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Chapter House

The Chapter House is an inn located in Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts. The inn has 21 suites available to guests spread across two buildings on the property. There are eleven rooms in the main Chapter House and ten rooms in the Carriage House just behind it. Renovations have been made to the property to add modern conveniences and style to the over 300-year old buildings. Both buildings were built between the late 1600s and early 1700s and have served in many different capacities throughout their respective lifespans. The current owners strive to provide a memorable experience for their guests, providing what they call a boutique hotel experience. The inn is situated a short distance from Cape Cod and many of the parks that have access to its shoreline and Yarmouth Port, which has many restaurants, shops, and museums.


In the town of Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts is the Chapter House. This inn was originally built in 1716 and is a part of the area’s history. The exterior is Victorian in style with white siding and black window shutters. The property has two acres on which two buildings sit, the main Chapter House that can be seen from the main road and the Carriage house, which is situated behind the Chapter House. A paved patio is between the two buildings, with seating available overlooking the yard. There is a garden close to the house in the yard that displays a variety of different colored flowers and plants, as well as a fire pit in the yard that guests can use that tends to be a social place at the inn.

Inside of the main house, there are four types of suites offered: the Deluxe King, Deluxe Queen, Luxury King, and Luxury Queen rooms, respectively. All of the suites provide a coastal theme with a blue and white color palette and hardwood floors that are original to the house. The main difference between each room is the size of the bed that is available to the guests. Two Deluxe Queen rooms, 303 and 304, can be reserved together for those requiring more space than one room. There is also a Deluxe King suite which has a private entrance. Every room has its own newly renovated private bathroom, bathrobes and slippers, and complimentary Wi-Fi. According to the owner, people who have stayed at the inn seem to prefer the king-size beds in the Deluxe King suites at the front of the house. The first floor has various sitting rooms available to use. Also, the front desk is located on the first floor should anything be needed during a guest’s stay.

The Carriage House provides two types of suites, the Superior King and Superior Queen rooms. While these rooms function in much the same way as the suites in the main house, there are five Superior Queen suites and one Superior King suite located on the first floor of the building. These are more wheelchair accessible than the rooms in the Chapter House, where all of the suites are on the second and third floors. Both the Superior King and Superior Queen suites have a slightly more modern theme to them while still retaining the same coastal inspiration for the décor. There are also two rooms in this building, 104 and 105, that can be reserved together for larger groups if necessary.

On the first floor of the main building is a historic bar that has been serving drinks to patrons since the house was built in 1716. The bar has been popular for many of the people who have stayed at the inn, and it opens up to the paved patio outside with additional seating. The owners also have plans to open a restaurant on the property in the near future. 


One of the current innkeepers, Sylvie, has said that she likes to talk with guests who stay with her and tries to provide a quality experience for each guest. Both she and her husband have worked to keep the inn updated and modern, so the experience that their guests have is one that they can remember and enjoy. On working to make each guest's stay comfortable, Sylvie says, "All the details that make a difference are important." She strives to make the Chapter House a place where patrons can feel comfortable and socialize if they so desire. Sylvie says that in addition to opening a restaurant in the main house, they also want to renovate the basements of both buildings, which are connected, to add a pool and a spa for guest use. While the inn was recently remodeled, she says they are far from done with the improvements they want to make on the property.

Many people who stay at the inn are couples who go there for a weekend seeking a romantic getaway or other special occasions. While families occasionally stay at the inn, most of the rooms are best equipped for two people. Others are drawn to the area because of the inn's proximity to the beaches and the history behind the property itself. In addition to the area's history, others stay at the inn to explore some of the more cultural aspects of the area, such as musical and theatrical performances.

The area surrounding the inn has an abundance of history dating back to before the Pilgrims colonized it. The Old King's Highway runs past the inn and has many other historic buildings and sites along it that people can visit. Many of these places recount the history of the early settlers of America and the Native Americans who inhabited the land before them. Much like it was in their day, the Old King's Highway, or Route 6A as it is now called, allows travelers to find many different stores and restaurants along it to explore and try. Sylvie recommends that guests explore the road to find their favorite restaurant. However, she makes a particular recommendation of Fin, a fine-dining seafood restaurant also in a historic house about ten minutes away from the inn in the town of Dennis.

People who have stayed at the Chapter House have given it various positive reviews. Many reviews mention that the atmosphere is pleasant and the nicely furnished rooms. One guest recalled, "The décor was great, the rooms were cozy (but spacious), and the service was excellent. The bar was our favorite part! We were able to socialize with some visitors and guests and were treated like family."


The building that is now known as the Chapter House was initially built to be the home of Captain John Minot in 1716. Due to its close position to the Old King’s Highway, many traders and travelers settled around Captain Minot’s house. In the years leading up to the Revolutionary War, an addition was built onto the house where a man named Josiah Ryder and his family stayed. However, they only lived there for a short time before moving elsewhere. The house was used as a hospital for injured revolutionary soldiers during the Revolutionary War. Shortly after that, the property was purchased by the Eldrige family, who passed the house down from each generation for the next 100 years. During this time, more additions were built onto the house, such as adding the second house to the property and building the third floor to the main building.

Eventually, the Eldrige family sold the house. It passed through many hands during the early and mid-1900s, at some point becoming abandoned altogether. In 1978 the property was given new life as lodging when it became the Colonial House. The inn operated under this name for 20 years before the name of the inn was changed to the Compass Rose. After another five years, the property was sold again, and the inn’s name was changed again to the Chapter House. The Chapter House welcomed guests for another eighteen years before being sold one final time to the current owners.

After acquiring the inn, Sylvie and her husband made extensive renovations to both of the houses to blend their history with modern touches. Both of them have worked in the hospitality industry for their entire lives for both large hotel chains and operating their own properties. Sylvie’s goals for the future of the Chapter House are to continue to preserve the history that the house is known for while adding to the experience with additional amenities.

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