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Cooperstown Bed and Breakfast

Cooperstown Bed and Breakfast

Cooperstown Bed and Breakfast is a 1901 Victorian-styled home in the heart of Cooperstown, a city famous for its presence of the National Baseball Hall of Fame Museum. Located in central New York, the property is close to Lake Otsego. The three-story house offers five accommodations for its visitors. Unique artwork is displayed within the rooms by local artists. A homemade breakfast is served with foods such as sausage, eggs, waffles, and more. The owners, Kris and Fred, strive to give their guests the best experience by trying to create a homey and relaxing atmosphere. The property is located just ten minutes from the downtown hub and only fifteen minutes from the National Baseball Hall of Fame Museum. The bed and breakfast was once a boarding house for nurses working at Basset Hospital but became part of the hospitality industry just over twenty years ago. The establishment has been serving people ever since.


Cooperstown Bed and Breakfast is located in central New York, next to Lake Otsego and the National Baseball Hall of Fame Museum. The property is within walking distance to the museum and is just ten minutes from the central hub of the main street with its restaurants and shops. The outside of the home is victorian-styled with white siding. There is a front porch with chairs and tables for visitors to sit and eat at in front of the house near the parking lot on the property. There is a basketball hoop and a small court on the grounds. Upon request, guests can ask for a basketball and use the small court. There is a gazebo In the backyard that can be used for some shade and privacy. From the surrounding trees on the property, there is a fair amount of shade, making it the preferred place to be outside. Behind the house, the property also has a small chicken coupe that is modeled after the victorian-styled bed and breakfast.

The establishment is three stories tall, and the rooms can be found on the second and third floors. The bed and breakfast is decorated with art from local painters and friends in the area. There is a common area known as the library that is found on the first floor. Here guests may socialize, read books, and try to relax while staying on the property. A smaller common room can also be found on the third floor, along with a porch outside. There are a total of five units on the second and third stories of the building, each with unique artwork and furniture in them. Each room has its own private bathroom and comes with hygienic amenities such as soap, shampoo, and towels. In many of the rooms, the curtains, throw pillows, and some bedding, is handmade, mainly by the owners. There is air conditioning and heating in all the rooms, most of them having a ceiling fan. Other amenities offered in the rooms upon request are hairdryers and an iron and ironing board. High-speed internet and Wi-Fi are available throughout the house. TVs can only be found in the common areas on the first and third floor, where patrons can watch movies and cable TV. Popular among guests is room six, as the owners say it offers more privacy and a more romantic atmosphere with the specific bedding and artwork found inside the room. 

Local attractions in the area often involve the outdoors. Lake Otsego and the Susquehanna River allow for aquatic activities such as boating, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. There are hiking and biking trails in the surrounding area. Other more leisurely activities include golfing, visiting museums such as the National Baseball Hall of Fame Museum and the Farmer's Museum. During the fall, there is a festival at the lakeside theater called Glimmerglass. Here the local opera plays Glass Leaf Watcher, one of its most famous operas.


At the Cooperstown Bed and Breakfast, the owners, Kris and Fred, strive to give visitors a relaxing and soothing experience. The owners work to keep the property clean and hope that guests feel at home. Their goal is to make the property feel like a homey and relaxing place to stay after long travels and adventures during the day. One guest said this of their stay at Cooperstown Bed and Breakfast: "Super attentive and accommodating. They provided everything you would need during your stay. The rooms are updated, clean, and bright, with AC and a ceiling fan in each bedroom. The bathroom was completely new and fairly roomy. The owner provided the normal shampoo, conditioner, and soap, but also several hand sanitizers around the room and tons of towels. The breakfast in the morning was spectacular. Beautiful upstairs porch with table and chairs to sit on, as well as the farmers porch out front with tables and chairs and rocking chairs."

Breakfast is served at the Cooperstown Bed and Breakfast, starting at eight o'clock and finishing around nine-thirty in the morning. At breakfast, a menu is provided with the items prepared that day. The breakfast is made as fresh as possible, using local ingredients from the area. Fred also makes his own sausages, and much of the food is made from scratch by Kris. The menu is subject to change throughout the year but most commonly consists of French toast, homemade waffles or pancakes, biscuits, and locally grown fruits and vegetables. Accommodations can be made for those with dietary restrictions, and homemade gluten-free products can be provided. As mentioned by the owners, a popular food among those that visit are their biscuits.

The owners strive to socialize and talk with their guests while they are dining and while they are in the common areas. They enjoy talking with visitors and getting to know them, swapping stories, and seeing people come from all walks of life. Patrons are typically more mature and generally of an older age. Children are permitted if they are over the age of ten, though the atmosphere is designed to be geared more toward adults. Pets are not permitted on the property. In the case of service dogs, guests must contact Kris and Fred first; exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. There is a local quiet time at ten-thirty at night, and the owners ask the guests to respect other patrons and the neighborhood around them. Smoking is not allowed inside the property and may only be done in designated areas outside of the building. The establishment is not open year-round; instead, it is open between the months of May to October. Typically the busiest season for those who stay at the property is between June and August, when the weather is nicer and more outdoor recreational activities are available. Kris and Fred enjoy giving recommendations on things to do in the area and places to eat to help visitors have the best experience.


Cooperstown Bed and Breakfast was built in 1902 and served as a lodging and a boarding house for nurses staying in the Cooperstown area. Many of the nurses helped at the local hospital named Basset. It remained in this function for quite some time. Eventually, the building was bought out and used as a home. Over twenty years ago, in 1999, the property became a bed and breakfast, joining the hospitality industry. In 2017 Kris and Fred, the most recent owners of the bed and breakfast bought the property from John and Linda Smirk. The previous owners initially changed the property and made it part of the hospitality industry. Since owning the property, Kris and Fred have not needed to make many renovations, except for adding the chicken coup designed like the house to the backyard. They have strived to keep and maintain the culture and heritage of the town in the bed and breakfast. Kris and Fred have enjoyed working in the hospitality industry and strive to happily provide lodging for those interested in the area.

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