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Chimney Hill Estate

Chimney Hill Estate has been in operation as a bed and breakfast since 1927 but has now recently reopened in 2022. A total of fourteen units are currently offered for guests to reserve. The seven buildings on the premises take on a rustic farmhouse style, and the provided amenities may vary throughout each unit. Every morning, breakfast is served to all patrons of the establishment. Some of the breakfast items that one can expect include avocado toast, quiches, seasonal fruits, and homemade cupcakes, among others. As the bed and breakfast is still currently in the process of revival, the owners have many future plans for the property, with the intent to improve guests' stay. One such goal that the owners have is to make the banquet area a place where events can be held. 


The Chimney Hill Estate occupies eight and a half acres of land in western New Jersey. Fourteen units are available for guest reservation, all of which are spread throughout seven buildings on the premises: the Colonial, the Carriage House, the Converted Barn, the Old Green House, the Apple Barn, the Smoke House, and the Corn Coop. Sylvester, one of the owners of the property, describes the bed and breakfast to have a "modern, but rustic farmhouse look" that is evident in the décor, amenities, and overall character of the buildings. As the Chimney Hill Estate has recently reopened, the property is currently in the process of reviving many of the structures.

Suites 1 and 2 both feature jetted tubs and private patios. These two units, as well as suites 3 and 4, also offer living room space for occupants. One of the larger units, the Master Suite, is a two-bedroom, two-bath suite with a king-size bed and loft area. The Master Suite is also characteristic of a full kitchen and a deck that overlooks the backside of the property where the alpaca barn is. Every unit has a gas-powered fireplace and an ensuite bathroom.

A number of common areas can be found throughout the buildings, namely the stone room, dining area, greenhouse, and the on-site alpaca barn. Sylvester also considers the surrounding grounds of the acreage to be common areas for visitors to lounge or roam at their leisure. Free-range chickens may also be spotted wandering around the premises.

Breakfast is served every morning from 7:30 to 9:00 a.m. for everyone staying at the Chimney Hill Estate. Some of the dishes that may be served include avocado toast with an egg on it, overnight oats, Greek yogurt with fruit, homemade cupcakes, oatmeal with fresh fruit, quiches, and seasonal fruits. Accommodations for food allergies or dietary restrictions can be made, and it should be noted that during the booking process, visitors are asked about such food allergies before their stay. For dining options outside the borders of the Chimney Hill Estate, Sylvester recommends El Tule, Chive Café, and Lamberville Station, all of which are located in close proximity to the establishment. 


Chimney Hill Estate has the goal of eventually allowing guests to host events at the property. A banquet area below the Carriage House is where Sylvester, one of the owners, is planning on creating the space to hold events for patrons such as wine nights, paint nights, or indoor yoga, to name a few. 

Some notable policies are in place at the Chimney Hill Estate, and guests are required to abide by such guidelines during their stay. Firstly, Sylvester mentions that he wants visitors to "treat the place like it's your own." With regard to pets, visitors must refrain from bringing their pets to stay with them in order to prevent allergens and also out of respect for future guests who will be staying in the rooms. Smoking is prohibited at Chimney Hill Estate Park, and, lastly, quiet hours are from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Chimney Hill Estate operates year-round, with the busiest season typically occurring during the fall. 

Sylvester wants his guests to feel "refreshed after they leave." A number of visitors who previously stayed at the establishment have commented in reviews about the "condition" of the property, as well as "how peaceful it is," as stated by Sylvester. One particular guest who previously stayed at the bed and breakfast said, "You will feel completely removed from the hustle and bustle of life as you sit on your deck watching the wildlife meander through the wood or gaze at the night sky. But yet you are just a few minutes' drive from the shopping and nightlife of beautiful Lambertville and New Hope." A fair amount of people have discovered the property most commonly through word of mouth, online sources such as social media, and channel connections through AirB&B, booking.com, and TripAdvisor, according to Sylvester. 


The Chimney Hill Estate has been operating as a bed and breakfast since the year 1927; however, the establishment was first constructed in 1820. According to Sylvester, one of the owners, the property was designed as a bed and breakfast by one of the first female architects in the U.S. Since then, ownership of the property has been placed in the hands of several families throughout the course of its existence. 

Sylvester had dreamed of being in the real estate business since he was 20 years old, and this was what ultimately led him into the lodging industry. He mentions that he contacted his business partner, Marek, to succeed with this goal. Sylvester and Marek became friends through some work they were doing amongst a group of men who tried to push each other to be better in various aspects of their lives. In addition to Marek's assistance, Sylvester had also read a book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad, which inspired him to enter the lodging industry. "I'm going to regret it for the rest of my life if I don't try it," Sylvester comments as he recalls his thoughts from the past. His business partner, Marek, had a few AirB&Bs, and he wanted to make a few of the multiunits into an AirB&B. The owners now have seven AirB&Bs and five multifamily homes. For two and a half years now, Sylvester has been doing real estate and has been enjoying it.

As the Chimney Hill Estate is still in the process of revival, Sylvester mentions that they have several future plans for the property. They are hoping to make a meditation space or "rejuvenation center" where guests can get "replenishing food," as reported by Sylvester. An on-site store is also a feature that the owners want to add eventually. Lastly, in addition to the alpacas that the property is currently home to, Sylvester also wants to keep goats on the premises.

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