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British Columbia
Cormier Studio Bed and Breakfast

Cormier Studio Bed and Breakfast

The Cormier's Studio Bed and Breakfast is located in Penticton, British Columbia. This ninety-mile valley is filled with over three hundred wineries and orchards. The bed and breakfast is a two-story building with all of the guest rooms on the entry-level. The building was remodeled in 2019 and features modern architecture. Three rooms are available for reservation at Cormier's Studio Bed and Breakfast. Breakfast is brought to the guest's room every morning with coffee and pastries. There is a two-night minimum at each room in Cormier's Studio Bed and Breakfast.


Cormier's Studio Bed and Breakfast is located on a town lot of about 0.3 acres of land. The bed and breakfast is located in a two-story building. The owner's living quarters are upstairs, and all the guest rooms are on the entry-level. The building was recently remodeled with modern architecture. There are three bedrooms available to rent. All of the rooms are outfitted with modern contemporary d├ęcor. There are no extra decorations in the bed and breakfast, giving it a very clean, modern atmosphere. Half of the top floor of the bed and breakfast and the foyer are an art gallery. They have a small check-in counter where guests can also buy art and collect necessary supplies not held in the rooms. There is a two-night minimum for every room.

The first and most popular room is the Lakeside Suite. This suite is spacious with a sofa, fireplace, large bed, kitchenette, wardrobe, full bathroom, and a walkout patio with lakeside views. The second room is the Garden Suite. This retro-chic suite has a dining area in the small kitchen with a microwave, coffee maker, fridge, and toaster oven. The last is the Courtyard Suite, looking over the art-filled gardens, this room itself is full of funky art. The romantic space has a large bed, sofa, fireplace, and a patio. Cormier's Studio has a strict no children, and no pet policy. Surrounding the building is a large garden full of all different plants, flowers, and trees. Spread throughout the garden are many glass, wood, and stone sculptures.

Guests can pay to have breakfast made for them each morning in the private dining area. However, yogurt, fresh fruit, gluten-free granola, and various baked goods are brought to each guest's room daily. The property is a five-minute walk from downtown Penticton, as well as the bay and marina. There are hiking trails, wineries, and breweries close by. The night and day life, all times of the year are busy and full of things to do.


Cormier Studio Bed and Breakfast is a place for guests to unwind and relax. The bed and breakfast is adult-oriented, there is a strict no children, no pets policy. This makes it possible for the owner Kena Cormier to make sure guests are comfortable with little interruptions and distractions. The Studio has three suites equipped to keep guests comfortable, and makes it so anything visitors will need is at their fingertips.

Cormier's is an art studio in addition to a bed and breakfast. Guests can expect to take a walk through the gardens to unwind and get creative inspiration from the unique sculptures. The foyer upstairs and hallways are full of unique art as well. Guests leave positive reviews about the appearance of the gardens, creative, simple, and intense artwork, the clean, simple environment, and the quality of the service and host. Kena Cormier, the owner, and the manager says, "The bed and breakfast is simple, no extra." She made an effort to keep guests comfortable without any extra unnecessaries.

The bed and breakfast is within a five-minute walk from multiple walking and biking trails, the bay, and downtown Penticton. Downtown Penticton is lively, with a variety of restaurants, shops, and other activities. There are also many scenic lookouts and hiking trails in the area. The town has a lively nightlife, and there are many orchards, wineries, and breweries in the area. The city is known as the 'Napa' of British Columbia.


Purchased in the year 2000 by Kena Cormier, this bed and breakfast started in a home over 100 years old. The house was renovated over the years, and Cormier Studio Bed and Breakfast, along with the Studio's large garden, were added. Kena decided to downsize after the renovation, making more room for a more extensive art gallery.

The garden took years to perfect, but now Kena takes care of it well. There are beautiful plants and flowers showcased year-round. As the original owner, Kena has overseen all of the property's renovations and progress. Running Cormier's Studio is all she knows, and she loves the Studio. Here she displays lots of her own artwork in addition to some collection items and other locally made artwork.

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