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Cedar Grove Inn

Cedar Grove Inn

The Cedar Grove Inn is a bed & breakfast situated in the countryside of the northern city limits of Lebanon, Tennessee. Owned and operated by Kim and Rich Papieau, the property has been in operation for a little over a year, opening in January of 2019. Described as being "homey," the property has a private environment because of its secluded location and rather extensive property. It has three guest accommodations available, each of which is unique in its theme, something that is reflected by its distinctive décor. Another unique thing about the bed & breakfast is that it has an open menu for breakfast. Nearby guests can visit daily farmer's markets and various shops or travel to Nashville, Tennessee's capital, which is only 36 miles away.


The bed and breakfast, commonly known as Cedar Grove Inn, is located within the city limits of Lebanon, Tennessee. However, it sits far enough away from the city proper to be considered the countryside. The property consists of about ten acres and is dotted with trees and grassy areas. The driveway itself spans about a block in length as it leads up to the house, a feature that perhaps helps the tenets of the property have a more private experience. The house is a red, two-story home built in a farmhouse design style and complete with an open front porch. The walls are made up of classic-styled bricks, which extend outward from the front porch to form a quaint path across the front lawn that leads to the driveway.

Inside the Cedar Grove Inn, there are three guest accommodations available for visitors to stay in. The first room is called the Country Room, and it is located on the main floor. Reminiscent of its name, it is thematically decorated with wooden light fixtures and farmhouse paintings. The remaining two rooms, respectively known as the Garden Room and the Nautical Room, share the second story's available space. In the Garden Room, guests will find flower paintings and a half-drape lining the bed, decorated with flowers. The décor of the Nautical room features ship, lighthouse, and boating pictures, in addition to a boat-themed bedframe and a larger bathroom.

As each room is unique in its layout and décor, guests can choose whichever of the lodgings they prefer, though all of the rooms share some key amenities. These include, but are not limited to, private full-bathrooms, bubble baths and bath salts, refrigerators, snack baskets, Dish television sets with DVD players, fans, hangers, bathrobes, coffeemakers, ironing boards and irons, and an assortment of bathroom necessities such as towels, make-up wipes, and toothpaste.

Cedar Grove Inn is open throughout the entire year, though they see dramatic increases in room occupancy in April and October. Breakfast is also served at the inn, though one unique thing about the bed and breakfast is that guests are free to choose whatever they'd like for breakfast, and then they get served that meal. That flexibility and accommodation is something that stands out about the property amongst its visitors.

Though Lebanon is not a sprawling major city, Nashville—the state capital of Tennessee—is only 36 miles to the west. However, some activities that guests can still participate in in the immediate area include a daily farmer's market, an outlet mall, and an old-fashioned town square with an assortment of antique shops and markets.


The desired atmosphere at the Cedar Grove Inn is to be "homey." The secluded nature of the property promotes the idea of an idyllic countryside getaway. The owners—Kim and Rich Papieau—hope that their guests staying there are able to have an enjoyable time. Their efforts to attain that and create a "homey" environment include available customer service, treating guests well, and doing their best to take care of personal needs. The customer service goes so far as to provide a snack basket to each stay's amenities.

Many guest reviews reflect that these goals are met. One guest commented, "My sister and I stopped here after driving from East Texas, and both of us were completely exhausted. Kim was such a sweetheart, and the gorgeous Victorian bathtub was like finding a pot of gold after the long hours in the car. The next morning, we got to meet and chat with Kim's family and eat some delicious homemade French toast before leaving. Overall, it was like going to my Nana's house." Despite the short time that the property has in operation, it has received remarkably positive ratings across all review platforms.

Perhaps another unique aspect of the property is that it frequently is home to wildlife visitors, such as birds and deer. For the most part, Cedar Grove Inn is a resting place for those who are traveling or a convenient countryside location for those planning on visiting Nashville without staying in the heart of the city itself.


The main building at Cedar Grove Inn was not always a bed and breakfast. For a long time, the property served as Kim and Rich Papieau's home. Though it still does this, in January of 2019, they decided to convert the extra space in the house into an inn. They did this because they were both entering their retirement yet wanted to continue doing work of some kind. Since they both love interacting with other people, the lodging industry struck them as a fun new lifestyle.

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