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Castle Inn Bed and Breakfast

Castle Inn Bed and Breakfast

The Castle Inn Bed and Breakfast is an inn approximately four blocks from downtown Circleville, Ohio. The three-story castle has four guestrooms with either Jacuzzi tubs or bubble baths and ensuite bathrooms. The bed and breakfast also has a parlor, dining room, library room with a TV, and an outdoor walled-in garden with a fire pit and dragon waterfall. Private off-street parking is available, and visitors can add additional "romantic option" packages to their stay. These include, among other options, dinner for two, anniversary bashes, roses, bouquets, and candles. The Castle Inn Bed and Breakfast owner notes that most attractions are within walking distance; visitors can tour the town and see its shops, restaurants, and coffee houses. Other events and attractions include the October Circleville Pumpkin Show, the Tecumseh! Outdoor Drama, Hocking Hills State Park, and the Feast Of The Flowering Moon.


Castle Inn Bed and Breakfast is an establishment near the downtown area of Circleville, Ohio. It is a three-story castle built in the late 1800s, with four rooms that have ensuite bathrooms and step-in showers. They are spread between the second and third floors, and each accommodation has a deluxe queen bed—with the exception of the Round Tower Room, which has a king-size bed. The Victorian Honeymoon Suite and The Medieval Honeymoon Suite have heart-shaped Jacuzzis, and Square Tower Room has an oval Jacuzzi. As for the Round Tower Room, this unit has a bubble tub. The Castle Inn Bed and Breakfast owner remarks that the Victorian Honeymoon Suite and Medieval Honeymoon Suite are the property's most popular rentals due to their Jacuzzi tubs.

Apart from its rooms, Castle Inn Bed and Breakfast has a few common areas for guests to visit, specifically on its first floor. The innkeeper explains that the first floor is open to all visitors, and it has a parlor, dining room, and a "library lounge room" or "TV lounge." Much of the decor throughout the bed and breakfast is of medieval style, including stained-glass windows, horse statues, suits of plate armor, and wall-mounted swords and axes. Outside, a walled-in garden features a fire pit and a dragon fountain. The outdoor space also has a private off-street parking lot, and the owner says that the wall helps maintain some privacy from the nearby traffic.

Breakfast at Castle Inn Bed and Breakfast is typically served at 9:30 a.m. in the bottom-floor dining room, though the owner notes that she can be flexible with the appointed time. She generally serves items such as sausage, hashbrowns, apple or cinnamon french toast, and eggs provided by free-range chickens at a local farm outside of town. Additionally, dietary restrictions and food allergies can be accommodated if she is notified ahead of time. Because the innkeeper asks potential visitors to call her over the phone for a reservation, guests can give her advance notice of dietary needs at the point of reservation.

According to the owner, Castle Inn Bed and Breakfast is approximately four blocks from downtown. This area includes shops, restaurants, coffee houses, and other spots for people to visit. She has recommended visitors walk through the downtown area to see the different businesses. Other attractions include the Circleville Pumpkin Show, which she says is the largest and oldest festival in Ohio. The festival usually happens during the first week of October and brings around 400,000 people to Circleville during the four-day celebration, as reported by the owner. She also recommends people see the Tecumseh! Outdoor Drama and the Feast Of The Flowering Moon; both are parts of the area's Native American culture. Furthermore, guests can visit Hocking Hills State Park, a region with various caves and forests. Finally, the owner's dinner recommendations include Watt Street Tavern, Los Mariachis, and Grand Buffet.


The owner of Castle Inn Bed and Breakfast hopes her visitors will feel "warm, invited, cared for, and safe in a private little getaway." Doors are locked for safety measures. The innkeeper remarks that she greets people upon arrival and may even give them a tour of the castle. She also shows them to their rooms and discusses any relevant breakfast details for the next day. The owner tries to make herself available via text message, saying, "We're not here to hover over [guests] or interfere with their private time [...], but we're always there in the wings if they need us." As such, she explains that her interaction with occupants depends on them. However, she gives them a list of restaurants, area attractions, and directions to some locations.

Several guest reviews highlight the owner's efforts to maintain a warm atmosphere. One former patron said, "My husband and I had the greatest time! It's a cool experience to spend time in an 1895 Victorian Castle. [...] We celebrated our anniversary and my birthday. Breakfasts were great, and so was our dinner! We stayed in the Medieval Room, and it's pretty cool with all its decor and the heart-shaped jacuzzi."

Murder mysteries are hosted at Castle Inn Bed and Breakfast on the last Friday of each month. These occasions involve dinner and mystery-themed roleplay. The owner believes that Castle Inn Bed and Breakfast is unique for these murder mysteries, and she says that they are one of her favorite aspects of her job. The bed and breakfast can also host relatively small weddings, birthday parties, showers, or elopements, and guests are not required to rent the entire castle for such events. Moreover, additional features and packages can be added to enhance occupants' stay, such as dinner for two, roses, bouquets, or anniversary bashes with candles. It should be noted that these features come at an additional charge.

Castle Inn Bed and Breakfast's policies state that no indoor smoking is allowed. Children under the age of ten are also prohibited. Regarding pets, service dogs and other animals may be permitted on a case-by-case basis, but such arrangements should be discussed with the inn's owner.

Castle Inn Bed and Breakfast operates year-round, and the innkeeper states that the establishment is fairly busy throughout the year. Most guests consist of couples from their 20s to 70s, and the inn sees several repeat guests yearly. The owner also states that Castle Inn Bed and Breakfast is primarily tailored to couples, especially with its extra packages.


Castle Inn Bed and Breakfast was built from 1895 to 1899 by Samuel Ruggles, who, according to the current innkeeper, built the castle as a wedding gift to his wife. Samuel and his family owned the castle for almost a century until changing ownership in 1987. The castle was used as an antique shop for a year, then a family residence. Castle Inn Bed and Breakfast was established as an inn in 1997 after its current owner purchased the property. Her favorite part of her job is the restoration process, saying she enjoys seeing the property receive upgrades. She does this to "make [the castle] viable for the next generation," adding that historical properties do not always last forever.

Since her purchase, the owner has undertaken many changes to the castle. Among those changes were new plumbing, electrical wiring, interior painting, sprinkler systems, and Jacuzzis installation. However, the innkeeper notes that she kept many features the same, such as the original flooring, handrails, stained-glass windows, and fireplace. She plans to renovate the castle's exterior and install a new Mediterranean tile roof in the future.

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