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Chestnut Hill on the Delaware

Located just off the Delaware River in western New Jersey, Chestnut Hill on the Delaware is presently under the ownership of Linda and Rob Castagna. The innkeepers became the owners of the inn roughly 37 years ago, and they have tried to maintain the establishment's historical significance ever since. The buildings on the premises date back to 1860 when they were originally constructed. Currently, a total of eight rooms are divided between the main house and the Country Cottage. While the main house contains five of the rooms, the Country Cottage is composed of three apartment-style suites. Additionally, inside the Country Cottage, there is a dining area that is stocked with coffee, tea, milk, orange juice, eggs, cereal, fruit, and baked goods.


Chestnut Hill on the Delaware is located in Milford—a town in New Jersey that is situated along the Delaware River. The property consists of two houses, the main house, known as Chestnut Hill, and the second house, called the Country Cottage. The main house offers five rooms, and the Country Cottage has three self-contained small apartments with kitchenettes or full kitchens.

With different themes and atmospheres, the rooms in the main house are each uniquely decorated; for example, Teddy's Place is adorned with several teddy bears as a reflection of its name. All of the accommodations include beds and private bathrooms, and it should also be noted that some suites have fireplaces. As for the Country Cottage, this building comprises two suites on the first floor, one of which is for long-term stays, and the Paradise Suite on the second floor. The Paradise Suite features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a kitchenette, making it more suitable for families or those who plan on a longer stay at the establishment. Future guests should be aware that the breakfast experience at Chestnut Hill on the Delaware has changed over time, with a shift toward simpler offerings. This breakfast primarily involves fruit, and it is served at 9:00 a.m. in the dining room of the main house.

The property boasts mahogany wraparound verandas offering views of the river. Patrons can also explore the grounds of the business, which contain gardens, water features, and a riverwalk along the riverbank. Linda describes Milford as a "laid-back town" where guests can take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the "small-town" experience. Within the vicinity, there are several attractions that people can explore. Visitors can hike along the trails, go fishing or kayaking on the river, or visit nearby parks and nature reserves. The inn is also in fairly close proximity to the towns of Lambertville and New Hope, which are generally "known for their artsy atmosphere and art museums," according to Linda. Doylestown is another town that might pique patrons' interest, offering museums and cultural sites. Outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of the nearby historic towpath along the canal for hiking and enjoying the natural landscape. Another particularly notable attraction near the inn is the Ringing Rocks, located across the river. Linda says that these rocks are known for their unique ringing sound when struck with a hammer. 

When it comes to dining options, the innkeepers recommend several local establishments. Descendants Brewing Company and the Milford House are a couple of specific dining options that Rob and Linda would suggest to their patrons. For a more casual experience, Pipolo's Pizza in Milford provides meals that guests can enjoy on the veranda of the inn.


Linda and Rob Castagna, the owners of Chestnut Hill on the Delaware, strive to have "a traveler's perspective," and Linda believes that the accommodations reflect this as she and Rob make an effort to be "attentive to detail." Moreover, Linda notes that Chestnut Hill on the Delaware is located in a historic setting, and she further explains that the history of the property is intertwined with the history of the local area. The business offers historic tours along the Delaware River, which are led by Rob, who can provide guests with insights into the history and heritage of the region to delve deeper into the local culture. One patron who previously stayed at the Chestnut Hill on the Delaware mentioned this tour in a review as they commented, "It is a wonderful, peaceful place, and it's run by the most delightful people. Weather and river permitting, guests might be taken on a pontoon ride up the Delaware River to see all sorts of interesting sights."

In terms of events that are hosted at the property, Linda and Rob have welcomed groups of musicians and artists who come together to collaborate and create. Whether it's writing musical compositions, crafting songs, or engaging in artistic endeavors, Linda remarks that Chestnut Hill can provide a backdrop for artistic expression. The owners have also received writers who are seeking inspiration and a peaceful environment to work on their projects as they go on writer's retreats. 

In the words of Linda, she and Rob try to pay attention to "the little details that make a difference in the guest experience." Flowers, chocolates, and gingerbread men await visitors in their rooms upon arrival. Rob and Linda also make an effort to offer a warm greeting to visitors, with the intent to help people feel like part of the family. Generally speaking, the owners have the goal of taking the time to get to know their occupants and address any needs or requests that they might have during their stay. 

Chestnut Hill on the Delaware has established certain policies that people are expected to act in accordance with. The property has a strict no-smoking policy within the premises, including guest rooms and common areas. Pets are also prohibited from staying at Chestnut Hill on the Delaware, on account of past experiences and the potential for damage to the establishment. There is no specific policy on quiet time, but the innkeepers inform larger groups to be considerate of the residential surroundings and to limit noise outside after 8:00 p.m.

As for the operations of the business, Chestnut Hill on the Delaware does not accept credit cards. Instead, they accept payment through Zelle and personal checks. The inn is open year-round, with the exception of a five-week period when the innkeepers go to Costa Rica. During their absence, the manager, Carol, takes charge of managing the operations. Summer and fall tend to be the busiest seasons of operation, which Linda attributes to the scenery in the surrounding area during these times. Linda reports that the inn has received a diverse demographic of guests, as "visitors come from all over the world." She remarks that patrons have come from California, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and New York. Linda expresses that Chestnut Hill on the Delaware can "provide an escape from the chaos of the world; this place is an oasis for a fair amount of people."


The main house on the premises of Chestnut Hill on the Delaware is a historic home that dates back to 1860, when it was first built. It has a distinctive architectural style and is one of the few remaining properties from that era in the locality, according to Linda, one of the current owners. The house presently showcases the design of its time, as Linda and Rob Castagna—the two current owners of Chestnut Hill on the Delaware—have made an effort to preserve its historical significance while making adaptations for modern comfort. Since its construction, Linda and Rob are the third family to reside in the house. The innkeepers have navigated shifts in guest expectations and technological advancements while striving to stay true to the inn's historical roots. 

Before Rob and Linda entered the lodging industry, the couple traveled for three weeks around the British Isles, where they stayed in numerous bed and breakfasts. With a strong desire to meet people in a setting that was comfortable for them, Rob and Linda decided to purchase an inn to accommodate visitors. For nearly 37 years, the couple has been operating Chestnut Hill on the Delaware, and the innkeepers enjoy sharing some of their favorite places to visit around the property.

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Linda and Rob Castagna

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