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Chelsea Home

Chelsea Home is a five-story hotel that can be found in New York City, New York. Located within the Chelsea district, the hotel has a total of 26 rooms available for guests to reserve. The position of the property is in a residential area that has other living arrangements along the same road. The business is partnered with a restaurant called Butler Hospitality, which is able to provide guests with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, however, the meals are not complimentary with the stay. There are a number of locations and attractions that are a short distance from the property, including the Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden, The Statue of Liberty, and more. The subway system should be capable of taking people to destinations that are too far away to walk if needed.


Chelsea Home has a total of 26 rooms that guests can choose from when they are making reservations. The rooms are described as being an economical place to stay for customers that are trying to uphold a more sensitive budget. The rooms are smaller in design, though private. The bathrooms are separate from the units and are shared between the rooms, typically about three or four rooms per bathroom. The more basic rooms have a bed with a nightstand and table lamp. Depending on the patron's personal preference, there are other rooms that include the same amenities with the addition of a closet, chair, and desk. Inside the building, on the first, fourth, and fifth floors, there are fully equipped kitchens that visitors are able to use to make their own meals. In the basement, there is a living room area with a television, sofas, chairs, and a table where guests can hang out. WiFi and laundry facilities are also located on the bottom floor, which is below ground. There is no store on the property, but there is a vending machine located in the kitchen on the first floor.

The Chelsea Home also has a restaurant that is partnered with them that guests are able to order food from. Food from this restaurant is not included with the price of the room. This partner vendor is called Butler Hospitality and not only serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner items at their establishment, but can also deliver food straight to the guest rooms. The items on their breakfast menu tend to be cooked goods with hot beverages like coffee. For lunch, they typically serve things like sandwiches and other American-fare. Alcoholic drinks and cocktails are available in the later hours. Food can be ordered at any time from 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.

On the outside, the establishment has a backyard with a barbeque that guests can use for personal grilling. About two blocks away is Madison Square Garden, which is known for hosting a number of sporting events, concerts, and more. Down the road, a short distance away, is the Empire State Building, which was built in 1931 and has over one hundred floors. South of Chelsea House, one can find the Statue of Liberty. For someone that doesn't want to drive their car through the often heavy traffic of New York City streets, an Amtrak station can be found nearby that can take visitors to many different parts of the city.


The manager of the property explains that the goal for the property is to improve their rooms and customer service constantly. According to the manager, he wants to give guests a nice and quiet place to relax "before they go out in the next battle in the city." He and the other employees try to provide a comfortable atmosphere and ambiance. Though they don't always get to interact with the customers as much as they would like, the employees and manager try to interact with their guests enough to at least greet them when they arrive and help them with any service requests.
Like many other establishments in the area, Chelsea Home has a no-smoking policy inside all of their rooms. Another policy that they have is that pets are not allowed at the hotel, mainly due to the fact that they don't have the space or other accommodations for animals. Finally, they would like guests to minimize the amount of noise that is created during the late hours of the night so as not to disturb others that are staying at Chelsea Home. Quiet hours are enforced from 10:00 in the evening to 7:00 in the morning.

The manager also mentions that they do their best to read all of the reviews and comments that are left on their page and try to adjust their operations to be better the next time an issue comes up. While the hotel hasn't been around for a long time, previous patrons have left several reviews about the aspects of the property. One thing that is commonly mentioned is the quality of the room and the price for a reservation. Someone that stayed at Chelsea Home writes, "I spent two nights here, and it was incredible (and inexpensive). My room was cute and clean, and the bed was so comfortable. I'm a very light sleeper, and it was really quiet." 

The busiest times of the year tend to be September through December and April and May, which is which could be similar to the rest of New York City's tourist seasons. The typical demographic of people that make reservations at Chelsea Home tends to be backpackers and younger crowds that are on a budget and would like to stay somewhere that is a lower cost. The manager estimates that most people who come to their hotel are usually by themselves and only in the area for a short amount of time. Many of them are there to sight-see or want to visit some of the more well-known places in the town, like the Empire State Building, Broadway, Madison Square Garden, The Statue of Liberty, and more. Due to the space limitations, they do not have much room for events like weddings and family gatherings. Because of the location of Chelsea Home, guests are within walking distance of many of the popular attractions. For the ones that are too far away to walk, people can drive or take the subway system instead. 


Chelsea Home originally opened its doors to the public in July of 2020. The building has been owned by the current owners since 2017. Once the purchase for the establishment was completed, the owners went about renovating the place to make it an appropriate living space for people to rent out as temporary living arrangements. The building is old, as it was built sometime around the 1910s, over one hundred years ago. When it was first built, it was used for single room occupancy. Later, those who owned it added more rooms to it and turned it into a student dorm. The manager explains that they are currently focused on maintaining the upkeep of the building and trying to keep it in good standing to accommodate those who stay at Chelsea Home.

The manager has been in the hospitality industry since 1999. He describes his job as being more on the back end, rather than directly working the building or with visitors. The manager handles much of the accounting for the property and strives to make certain processes like reservations and building upkeep are running as smoothly as possible. Currently, he runs this business, as well as two other companies in the industry.

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