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Cripple Creek Hospitality House & Travel Park

Cripple Creek Hospitality House & Travel Park

Cripple Creek Hospitality House & Travel Park is located in Cripple Creek, Colorado, which is west of Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak. The city is a historic mining town with a gold mine on the southwest side. The business has 16 units in the hotel and 36 RV spaces in the travel park. Rooms in the hotel can be reserved at any time of the year, but the RV park is only available from May to September. Breakfast is complimentary and is served each morning to everyone staying at the hotel. Pets are allowed at the RV park but not inside the building. The establishment itself is historic, having been built about 120 years ago and was first used as a hospital when it was built. Historical artifacts and other pieces decorate the interior, denoting its history as a medical unit and displaying mining equipment used by the town decades ago.


The business has 23 acres of land, and the only building on the acreage is the hotel, which offers rooms and suites for patrons to reserve. Within close proximity of the hotel, guests can also stay at one of the thirty-six spaces in the RV park. A variety of amenities are offered at the park, ranging from full hookups to only electrical lines. RV spaces also have access to propane grills, open grassy areas, cornhole, horseshoes, and a propane dispenser that owners can use to fill up visitors’ propane tanks. The RV park is primarily seasonal, operating from May through September. However, there are a few spaces that are offered for long-term stays. The hotel has a total of 16 units for guests to reserve, with the most popular room for families being Outpatient—according to one of the owners—which is room 15. A few amenities that are available in these rooms are access to WiFi, private restrooms, and flat-screen televisions. Each room is uniquely named and decorated, with some having one bed while others have two.

Breakfast is complimentary to those who are staying at the hotel. A few of the items that have been served in the past include eggs, breakfast burritos, yogurt, parfait, pancakes, french toast, and bacon. People with food allergies or dietary restrictions can let the owners know ahead of time, and the owners may be able to make an alternative option for them. Mike, one of the owners, states, “We do what we can based on the ingredients that we have.” Visitors can tell the owners about their allergies or restrictions when they order their food in the morning. There is a food truck that can provide lunches and dinners to patrons as well, though these meals are not included with a reservation.

There are several common areas that visitors can use during their stay. Two of these rooms are the sunroom and the rec room, the latter of which is open to the public but can be reserved for use. Outside, one can find a patio on the front of the property with a fire pit and sitting area. A covered patio also provides similar amenities as the outdoor patio, excluding the firepit. A dog park with a fenced-off section and an obstacle course can also be used at the patrons’ leisure. There are a fair amount of historical artifacts decorating the hotel's interior, ranging from tools and pieces that date back to when it was used as a hospital to mining supplies and older equipment used in the town. Due to the historic nature of the establishment, guests can reserve a tour of the building and learn about its history and some of the finer details as to what the building was and how it became a hotel.

Beyond the property line, one can find a number of attractions and restaurants. One noteworthy destination that has been around for a fairly long time is the Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mine, which is a mining facility that may offer tours and has an observation deck to get a better view of the mine. Similarly, one can find the Cripple Creek and Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad, which is a steam locomotive that aided the mine in transporting material in and out of the town. According to the Cripple Creek Hospitality House & Travel Park, there are nine casinos in the area, and all are within walking distance from the hotel. People may also spend time at The Butte Theater, which can offer performances and shows in a historical building that’s been around since the late 1940s. The owners enjoy informing visitors about some of their favorite restaurants, especially those who are looking to try some of the local cuisine. A few that they mention by name are Doc’s, The Fortune Club Restaurant and Lounge, and Maggie’s.


Mike and Rick, the owners of Cripple Creek Hospitality House & Travel Park, would like their guests to feel comfortable and to be able to “connect with the history.” They enjoy sharing the history of the property and town with others and add that they are happy to “help with itineraries.” Mike explains that he and Rick interact with visitors frequently and enjoy connecting with occupants while they are staying at the establishment, though if a patron would prefer to be alone, then they are willing to oblige.

The business offers several packages online that can be added to a stay to make it more unique or personalized. One of these add-on features that guests can choose from is a hotel massage package, which is complimentary if people are staying at least three consecutive nights. Some of the packages offer discounts if patrons are going to stay at the business for a certain period of time or during a specific time of the year. People can also hold events at Cripple Creek Hospitality House & Travel Park. Mike, one of the owners, mentions that, in the past, patrons have been able to organize family reunions. The establishment can also cater to small or large events.

One unique aspect of the property is that there is a herd of donkeys that are allowed to roam free, typically between May and October. According to the owner, Mike, these donkeys are the descendants of the original donkeys that were used for mining. Occasionally, they will spend time on the property and travel through it.

Cripple Creek Hospitality House & Travel Park has several policies that visitors are asked to abide by during their stay at the hotel. Smoking is prohibited inside, but patrons may do so outside in the designated smoking areas. Guests are not allowed to bring their pets if they are staying in the hotel, but they can if they are staying in the travel park. Visitors are responsible for their pets and any damages they cause, and they are to remain on a leash when they are not in the dog park. Quiet hours begin at 10:00 p.m. and continue through the night until 8:00 a.m.

The establishment has received many reviews from people who have stayed in the past. A few aspects of the business that they mention in these reviews are the staff, the cleanliness of the rooms, and the historical nature of the building. Someone who recently stayed at Cripple Creek Hospitality House & Travel Park wrote, “Super accommodating staff, very comfortable and quiet rooms, and a close proximity to downtown. The nostalgia of the past vocation of the hotel is very interestingly on display as well.” The hotel is open year–round, but the RV park is open from May through September.


The current owners of Cripple Creek Hospitality House & Travel Park, Mike and Rick, purchased the property from the previous owner, Wayman and Dorothy Mackin. The change in ownership occurred in 2014. Mike notes that they were led into the industry because they were “visiting in our RV.” Mike and Rick came across Cripple Creek Hospitality House & Travel Park in 2010 and spent time at the business. They found that it was for sale and decided to make the purchase. The owners note the timeline of their building up until the point they purchased it in 2014 and mention a few significant events. From 1900 - 1902, the concept of the hospital was brought forward and was successfully constructed. The hospital closed in 1930 and was reopened as a nursing home. In 1963, the Mackins purchased the building and restored it to become a hotel.

The hotel is about 120 years old and used to be a hospital, which is where the inspiration for the names of the guestrooms came from. When it was erected, it was the Tellers County Hospital and was owned by the Teller County commissioners. Other historical significances come from the fact that the city of Cripple Creek is known for being a mining town.

Mike and Rick have made several changes to the property since they became the owners. The most recent change that they accomplished was the outdoor patio. They expanded the size, added fire pits, and more seating. Mike notes that because finishing the patio was a large project for them, they have yet to make any immediate plans to make more renovations in the future.

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