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Coundon Lodge

The Coudon Lodge is located in Coventry, United Kingdom. The property features 10 guestrooms that are available year-round for patrons. Originally built as a private residence, the owners' parents purchased the property in 1983 and converted the residence into an assisted living facility. In 2010, they renovated the establishment into the lodge that it is today. Two of the ten rooms that are available have ensuite bathrooms, while the other eight accommodations have sinks in the rooms and share a bathroom with other guests on the same floor. The three-story home has rooms available on all three floors. There are also common areas such as a terrace, lounge, dining room, and kitchen that can be utilized by visitors throughout the day. Also on the grounds are stables with donkeys that patrons can interact with if they please. 


The interior of the Coundon Lodge features ten guestrooms. The three-story building has accommodations available year-round on all three floors. Each room has a tea and coffee set, and two of the suites have private bathrooms. The other eight units have pedestal sinks in the rooms and share bathrooms with other units on the same floor. Regina, the owner, describes the home as being "quite old-world like," mentioning the high ceilings and crown molding that is featured across the house. In addition to guestrooms, there are multiple common areas across the interior and exterior of the lodge. Inside is a lounge, dining room, and kitchen that can be utilized by visitors. 

Five acres of lawn space, plus a wooded area, a greenhouse, and a stable that houses a donkey characterize the surroundings of the building. A terrace can additionally be found outside, with seating areas that can accommodate groups. Also located on the grounds is a coach house, which Regina hopes to remodel in the future to have more guestrooms. Multiple walking trails wind through the encompassing areas near the Coundon Lodge, and those who are staying at the property can utilize these trails at their leisure. There is also a relatively large park nearby. 

Those who stay at the Coundon Lodge are expected to adhere to multiple policies put in place by the owners. Guests must be twelve years of age or older, as the building itself is original to its time, and decorated with antiques on the inside. Pets are allowed to stay with their owners at the property. According to Regina, there are multiple dog shows that take place locally throughout the year, and the business welcomes owners who are taking their dogs to compete at the shows. There is not a designated quiet time each evening, and Regina reports that there have not been problems in the past with loud or disrespectful patrons. The staff at the lodge try to focus on customer care and making sure that the rooms are clean and ready for guests. Both Regina and the other workers strive to listen to and address feedback given by patrons to improve future visits to the inn. 


While staying at the Coundon Lodge, Regina and her husband, the owners of the establishment, hope that visitors can feel relaxed, refreshed, peaceful, and comfortable. In an effort to create this atmosphere, Regina tries to provide quality amenities. "I like the beds to be good quality and I like to hear that people had a good sleep while they were here," she says. While she is available throughout the day, Regina tries to interact with customers as much as they prefer. Meeting all of the guests at check-in, as well as being available throughout the day are staples of Regina's day. 

Regina believes that the lodge is most known for its privacy, being located on the edge of town, and having a "peaceful area" around them. Those who have stayed previously at the establishment often comment that they felt welcomed by Regina and the other staff, that the inn was clean and comfortable, and that they were able to relax during their stay. One previous patron said, "Lovely gardens and amazing views, only a short drive to Coventry and to the A45. Regina is a kind hostess. The Lodge is clean, and well thought out."

In the area, there are multiple activities that may interest guests. The Coventry Building Society Arena is a sport, conference, and banquet center. Recently, bands such as The Killers have performed at the arena. Another potential area of interest at the arena is an attached casino. The location of the lodge is also known for being close to the original Jaguar Car Factory, which is nearby the inn. As for places to eat, a few restaurants that are in proximity to Coundon Lodge that Regina would recommend include the White Lion, the Vintage Inn, and the Hogan.


The Coundon Lodge was originally built in the 1780s. After construction, it was used as a private residence for multiple families, including the Jagger family. During the time that the Jaggers owned the home, their neighbor was the owner of Singer Motors, and he came for dinners at the home multiple times each week. After his death, Mr. Jagger was appointed as the CEO of the business, due to the relationship the two men had. According to the local chamber of commerce, it is likely that while Charles Dickens was writing his novel, Great Expectations, he stayed in the home for a period of time as well. 

In 1983, the current owner's parents purchased the property. They converted the grounds into an assisted living facility and it operated as such for many years. In order to get the building ready to be the facility, many of the ceilings were taken down and replaced. There were also partitions added to each of the rooms to allow more spaces for residents to stay. In 2010, the couple converted the business from the assisted living facility into the lodge that it is today. The current owners, Regina Galvin and her husband, took over the operations in 2020. In the future, Regina hopes to be able to open the other ten rooms that are inside of the home. She also has goals of providing breakfast for her guests, after the kitchen is updated. Additionally, in the hopes of being able to host weddings and other similar events in the future, she plans on updating the decor of the ground floor and opening up some of the original fireplaces. 

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