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Casa Cuma Bed and Breakfast

Casa Cuma Bed and Breakfast is located near downtown Santa Fe. The bed and breakfast is known by many for providing guests with personalized recommendations for local attractions and dining options. Shaan, one of the owners, says they pride themselves on their friendly and accommodating approach, striving to make visitors feel welcome and at home during their stay. Casa Cuma is open year-round, but the peak season is from July to October due to warmer weather, according to Shaan. The bed and breakfast caters to a middle-market demographic and does not allow smoking, pets, or children under the age of 12 years old. Casa Cuma Bed and Breakfast does not host large events but accommodates small groups for weddings and art classes. The establishment's location allows for access to various attractions, and the owners provide visitors with a walking tour map of downtown Santa Fe. Overall, Casa Cuma Bed and Breakfast makes an effort to offer a comfortable and welcoming stay for those visiting Sante Fe. 


Casa Cuma Bed and Breakfast is located relatively close to downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico. The property features four units; each decorated differently with a private entrance and 600 thread count sheets. The cowgirl suite is the only room with a queen bed, while the rest feature king-sized beds. Shaan, one of the owners, says they source unique d├ęcor items from their travels, and as such, each room has a distinct look and feel. People staying at the bed and breakfast can also visit several common areas, including a living room, dining room, breakfast room, and patio. The breakfast room doubles as a gift shop, showcasing local jewelry and other items that are available for purchase. Shaan explains that while people tend to book all rooms equally, returning guests may choose to try out different rooms on their subsequent stays. While the property only features four units, patrons will find that each room has its own "charm and personality," according to Shaan.

Casa Cuma Bed and Breakfast is located in the heart of downtown Santa Fe, just one block away from a residential neighborhood. The property is a single-family home with a backyard patio that offers mountain views. The bed and breakfast features unique amenities, including an outdoor patio and sitting areas. Guests can enjoy a full breakfast that includes coffee, tea, juice, and three different kinds of fruits. The chefs at Casa Cuma Bed and Breakfast prepare a variety of dishes every day, with the aim to ensure that visitors have a diverse breakfast experience. The property is also allergy-friendly, and the staff can accommodate those who have special dietary requirements.

The bed and breakfast is located in the heart of downtown Santa Fe, providing an opportunity for guests to visit popular attractions such as the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, the Plaza, the Palace of the Governors, and the Cathedral. Additionally, the bed and breakfast is situated near numerous restaurants, shops, and art galleries. Shaan explains that they strive to provide guests with all of the information they may need to enjoy their Sante Fe experience. 


Casa Cuma Bed and Breakfast's staff strives to be approachable. Shaan, one of the owners, explains that they want their visitors to feel comfortable and have the freedom to explore the city on their own or with their guidance. According to Shaan, their property is unique, and guests who have stayed there once tend to return. The owners intend to offer their patrons a quiet and peaceful environment to "relax and unwind," explains Shaan. One guest mentioned in a review, "The owners were truly delightful, friendly, and helpful. My friend and I loved the location, as the views are beautiful. It is in a lovely residential area where we could go for a short walk higher up the hill before breakfast." Casa Cuma Bed and Breakfast has four rooms available year-round, but the business tends to cater more to a seasonal market from July to October. Shaan explains the reason for this is most likely because of the warm weather during that period of time. 

The owners have been in the hospitality industry for 18 years and believe in investing in their guests' experiences. From the quality of the sheets to the personalized recommendations for activities and dining, Shaan says that they make an effort to show their commitment to everyone's experience. Shaan also mentions that they even send their employees to experience and review local hotspots in the area to give the best recommendations. He explains that they recommend a walking tour for their guests, which starts at the bed and breakfast and passes by a few popular attractions. They also provide a list of restaurants to choose from, and people can also ask for recommendations based on their preferences. In terms of events at the property, Casa Cuma Bed and Breakfast occasionally hosts small events, such as intimate weddings or art classes. However, due to the limited space available, they do not host big events.  

The bed and breakfast has a few policies that they ask their guests to adhere to. The property does not allow smoking on the premises. Pets are also not permitted at the Casa Cuma Bed and Breakfast. Lastly, the establishment has a policy that everyone must be above the age of 12 years old in order to stay at the bed and breakfast.


The property was originally established as a bed and breakfast in 1984. The current owners, Shaan Minhas and Colleen Davidson, purchased the property in 2006, with the aim of having a big home for their kids. However, as their kids grew up, they decided to turn the property into a bed and breakfast and have been running it as such ever since. The property has undergone numerous renovations and updates over the years, as the owners made significant changes to the living room, outdoor areas, pathways, and room entrances. Shaan and Colleen try to prioritize making improvements every year. Colleen takes a particular interest in making sure that the property always looks welcoming to visitors. 

The owners and staff at Casa Cuma Bed and Breakfast love to meet people from all over the world and interact with their guests.  Shaan and Colleen have a deep passion for travel and take pleasure in welcoming travelers from all walks of life. They have the goal to help those who are visiting the establishment feel at home during their stay and have a memorable experience. The staff strives to provide patrons with the "best service possible," and, according to Shaan, they are "always available to answer any questions or concerns."

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105 Paseo de la Cuma
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
United States


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Shaan Minhas and Colleen Davidson

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