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Colington Creek Inn

The Colington Creek Inn, also known as The Outer Banks Bed and Breakfast, is located in the Colington Creek in Kill Devil Hills in North Carolina. Situated along the bridge leading to a network of small islands off the eastern shoreline of North Carolina, this inn has a private beach and views of the surrounding marsh. There are five guest accommodations at the inn, and breakfast is served to all guests at the inn every morning on the back patio overlooking the harbor. The Colington Creek Inn was established in 2005 and is open year-round.


Colington Creek Inn is situated on Colington Creek, directly next to the only bridge leading to a small series of islands in eastern North Carolina. The collective area is known as Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, and has a population of around 7,000 people. The Colington Creek Inn is often referred to as The Outer Banks Bed and Breakfast, considering the inn's location on the easternmost peninsula of North Carolina.

The Outer Banks is a notably long stretch of land directly on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, and access to the area is restricted to a few select highways. The inn consists of four different rooms and a separate, roomier suite. The Shell Room, Wedding Room, Boat Room, and Island Room all come equipped with private bathrooms with walk-in showers, refrigerators, blow dryers, irons and ironing boards, sitting areas, and access to a sun porch. Other general amenities of the property include free WiFi, a swimming pool, coffee makers, a boat dock, and climate control systems. The Creekside Suite is larger than the other rooms on the property, offering guests a huge bathroom with a jacuzzi tub, and a full-length private sun porch, in addition to the previously-mentioned amenities.

Surrounding the property is a fair amount of grass, comprising roughly two acres of land. A few small trees are spread out around the inn. A small store is available at The Colington Creek Inn. Though described by the owner Dawn as "a cabinet," it contains hats, robes, t-shirts, cutting boards, and similar memorabilia for sale. She explains that they are "traditional items that bed and breakfasts sell." The breakfast at Colington Creek Inn is varied in nature but can consist of meals such as fig and pear compotes, Italian sausage, frittata, fresh fruits, yogurts, or Danish pancake balls known as aebleskivers. Beverages such as coffee, tea, and juice are available during breakfast and throughout the day.


The desired culture at The Colington Creek Inn is to be "simply relaxing," states the owner Dawn Schaefer. In her year and a half as manager of the property, she has tried to help guests feel like they are taken care of. The secluded nature of The Outer Banks typically draws in couples or small groups seeking moments of privacy and peacefulness. Activities such as bird watching or taking tours promote the ideal of experiencing nature in a personal fashion. In particular, Dawn emphasizes the standalone nature of the Creekside Suite on the premises, describing it as "a serene little property."

Guest reviews of the property typically mention the inn's breakfast, the amenities, and the views of the surrounding area. One guest stated, "Amazing bed and breakfast. Rooms were really nice and the breakfast was great. The balconies overlooking the water are perfect place to start your day." Another said, "The Inn was so clean that even my mother would have been comfortable staying! Dawn and Darold are perfect host and have the process down pat... the breakfast were amazing, the nightly treats are an added touch."

Common attractions of The Outer Banks region include aerial or naval tours, the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum, the Wright Brothers Museum, and Jockey's Ridge state park. The proximity of the ocean allows for easy access to public beaches and other outdoor activities. The Colington Creek Inn is open year-round, though they generally see a spike in occupancy between the months of May and August of each year.


Colington Creek Inn was first opened as a bed and breakfast in 2005. A year and a half ago, it was acquired by Dawn and Darold Schaefer, who currently act as owners and managers of the property. They made this decision because, in Dawn's words, "I felt called of God to do it."

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Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina 27948
United States


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Dawn & Darold Schaefer

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