6:30 in the evening. For visitors who plan on eating at the nearby restaurants, some of the dining options by the property include Dixie Crossroads, Third Culture Kitchen, The Heroes Grill, and Orleans Bistro & Bar.

The library has an antique toy collection that dates back to the 1890s-1960s. The owner mentions that some guests view the B&B as though it were a museum. Additionally, in the library, there is a refrigerator for guests to use during their stay, as well as a door to the deck area. The library includes numerous books, and the owner allows guests to take one home with them.


The owners of Casa Coquina Del Mar B&B, Dennis and Ginny Fitzpatrick, greet guests with a snack plate and a tour of the B&B upon arrival in hopes of making visitors feel more comfortable during their stay. If guests have planned a special occasion, Dennis and Ginny are in the habit of setting up wine in their rooms. One guest, in particular, appreciated Dennis and Ginny's service, saying, "The owners make you feel very welcomed with their presence, their snacks, wine hour, and an amazing breakfast. We watched the launch of Space X right from our room’s deck!"

Before Dennis and Ginny owned the property, children were not allowed to stay at the B&B, but they have changed this policy to allow guests of all ages. The majority of visitors are typically families and mainly couples, with the busiest season for the B&B being from mid-January to mid-May. The summer season has gotten busier for the property as well, although it didn't use to be in the past. When school begins during the start of September and through to October, visitations tend to be slower for the property. The owners give a 10% discount to repeat guests and Casa Coquina generally sees roughly 25% of all guests fall into this category.

Ginny, Dennis, and their staff try to keep each suite as clean as they can. To do this, the owners do not allow pets, although guests can talk to the owner for requests or further details on the matter. The Lighthouse Suite is the only room that may allow dogs if necessary. Additionally, smoking is allowed in the outside areas of the property in the garden or on the deck, but not inside the suites. The owners expect visitors to be respectful of other guests, and they only enforce a quiet hour if certain occasions require it.

The owner mentioned that bioluminescent kayaking is a popular thing to do within the area. BK Adventure Bioluminescence Tours is about an hour from Orlando, with departures every night on the Indian River Lagoon. According to Casa Coquina's website, it is the number one Bio Tour in Florida.


Before Casa Coquina B&B was a bed and breakfast, it started as a hotel in 1927, which lasted until the mid-1960s. The property had been a B&B for about 22 years prior to the current owners purchasing it. The stained glass windows featured in some of the suites (the Topaz, Opal, and Ruby Suites specifically) were originally there when the current owners first acquired Casa Coquina. Dennis and Ginny Fitzpatrick purchased the property in March of 2012, with previous experience in the hospitality industry as they owned the Heritage House Inn, in Johnstown Pennsylvania, which is currently their sister B&B. Dennis and Ginny were drawn to Casa Coquina's views of the river and the property's 1927 historic charm. One of the owners' favorite things about owning and operating Casa Coquina is meeting and interacting with new visitors and learning more about their backgrounds. 

According to its owners, Casa Coquina is the only lodging in the area with a clear view of the Kennedy Space Center. The B&B is positioned to where guests can see the launching pad. Ginny remarked that when space launched its first astronaut, four TV Networks filmed it from Casa Coquina's deck. The space center opens every day at 9 a.m., and visitors could have the opportunity to meet a veteran NASA astronaut.

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