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Clayshire Castle

Clayshire Castle

Clayshire Castle is located in Indiana. It is located in the countryside of Bowling Green. The Clayshire Castle does its best to provide a unique bed and breakfast experience with its medieval theme and decorating styles. The historical hotel is also able to host events like weddings, if guests would like. During the month of September, usually the last weekend, the Clayshire Castle will host an annual fair that guests can enjoy.


The Clayshire Castle bed and breakfast is unique because guests feel like they have stepped into medieval times while staying in a castle. There are three floors in the castle, with all five rooms being decorated in a castle-like theme. The Tournament Room is a wheelchair accessible room with extra-wide doors and battle decorations throughout the room. The Enchanted Forest Room has a rustic style with wooden shutters and a stone fireplace. The Fairy Tale Room offers a magical feeling with fairy tale decorations and a mermaid-themed bathroom. The Tapestry Room is a step back into the Middle Ages with pictures and decorations of the famous Lady and the Unicorn tapestry found in Paris. The Wine Cellar Room is decorated in a vineyard theme with vibrant colors and a comfortable setting for guests. The castle is also available for guests to rent out completely.

Amenities in the rooms include showers and tubs. Each room has a DVD player, as well as medieval and modern DVDs that guests can use. Shared amenities include a kitchenette and lounge area with a big screen television. The lounge area is stocked with snacks, pop, and water. Guests are welcome to help themselves to the snacks and drinks provided throughout their stay.

Breakfast is provided daily at Clayshire Castle. Lord Douglas is the chef and usually starts with a fruit parfait, followed by various delicious breakfast options. Some dishes that are served include homemade muffins, scones, quiche, omelets, eggs benedict, german eggs, and more. Lord Douglas changes the menu based on staying at the bed and breakfast and whether or not there are kids.

The Clayshire Castle provides medieval costumes that guests can try on and have an authentic medieval-like experience. The grounds are surrounded by several gardens, a fish pond, and hiking trails. Other outdoor amenities include a hedge maze, bridge, firepit, and lots of open and grassy areas. One perk of the property is how quiet is and how many stars can be seen because of the countryside location of the property. Spring and fall tend to be the busiest time at Clayshire Castle. There is a lot available for guests to do in the area while on the property. There are two state parks within 15 minutes of the property. Another popular and unique attraction is the Exotic Feline Rescue Center, the second-largest cat rescue center in the United States. The rescue center is only 10 minutes away from the property.


The owners at Clayshire Castle hope that guests will feel like royalty during their stay. Clayshire Castle provides a family-friendly atmosphere, but they tend to have many couples coming for romantic getaways and anniversary celebrations. Clayshire Castle hosts weddings for those wanting a magical background to accompany their wedding day. The owners aim for guests to have a peaceful getaway while on the property. The owners host a medieval fair every September that guests can participate in.

Guests have commented on the peace and quiet that they felt while staying on the property. They also typically get quite a bit of positive feedback on the breakfast that is served. One guest commented, "The owner and his wife were very nice and gave a lot of medieval history and culture info. The breakfasts were so unique and good. There is a stocked lake and all of us caught something. Lots of wildlife, saw deer and many different types of birds and even an enterprising young raccoon." Another guest left a review saying, "The place is a wonderful destination for the weekend. There are lots of things to keep everyone busy or just hang out and catch up with everyone. The breakfast is included with our rooms. We opt to dress in the Medieval attire for breakfast. It makes it so fun." Other guests have said how they wished they could have stayed longer, how it felt like a dream come true, and how it was unlike any other bed and breakfast.

There is plenty for guests to do while on the property. There is a library with a variety of books, including classics, medieval stories, and more. The Basement Common Room is where guests can find a variety of entertainment for the night, including board games and DVD options. There is an exercise room for guests to keep up on their regular workout routine while on vacation. There are basic machines, hand weights, and a tv provided in the exercise room. On the property grounds, guests can enjoy the cedar hot tub or take a stroll on the walking trails.


Clayshire Castle has been in business for seven years. Mary Jo Smock and her husband are the original owners of the castle. They were interested in starting a bed and breakfast to give them an excuse to build a castle. They both have an interest in medieval times and felt that a bed and breakfast was the perfect way to justify building a castle. Mary Jo's husband, Douglas, has a passion for history, particularly the medieval times. He was apart of a reenactment group for years. Mary Jo and Douglas both feel that the medieval times are a fun time in history.

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United States


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