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Cherrywood Lodge

Cherrywood Lodge

Located in the village of Looe, Cornwall, is the Cherrywood Lodge, owned and operated by Ralph and Annie. This establishment first opened in 2012 after Ralph and Annie made relatively major renovations to the building the bed and breakfast is located; previously, it was a chapel that was estimated to have been built in the early 1800s. Currently, the business is an adult-only property and is open seasonally from the beginning of March to the end of October. There are a total of six rooms available for reservations. When staying at the lodge, patrons receive a “full English breakfast,” according to Ralph, which is served every day between 7:45 AM to 9:15 AM. Visitors often come to the area for surrounding attractions such as the sandy beaches in the region and to visit the Eden Project.


The Cherrywood Lodge is located in the village of Looe, Cornwall. Six rooms are available for guests to reserve on the property. According to Ralph, the owner, "superior" rooms tend to be the most popular, especially those of a lower price. “A mixture of Eastern and cosmopolitan” is the way that Ralph describes the decor of his establishment. Features of the property include free parking for each guest, which according to the owner, is relatively rare to find in “sea towns.” Other amenities available to visitors include free Wi-Fi and a hot beverage facility; they are also close to nearby amenities in town. Security is a focus of the Cherrywood Lodge, with Raph describing the staff as being “security-minded” by having a security gate along the perimeter of the property and locking up at night. Security codes are given to patrons so they can enter during the late hours.

Breakfast is served every day at the lodge, where guests can “choose from our extensive daily menu of cooked options, fresh fruit, freshly cooked bread, and cereals, or pre-order from our specials menu,” states the establishment’s website. The morning meal is served every day between 7:45 AM to 9:15 AM. A menu is provided to each patron, allowing them to choose what they want for breakfast. Ralph explains that visitors tend to come in on their first morning and order a “full English breakfast,” and the next day will instead “pre-order” their breakfast. Accommodations for dietary restrictions, sensitivities, preferences, and allergies are able to be made upon ordering. One patron who visited the property commented, “As always, the breakfast was superb. As well as the wonderful traditional full English breakfast, there are many special dishes to choose from. I loved the omelet with sweet red peppers and the spicy sausage meat patties with Ralph’s secret spice mix.”


Ralph and Annie, the owners of Cherrywood Lodge, have multiple goals for their guests' experience during their stay. In particular, they want their visitors to feel as comfortable as possible. One way they try to provide this atmosphere is by providing an “informal” setting where they can relax. Ralph, one of the owners, often talks with his patrons at breakfast time or when he sees them out and about, saying there is a considerable amount of interaction between them throughout the duration of their stay. One previous guest to the property says of their experience there, “Ralph and Annie provide one of the best bed and breakfast experiences I have ever had. Their rooms and furnishings are top-notch with lots of thoughtful touches, such as bottled water in the fridge, fresh milk for your tea and coffee, plenty of hangers in the wardrobe, and a selection of sweets as well.” Policies are set in place to also aid in the properties’ atmosphere, such as the restriction of pets and children on the premises. The website reads, “We are an adult-only bed and breakfast, creating a serene, relaxed ambiance for all our guests to enjoy.” Smoking is permitted outside but is prohibited in the building.

The bed and breakfast is not open year-round due to it being a seasonal business, however, the times of operation for the lodge are between the beginning of March and the end of October. During that time frame, the business has seen an increase in occupancy and tends to stay busy during the whole time they are open. Through the years, Ralph and Annie have seen trends in the demographic of people to visit their property; currently, there has been a high percentage of patrons being mid-thirties to sixties that are couples and sometimes even adult families since children are not permitted. Also, throughout the years, Ralph has seen a considerable amount of repeat guests. Overall, the business has discovered that most patrons to come and stay at the inn discover the establishment through online sources.

Oftentimes, visitors who come to the area come for local attractions. One such draw includes the Eden Project, which is about a 30-minute drive from the property. This attraction consists of multiple, botanical domes that are relatively large in size. “We are quite strategically placed,” says Ralph when referring to the location of the bed and breakfast. Other nearby popular attractions include sandy beaches and the town center that is within walking distance of the property. The owner says there are multiple restaurants in the area that are constantly changing ownership but says there are currently about 30 restaurants to eat in Looe, Cornwall.


Annie and Ralph, the current owners of Cherrywood Lodge, have owned the acreage since 2009; however, the property wasn’t opened as a bed and breakfast until 2012. Previous to it being a lodge, it was an old chapel that Ralph assumes was built in the early 1800s. The structure served multiple purposes in the community until it was purchased by Ralph and converted into the lodge. Ralph describes himself as a “builder,” and when first purchasing the property, his original plans were to fix up the place and then sell it. After renovations, both he and Annie decided to keep the building and try running it as a bed and breakfast, and this has continued ever since. “We changed everything,” says Ralph when referring to the renovations they made. The building was described as a “shell” by him, which led to a total renovation of the property. Today, the establishment’s goal is to keep the business up and running while making improvements as needed.

The Cherrywood Lodge’s website states that “with value for money as our priority, you can enjoy hotel-style comfort at fair bed and breakfast prices.” Ralph’s favorite part of being one of the owners of the Cherrywood Lodge is being able to provide a relatively nice stay to those traveling through. 

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