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Casa Rosa Motel

Casa Rosa Inn is a motel that can be found in Port Isabel, Texas, which is on the eastern coast, just a few miles away from the United States and Mexico border. Casa Rosa Inn has 44 rooms that guests are able to choose from during any time of the year. Visitors are able to stay for any varying amount of time, be that days, weeks, or months, which if they do plan on staying for a more extended period of time, it is asked that they make arrangements by calling the property. Casa Rosa Inn has a number of trinkets and souvenirs on display in their lobby that ranges from distant places like Asia and Africa. The location of the property is conveniently located close to the beach, which is roughly a five-minute drive away. One thing that the city is known for is its deep-sea fishing.


Casa Rosa Inn has a grand total of 44 rooms available during all times of the year, with the summer months of June, July, and August being some of the most popular times to visit. Guests that are looking to stay for an extended period of time, be that weeks or even months, can call the property and speak to the employees or manager to work something out. The rooms are similar in design and layout, though the types and numbers of beds can be different, varying from room to room. There are about 14 rooms with a king-sized bed, about 11 that have two queen-sized beds, and the rest have two queen-sized beds and a sofa sleeper. Each room comes equipped with Wi-Fi, a refrigerator, microwave, hairdryer, iron board with an iron, and an air conditioning unit that is individually controlled by the guests in their rooms.

Breakfast is included with the stay, which usually consists of a continental-style meal. The breakfast usually consists of dishes and sides like bagels, sweet bread, pastries, orange juice, and milk, though they do try to serve a variety of things so that visitors do not get the same meal every morning. In the lobby, guests can find coffee, which is offered complimentary as well.

The property has several on-site places where guests can gather and relax if they would like. The latest addition to Casa Rosa Inn is the family barbeque and picnic area, where guests are able to get together and have meals with friends and family. Also recently constructed on the property is a gazebo, which gives guests another area to spend time outside. Casa Rosa Inn also has an outdoor pool for guest use, with palm trees and banana trees littered across the property.

Port Isabel, which is the city where Casa Rosa Inn is located, is a port city that is only three to five minutes away from the beach. The port town is tropical by nature due to how close it is to the ocean, and there are many parks and beaches where both locals and visitors can fish, boat, and do other oceanic activities. The city also has several historic buildings within its limits that guests can visit to learn about what the town was like years ago. The Port Isabel Lighthouse is one structure that holds significant historical value to the city, as it was used in the past to help ships get to the harbor safely. Port Isabel Historical Museum is located not far from the party or the lighthouse and has a number of artifacts that pertain to the early days of the town.

There are a number of restaurants in the area as well, and the manager of Casa Rosa Inn explains that she never hesitates to recommend some of her personal favorites to visitors. One restaurant she mentions by name is called Gabriella's, which is an Italian Restaurant that can be found in South Padre Island, less than a ten-minute drive to the east of Port Isabel. Down the road from Gabriella's is Sea Ranch, which is a higher-end seafood restaurant that is a frequent suggestion. The last one she recommends is called Joe's Oyster Bar, which is another seafood eatery that is located in Port Isabel.


The manager of Casa Rosa Inn says that the goal of the establishment is to create an atmosphere that makes guests feel like they are at home. Customer service is one of the number one priorities for Casa Rosa Inn, as the staff is said to do their best to interact with the guests and aid them when they need or want something. The hope is to be a satisfying location for guests to stay the night so that they can feel refreshed and ready in the morning to spend time doing what they want that next day. The pool and barbeque area shut down by about 11:00 PM to allow guests enough evening time to enjoy the amenities, but to also help those who wish to have a restful night to be able to get to sleep easier.

The inn has policies in place to help maintain a quieter and more welcoming establishment for those who make reservations. One policy that is in place is that pets are allowed, but guests must pay a fee, which depends on the size of the pet. For a dog that is 15 pounds or lighter, guests can pay a 15 dollar fee, while for animals that are heavier than 15 pounds, up to 50 pounds maximum, the price becomes 25 dollars. They only allow two pets total per room. Another policy that guests must comply with is that most of the rooms are non-smoking. They do, however, have several rooms that visitors are allowed to smoke in, but in most cases, those rooms are only available upon request.

The establishment has received many reviews from visitors who have spent time at Casa Rosa Inn in the past. One person who recently stayed at the inn writes, "Checking in was a breeze. They were friendly and let us in on local tips. The price is great. The coffee maker in the room is fantastic." Another guest that was there not long ago said, "Clean and comfortable—worth my stay. The price of the hotel is great, quiet surrounding, close to the main roads to South Padre Island. The outside pool is also great."

Port Isabela is a busier town, as it is a port city and there are many people who are in the area for work or vacation. Casa Rosa Inn admits they don't have much to do on the property itself, so they focus on helping guests find things to do in the surrounding area, with the manager and staff willing to offer local tips and places of interest to visitors that are unfamiliar with the area. There are many restaurants in the vicinity, with an abundant amount of them being seafood restaurants. There are also bait and tackle shops for people that require fishing supplies.


Casa Rosa Inn was built about 17 years ago, back in 2004. The manager says that she joined the company a few years later, in 2007, and has enjoyed working there ever since. She explains that she particularly enjoys getting to see the regulars come in each year and likes getting to know them better, as well as the newcomers.

Over the years, Casa Rosa Inn has added onto the property to help guests find relaxation, peace, and enjoyment easier. Though the property doesn't host events for guests, they are keeping in mind that the visitors who stay may want enough space to get together and spend some time with each other, which is one reason why they built the picnic area, among other things, in more recent years.

The manager explains that they aren't done trying to make the property the best that it can be, and there are plans to make more improvements to it in the future. The rooms are expected to be updated soon, and Casa Rosa Inn intends to create partnerships with some of the other local businesses in hopes of being able to give their guests special discounts and easier access to other places in the city.

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