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College House Bed and Breakfast

College House Bed and Breakfast

College House Bed and Breakfast is located in Ashland, Ohio, which is found between Cleveland and Columbus. The business provides four guest rooms for people to reserve year-round, each with their own amenities, though they all come with a television, DVD player, and hairdryer. Breakfast is served every morning to those who have a room reserved, and the owner, Kathy, is capable of making accommodations for those who have dietary restrictions. Kathy would like her visitors to feel comfortable while they are spending time at College House Bed and Breakfast. Pets and smoking are prohibited from the grounds and inside the building. According to the owner, the home was built in 1913. It was used as a residential house for several families until 2006 when Kathy purchased the establishment. She turned it into a bed and breakfast, opening in 2008, and decorated the home in a way to reflect its history. There are a number of authentic items that date as far back as the ‘40s. 


College House Bed and Breakfast offers a total of four units, each with its own features and ambiance. According to the owner, guests can choose from a variety of options, namely the first-floor room with a king-sized bed and a jetted tub and the “fun and funky” space on the third floor. All of the rooms available for reservation have private ensuite bathrooms and come with amenities such as a television, a hair dryer, an ironing board with an iron, and a DVD player.

Inside, visitors can find a dining and living room area where they can eat breakfast in the morning. Breakfast is provided by the establishment, and it includes a selection of fruits, a main dish, and a side of meat. Special dietary needs and restrictions can be accommodated upon request, with options available for vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free, dairy-free, and other dietary preferences. The owner recommends that people give her enough time in advance to make food that accommodates their needs.

According to the owner, the furniture reflects a mix of mid-century modern pieces with authentic items from the ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s. Another common place that patrons can use during their stay includes a patio in the back, which has glass windows during the winter and screens during the summer. Also found outside is a firepit in the backyard.

Due to the fact that the business is located near the middle of Ashland, Ohio, there are a variety of attractions and restaurants nearby. West of the property, one can find Ashland University. The Ashland Golf Club and Freer Field are south of the bed and breakfast and allow for outdoor recreational activities. Jamison Creek runs nearby as well as several lakes, including Charles Mill Lake, which can be fished from with the proper equipment. Further away, one can find larger cities such as Columbus and Cleveland, and about an hour away from Ashland, guests can visit Lake Erie. Patrons can also seek out local restaurants if they are hungry while they are staying at College House Bed and Breakfast. Kathy enjoys recommending eateries to people and often suggests locations such as Lyn-Way Restaurant, South Street Grille, and Edamame. She mentions that she has a list of restaurants on her website that visitors can view if they would like more options.


College House Bed and Breakfast aims to create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. The current owner, Kathy, wants her guests to feel "completely at home, comfortable, and at ease" during their stay. In an effort to create this desired environment, she tries to adopt a more laid-back approach and allows visitors to explore the common areas of the house. The owner also tries to have a smooth check-in process by providing keypad locks on the guest room doors. Kathy interacts with patrons as often as the occupants would like, making an effort to be available while providing them with the space that they would like.

There are several policies that visitors should be aware of while they are staying at College House Bed and Breakfast. People that come through the building are expected to treat the house respectfully and to avoid damaging or disrupting the premises. The bed and breakfast does not permit pets, although service animals can be accommodated. Smoking is prohibited inside the establishment.

The property has had a number of travelers spend time at the bed and breakfast, and many of them have left reviews of their experience. One person wrote, “The room and bath were very accommodating. The host was excellent. She even made a special breakfast for my dietary needs.” The business is open throughout the year, and the typical demographic of visitors tends to be couples and families.


College House Bed and Breakfast was constructed in approximately 1913. Initially, it was a Foursquare-style house, but it underwent significant renovations in the 1950s when it was acquired by the Stahl family, who operated a local hardware store. They transformed the property by removing the front porch and making various interior changes. Over the years, the house changed hands a few times, with different families residing in the home and making modifications. In 2006, the current owner, Kathy, purchased the establishment with the intention of running it as a bed and breakfast. In 2008, after preparations were finalized, all four rooms became available to guests. Kathy also notes that she made a relatively big decision to return to school so she could become a pastor and chaplain. Currently, Kathy is a pastor and chaplain, in addition to being the owner of the College House Bed and Breakfast. 

One of Kathy’s favorite aspects of running College House Bed and Breakfast is the opportunity to meet people from around the world. She mentions that engaging in conversation with visitors has been particularly enjoyable. Regarding her interactions with patrons, Kathy remarks, “My favorite part is sitting with people at breakfast, meeting them, and talking with them. I’ve had some amazing conversations.”

The owner has made several changes and renovations to the building since she purchased it. The majority of changes were made in 2006 when the owner reported the property was "extensively renovated" to create the bed and breakfast. One of the biggest changes was adding ensuite bathrooms to each of the guest rooms. Another addition is the fence surrounding the grounds, which is now a landscaped wall.

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