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Colonel Williams Inn

In 1769, Colonel William Williams bought the property in Malboro, Vermont, and built a farmhouse for his family. Now, the original building is Colonel Williams Inn. The land has passed through many different hands throughout the years but was most recently purchased by John, Nancie, and Peter Marinaro, the current owners. The buildings have been kept accurate to their 1700's colonial style and still have historic features such as four 18th century fireplaces. The Barnhouse is three stories and contains nine rooms, and not far from the main house is the Carriage House that has two rooms in its two-story structure. Common areas are found in the main building on the first floor, with a small lounge on the second. The property makes up nine acres of land. On the premises is a pond that has become the home to a family of beavers. The barn located on the property has been converted into a wedding venue, with a max capacity of 185 guests.


The Colonel Williams Inn is located in Marlboro, Vermont, and has become a historical landmark standing over 250 years old. The property has eleven rooms available for guests, with nine being located in the farmhouse and the other two in the Carriage House. An additional building that adorns the property is the barn, which has been converted to host events. The barn has made the property known as a wedding venue to many who find it. The house has colonial aspects, creating this theme throughout the building. The Carriage House is two stories, while three levels make up the main Barnhouse. The bottom floor of the main house serves the purpose of the location for common areas and one of the bedrooms. A small lounge on the second floor has a refrigerator and microwave for guests to use freely. Room Two and Room Four are the most popular of the units, due to the fact that they are located at the front of the house with the best views, and because of the king-size beds. Each room has an ensuite bathroom except for Room Ten, where a private bathroom is across the hall. 

There are four 18th century fireplaces throughout the house and a TV in the common area. Other amenities include WiFi, soaps, shampoos, lotions, linens, and blow dryers. The property is nine acres and sits in a wooded/forested area of Vermont. There is a pond that sits about 100 yards from the house which has become home to a family of beavers. There are chairs located at various parts of the premises for guests to sit and relax at their leisure. The barn is used to host events, mainly weddings, and includes choosing the color of light that lights up the roof. The structure has a max capacity of 185 people and is a total of 4,600 square feet.

One of the most commonly known aspects of the Colonel Williams Inn is the breakfast. The breakfast is made fresh by the owner's wife every morning. She is accredited for being a creative cook who puts a lot of "flair" into her cooking to make it feel like a high-quality meal. French toast is a typical dish guests may see, but her more popular dish is the breakfast taco buffet. The property has a set menu but can accommodate any food sensitivities or allergies. Breakfast is typically served from 8:30 to 9:30 in the morning. If guests have an early morning coffee, pastries and yogurts are set out early for a quick breakfast.


John, Nancie, and Peter Marinaro bought the property in 2005 and have since updated the buildings, modernizing and brightening them up to provide a comfortable place for patrons to stay. The owners have made strong connections with guests, while some patrons have even been coming here for the past 40 years. The owners strive to do their best to be there for their guests when they are needed, but they also try not to be overbearing. People in their 40s and 50s are generally the age range of patrons staying at the Colonel Williams Inn, with the occasional younger crowd that visits. Many skiers stay at the inn during the winter due to its proximity to ski resorts. Twenty-five miles away is where Mount Snow is located, a popular ski area. Another draw to the site is the Marlboro Music Festivals that happen annually. The establishment also sees many college students and their parents when school starts.

Colonel Williams Inn is open year-round, with it being occasionally closed for a week for the owners. Fall is the busiest season for the inn because of the fall foliage each year. The property is pet friendly except for rooms ten and eleven when possible due to the new carpet installed in those rooms. Smoking is not allowed, and alcohol that is not provided by the establishment cannot be consumed anywhere on the property except for the patron's rooms. The owners have a license for the property for their bar that extends to everywhere on the premises except guests rooms. The bar is often used for the events hosted in the barn, especially weddings. Becoming a wedding venue has been a big part of the culture of the Colonel Williams Inn, with the weekends being booked with weddings during the peak season. Guests have said, "Gorgeous grounds, unique rooms, all the amenities, fantastic food and drinks, and hiking trails a walk away the location and venue couldn't be more perfect."


The Colonel Williams Inn was bought in 2005 by the current owners, John, Nancie, and Peter Marinaro. When the buildings were first purchased, the rooms were dark but have been updated to be more modern and bright. The property was originally purchased by Colonel William Williams in 1769, later building the barn in 1772 with the farmhouse soon following for a home for his family. These buildings were the first to be built in Malboro and were home to the first place a courtship happened in the area. Dinah Fay traveled with the Williams family and met Perez Stockwell, a town resident. The property hopes to continue with an atmosphere of love through the well-used wedding venue of the barn.

Eventually, the property was sold to Captian Simeon Adams and his family for the next four generations. At one point, the buildings were converted into Marlboro College but were later bought by Isobel Hartenbach in 1961, who was the first one to convert the property into an inn. The establishment witnessed different names for the inn as it passed through different ownerships but eventually landed on the Colonel Williams Inn with the Marinaro family keeping the name. Since they purchased the property in 2005, they have added air conditioning to all the rooms and modernized them with more conveniences. They even added a bathroom trailer for the barn events. Original features still found in the house include wide floorboards, hand-hewn beams, four 18th century fireplaces, and a working beehive oven. The owners have kept the colonial-style 1700's theme throughout the house.

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