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Casa de San Pedro Bed and Breakfast Inn

Casa de San Pedro Bed and Breakfast Inn

Casa de San Pedro Bed & Breakfast is located in Hereford, Arizona, which is found near the southern border of the United States and Mexico. The bed and breakfast has 11 units available for patrons to reserve throughout the year. Every person staying at the inn is invited to breakfast the following morning. One can also find common areas such as a gift shop, library, swimming pool, hot tub, and various outdoor spaces with bird feeders. The business is typically known for the local wildlife that can be seen in the area, especially the many birds that live or pass through the vicinity. Birdwatching is one of the more common pastimes that guests participate in during their stay. Other activities, including hiking and biking, can be done at places such as Ash Canyon or Huachuca Mountain Canyons.


Casa de San Pedro Bed & Breakfast is found in a rural setting, encompassing 28 acres of land next to the San Pedro River. There are a total of 11 rooms available for guests to reserve at the home, which are separated into different categories. Patrons can choose between a King Suite, Double Guest Room, or a King Guest Room. The more significant differences between these rooms are the size and number of beds. The King Suite and Double Guest Rooms can sleep up to four occupants, while the King Rooms only have one bed and can accommodate two people per night. Regardless of which unit is being reserved, every visitor has similar amenities, such as free parking, WiFi throughout the inn, access to propane barbeque grills, and an invitation to breakfast each morning.

Casa de San Pedro Bed & Breakfast offers a variety of breakfast meals for its patrons, as the owners choose one of thirty different menus each morning. Breakfast begins the same almost every morning, with fresh fruit, juice, and a muffin or scone, then they are able to select their entree for the morning. The breakfast routine typically alternates between sweet and savory dishes in an effort to help guests have a more diverse meal, especially if they are staying for multiple days. One day, visitors can choose a sweet dish, such as pancakes, waffles, or Swedish pancakes, while the next, they may have a savory entree, such as quiches or the owners’ version of eggs benedict. According to the owners, one of the bed and breakfast’s most requested recipes is their oatmeal buttermilk pancakes.

Occupants can spend time in a few common areas while they are at Casa de San Pedro Bed & Breakfast. The gift shop offers a selection of items, including shirts, caps, cups, paintings, and local artwork. One can also find a library with various books that patrons can read during their free time. The owners of the business try to emphasize nature and provide a number of books that detail some of the local wildlife and birds. Due to the bird feeders that are hung around the outside of the house, the chances of seeing avian species are significantly higher, as reported by the owners. Additionally, there is a swimming pool and a hot tub that are open throughout the warmer months.

Beyond the property line, there are various attractions that guests can consider visiting. The surrounding area offers an array of hiking trails, primarily in Huachuca Mountain Canyons, Coronado National Monument, Ash Canyon, Hunter Canyon, and Ramsey Canyon. Additionally, the nearby Nature Conservancy Center in Ramsey Canyon is another place that many people go to spend time birdwatching. There are several local restaurants in the area as well. The owners comment that they enjoy recommending some of their personal favorites to anyone who asks. A few that they like to mention by name are Cafe Roka, Pizzeria Mimosa, and The Bright Spot. In an effort to assist their guests in planning their stay, the owners provide an interactive map on their website, which highlights some of the attractions, activities, and restaurants that can be found in the vicinity.


The property’s outside area includes a grassy area where many of the local wildlife can be seen. Birdwatching is one of the more common activities people can do while staying at Casa de San Pedro Bed & Breakfast. According to the establishment’s website, there are “over 335 species of birds, 82 species of mammals, and 47 species of amphibians and reptiles.” During certain months, the bed and breakfast partners with the Southeast Arizona Bird Observatory to conduct hummingbird banding in the backyard. Guests have the opportunity to participate and observe the process.

Casa de San Pedro Bed & Breakfast has several policies enacted that visitors are expected to abide by while they are staying at the inn. Smoking is prohibited inside the building and on the grounds. Pets and children under the age of 12 are not allowed to stay at the business. Patrons who wish to bring another guest in a King Room may ask for an inflatable bed to fit an extra person in their rooms, though there is a fee for the additional person staying per night.

There have been many visitors that have stayed at Casa de San Pedro Bed & Breakfast. A few people who have been in the past have left reviews of their experience at the inn. One person wrote, “This is a delightful, somewhat rustic, but beautiful place for a quiet reprieve in the upland desert. And if you just like seeing birds or are a serious bird watcher, it is awesome. Karl and Patrick are wonderful hosts and great cooks as well.” The typical demographic of patrons that arrive at the bed and breakfast are usually birdwatchers, hikers, bikers, and outdoor enthusiasts, with the owners reporting that approximately 85% of their visitors fall under these categories.


Casa de San Pedro Bed & Breakfast was originally built in 1996 and was designed to replicate a territorial Hacienda with a Mesoamerican theme. The bed and breakfast is eco-friendly, having installed about 105 solar panels over the years. According to the owners, these panels are responsible for generating most of the building’s power and aid in significantly reducing the overall electricity consumption for the business.

The owners explain that the history of Casa de San Pedro Bed & Breakfast began with a group of passionate birdwatchers who were responsible for building the property. Over the years, the bed and breakfast became independently owned and managed by the current owners. The inn is located in a more secluded area near the river, though it is still accessible as it is located about 90 minutes away from Tuscon’s airport.

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8933 South Yell Lane
Hereford, Arizona 85615
United States


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