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Crosby House Bed & Breakfast

Crosby House Bed & Breakfast

Located in Astoria, Oregon, the Crosby House Bed & Breakfast is a two story building with three distinct units. The building was originally constructed in 1880 by Magnus C. Crosby, who became the name-sake of the property. The bed and breakfast is located near the Columbia River, offering views of the waterfront, the Astoria Column, and Tongue Point. Breakfast at the property consists of egg dishes, and an alternating mix between savory and sweet main dishes. Crosby House came into operation as a hospitality business in 2014, under the management and ownership of Teresa and Ken Mittelbuscher.


The Crosby House Bed & Breakfast is situated in northwestern Oregon, just a few blocks south of the Columbia River in Astoria. The name "Crosby House" is derived from the man who constructed the building, whose full name was Magnus C. Crosby. He built the house in a Victorian style in the year 1880, and many of the themes and backdrops of the establishment remain the same today. Mr. Crosby was the mayor of Astoria during some of the 19th century. Today his home serves as a bed and breakfast, providing three rooms for potential guests. The names of these three rooms are the Waterfront Room, the Tongue Point Room, and the Column View Room.

The Column View Room is located near the front of the home, and it is decorated in various shades of tan and black. The queen-sized bed in the room rests on a vintage iron bed frame, and consists of a gel foam mattress with a down comforter placed on top of it. Other features of the Column View Room include a bay window with an antique settee, a clawfoot bathtub, and a pedestal sink. As its name infers, it is possible to see the Astoria Column from the window of the bedroom, giving guests frequent views of the structure and any light that it may give off. There are also views of the red beacon in the harbor that is used by cargo ships that navigate the Columbia River during the night.

The Tongue Point Room is another unit within the Crosby House Bed & Breakfast. Similarly to the Column View Room, the Tongue Point Room is named after the views that are offered from the unit. Specifically, visitors to the bedroom are able to see Tongue Point in the distance, which is a historical site from the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. Amenities within the room include things such as a queen-sized platform bed, vintage accessories, and a neo-angle shower. The room's decorations incorporate soft green coloring and antique floral prints.

The final room within the bed and breakfast is the Waterfront Room, which offers views of the river's edge and includes a metal canopy bed with a queen-sized mattress. The room is considered to be the favorite of the current owner of the bed and breakfast. Additional amenities which are specific to the Waterfront Room include an antique gentleman's dresser and a chaise sofa. Each of the three units at Crosby House include private bathrooms, though the specific amenities of each one vary to a small degree. Other property-wide features include Direct TV, DVD players, iPod docking stations, and Wi-Fi.

The building itself is a two story home with light blue paint and white accents. A porch wraps around two sides of the property, with intricate wooden accents on either side of the boards that support the porch. A few small ferns and potted plants are placed around the premises. Additionally, exterior furniture is located on the porch where guests can pass time overlooking the Columbia River to the north.

Breakfast is included in the price of each stay at the establishment, which is served at 8:30 AM each morning. Arrangements can be made with the owner—Teresa—if an earlier breakfast is needed. Breakfasts at the Crosby House typically include some form of egg dish, supplemented with either a savory or sweet dish. Teresa attempts to alternate between serving a main course of savory or sweet dishes every day in an effort to mix up the experience of guests who stay for more than one day. Given enough time before a stay, Teresa is also willing to accommodate dietary preferences or allergies. One of the common areas of the property is a coffee room with a small assortment of coffees, teas, and coffee makers.


The culture that is strived for at the Crosby House Bed & Breakfast is based around being an accommodating environment. Teresa, who is a part-owner of the property, explains that she is interested in "providing quality breakfast and service" to the guests that stay with her and her husband Ken. The history of the property is something that the owners try to celebrate, emphasizing the antique furniture there and the original styling. Despite this, the property has undergone changes to be more in line with hospitality standards of the twenty-first century. Crosby House is described as "modern antique" by Teresa, with elements of antique collection and preservation.

Another feature of the Crosby House Bed & Breakfast that helps to make up its culture is the individual personalities of Teresa and her husband. Both are native Californians who consider Astoria to have a fair amount of charm and personality. Specifically, they refer to Astoria as a "little San Francisco," though with Victorian architecture and "majestic hillsides." They recommend visiting local attractions such as two Washington lighthouses, the Astoria Waterfront, and the Astoria Column.

Guests to the property have frequently mentioned features of Crosby House such as the quality of the service, the uniqueness of the property's décor, and an appropriate amount of guest interaction from the hosts. Teresa has also received many comments regarding her breakfast. One guest said that the meal is "an excellent breakfast that provides the same quality of food as a top-line bed and breakfast." Speaking of the property in general, one guest said, "We stayed in the Waterfront room for a romantic weekend away. Cozy room with ensuite bath and terrific balcony overlooking the Columbia River. In addition, the bed was comfy, the breakfasts were delicious, the coffee room with many choices of hot beverages was an added bonus, and the host, Teresa, was fun to visit with."

Astoria—where the Crosby House is located—was named after John Jacob Astor, who was an investor from New York City. In Astoria, visitors can find several locations from popular movies, seeing as how Astoria is a popular destination for film productions. Notable among those productions is "The Goonies," the popular 1985 film that showcases a group of children who discover a treasure map, leading them on an adventure. Other recognizable titles that were at least partially filmed in or around Astoria include "Free Willy," "The Black Stallion," "Kindergarten Cop," and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III." The production of these movies is something that the city has taken pride in, and partially influences the culture of the area.


Named after Magnus C. Crosby, the Crosby House Bed & Breakfast originally served as a private residence when it was first constructed in 1880. Magnus was the mayor of Astoria in the 19th century, and when he built the home it included Victorian designs. In addition to the Crosby House itself, Mr. Crosby owned a unique hardware store on Commercial Street and a "Little Tin Shoppe around the Corner." Apart from being mayor for two terms in the late 19th century, Magnus was the president of the Hook and Ladder #1, located on Astor street to the north of the house. For much of the 20th century, the history of the building is relatively unknown.

At the turn of the century—in 2002—the building was purchased by Ken and Teresa Mittelbuscher. The couple used the house for personal use for a number of years before beginning restoration and remodelling processes from 2012-2014. After those changes were put in place, the property opened officially as the Crosby House Bed & Breakfast.

Teresa explains that her motives in creating a bed and breakfast with her husband were primarily based around desires to have something to do during her retirement. She had worked as a prison guard for 18 years, which caused her to look for home-related ventures to fill up her time. She enjoys interacting with other people.

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