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Casco Bay Inn

The Casco Bay Inn is located in Freeport, Maine. The owner, Scott Andrews, has been running the inn since the year 2015 and has tried to keep it running similarly to how it has run in the past. The property is relatively small, keeping the building on about a half-acre. The building is two stories high and contains 45 total rooms for guests to pick from, one of which being a suite. There is also a small patio on the property at which guests of the Casco Bay Inn are free to spend time at whether by themselves or with their friends or family members.


The Casco Bay Inn is a quaint property with a simple layout. It is two stories high and located in a small neighborhood just a 10-minute drive away from the main area of Freeport. There are trees around the property and along the streets nearby. The grounds of the property consist mainly of the parking lot provided for the guests of the Casco Bay Inn, but there is also a small patio area on the property at which guests are free to spend time to relax and/or talk to their friends, family members, or other guests who are visiting the area.

The property has many rooms for guests to stay in. There are a total of 45 rooms, most of which contain two queen size beds, which can room up to four people total. A few of the rooms have king-size beds, which can fit up to 2 people. There is also one suite that guests in the past have enjoyed upgrading to. Each room has a few basic amenities, which include a writing table with chairs, a Keurig coffee maker, a flat-screen tv, a refrigerator, and a microwave. The suite also includes a living area with a couch, a kitchenette, a recliner, a full-size desk, cable and wireless internet, and a few extra amenities.

As part of a visitor's stay at this property, guests are given a complimentary breakfast in the continental style. The breakfast is a light breakfast consisting mainly of yogurt, milk, juice, and eggs. There is also a special and unique homemade banana bread that many guests have enjoyed in the past. The breakfast is not made to order but is provided on a daily basis from 7 AM to 10 AM to all those who would like something light in the morning. There is also coffee provided in the same breakfast area, but that is available for a much longer period of time, starting at 7 AM and ending at 8 PM.


The staff at Casco Bay Inn strives to help those who are staying at their property to feel as though they are "right at home" rather than them feeling like they are in a hotel. They try to help every guest to feel welcome and hope that they will eventually come again. There are a decent amount of guests who return to the property yearly and plan to continue the tradition. The typical demographic of guests are young or retired couples, but, seeing as the business is family-owned and run, families are welcome and invited to stay as well. The inn is open all year round, and the manager of the property mentions that many of the guests who come to the Casco Bay Inn visit because they are looking for a quiet place away from busy towns, but also because the location of the property is still close to many activities that are popular in the area.

Because the inn is run by a local family, the owners and staff are very familiar with the area and can likely provide recommendations for things to do around the location. Some of these recommendations include visiting the LL Bean store that is open all day every day of the week, stopping by some of the many breweries around the area, going on some nearby hikes, visiting the lake that is close by, or spending some time at the ocean that is about a fifteen-minute drive away from the inn. The manager of the property describes the Casco Bay Inn as a convenient midpoint for those heading to these and other locations.

The main focus of the staff is the comfort their guests receive, primarily through the cleanliness of the Casco Bay Inn rooms. The staff is hired knowing that there is a very high bar set for the standard of cleanliness in the inn, and many of the comments from guests reflect the positive outcomes of the staff's efforts. One guest left a review after spending some time at this property, saying that "the rooms were clean and there was breakfast in the morning. The lady at the desk was nice." Another guest mentioned similar things, saying the "staff were very friendly and helpful. The entire inn was very clean. Our room was larger than expected, very clean, and even smelled great." The staff is encouraged to be themselves in hopes that the guests can also feel welcome to be themselves and come closer to staff members.


The property has been a hotel operating like a bed and breakfast for many years now, even well before the current owners purchased it. The Gardners were the original owners, starting the business during the 1950s. They started out with 15 rooms and eventually expanded the business to contain its current 45 rooms. Eventually, the Gardners sold the property to Scott and Robin Andrews.

Scott and his wife Robin were frequent guests of the Casco Bay Inn before becoming the owners of the property. They had been visiting the inn for upwards of fifteen years, enjoying their stays every time. They loved the atmosphere that was there and want to keep that same feeling as they operate the business themselves. They are striving to improve the business bit by bit and have managed to keep the standards they are aiming for while doing so. Because of these changes, the owners encourage feedback offered by guests about the changes that they have made to the property/the way that they do business. As Scott and Robin do live on the property, they consider the Casco Bay Inn to be their home, and as such, they want those who visit to feel like they are sharing the home with the owners as esteemed guests.

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United States


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