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Christman’s Windham House

Christman’s Windham House

Christman’s Windham House is located in Windham, New York, a comparatively smaller city located southwest of Albany, New York. The business offers 50 units available for reservation through its winter season, which is from December 26th to March 15th, and its summer season, which ranges from May 15th through October 31st. Breakfast is provided to all who are staying at the hotel inside the establishment’s tavern called 1805 Tavern. The restaurant also offers lunch and dinner meals, though these options are not included with a stay. Kate Christman, one of the current owners of Christman’s Windham House, would like her visitors to feel relaxed and welcome. The main building bears historical significance and has remained in the Christman family for several generations. Kate’s father is responsible for building the 18-hole golf course that resides on the acreage, which the owner mentions is one of the more unique features of the property.


Christman’s Windham House is an inn with a total of 50 rooms spread across 5 different buildings. According to Kate Christman, one of the owners, each unit is a standard hotel room with its own private bathroom. They vary in size and amenities, though they typically come with air conditioning, television, and internet access. Many of them also feature balconies, fireplaces, or jacuzzi tubs. Regardless of the unit a guest is staying in, visitors also have access to the heated swimming pool—which is only open during the summer season—and the common rooms across the property. People who are staying at the hotel are also invited to breakfast the following day.

Breakfast is always served from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. During the winter season from December to March, the business provides a hot breakfast, while in the summer season from May to October, they serve a continental breakfast instead. A few previous meals that they have prepared are waffles, pancakes, eggs, home fries, and french toast. One unique aspect of the establishment is that many of its menu items are served with maple syrup that is tapped from maple trees located on the property. Breakfast and other meals are served in the company’s tavern, which is called 1805 Tavern.

The business is located on approximately 350 acres of land. The multiple golf courses are some of the most noteworthy amenities found on the grounds. Guests can participate in an 18-hole Mountain Course and a 9-hole Valley Course. The owner mentions that Christman’s Windham House also offers golf lessons, which can be conducted by one of two golf professionals. People can also purchase golf gear at the shop and even get custom fittings for clubs and repairs on their current equipment.

Christman’s Windham House is found in a more rural setting, although the city of Windham is located about one mile away. People can participate in recreational activities at a variety of places, including Windham Mountain, Hunter Mountain, and Kaaterskill Falls. Skiing, hiking, and golfing are some of the more accessible activities in the area. Visitors can also spend time fishing at Kaaterskill Park or along the Hudson River. Kate and the staff also enjoy recommending restaurants to patrons who are interested in trying some of the local cuisines. A couple of eateries they mention by name are Brandywine Restaurant and Millrock Restaurant & Bar Room.


Christman’s Windham House aims to create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere for its patrons. The hotel staff makes an effort to interact with guests and foster a friendly environment. The establishment has several policies enacted that visitors are expected to abide by during their stay. For a person to stay at Christman’s Windham House, they must reserve for a two-night minimum stay. Smoking is prohibited inside any of the buildings. Pets are not allowed to stay at the business in an effort to maintain a clean and allergen-free interior.

There have been many visitors that have stayed at Christman’s Windham House. People who have been to the hotel have also left reviews of their experience. A few things that are frequently mentioned are the golf courses, the quality of the staff, and the meals prepared at the tavern. One person wrote, “Friendly and helpful staff. I asked them for restaurant recommendations, and they were spot on. Breakfast is plentiful, and the extras you can order are reasonably priced.” Regarding the golf courses, another person noted, “Played the 9-hole Valley Course with a few friends. The staff is very welcoming, the vibe is laid-back, and the other golfers are friendly and patient. This course is great for a relaxed round of golf, no matter your experience.”

The owner remarks that the business attracts a wide demographic of guests, with the majority being groups of golfers ages 30 to 70 years old. The establishment has a winter and a summer season, with a period of time between them when the hotel is closed for maintenance purposes. The winter season typically begins December 26th and ends March 15th, while the summer season usually opens May 15th and closes October 31st. The busiest time of the year tends to occur during the summer when their pools and golf courses are available.


Christman’s Windham House has a history dating back to 1805, the year it was first established as a tavern to accommodate travelers on the Capitol Turnpike heading to Western New York. Since then, it has continued to operate as a hotel and pub. In 1952, the property was purchased by Kate Christman’s grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Sanford, who further developed the land. Kate’s father also played a role in the establishment’s growth as he designed and constructed the 18-hole Mountain Course and built more units for visitors to reserve. He enjoyed playing golf and decided to add a course of his own that patrons could use while they were staying at the inn. Kate, Brian, and Ruth Christman, the current owners of Christman’s Windham House, have been involved with the family business for many years. Kate mentions that one of her favorite aspects of running the hotel is forming connections with customers and interacting with them during their stay.

Various changes and updates have been made to the buildings and grounds over the years. A few of the more recent additions include the construction of a new golf shop. A few changes to existing amenities have taken place, with one of the more significant alterations happening to the 1805 Tavern. Both the building and tavern have had work to add more modern amenities while maintaining the historical aspects of the buildings. Kate remarks that there are not any immediate loans for large-scale future renovations.

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United States


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