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Dekoven Suites

DeKoven Suites is owned and operated by Susan Lehrer, who has been the original owner of the bed and breakfast part of the business since 1999. Three guestrooms are available for patrons to stay in, all of which contain a private bathroom, Wi-Fi, a TV, and other amenities. Every morning from 8:00 to 11:00 AM, a continental breakfast is available for visitors. Guests can visit the nearby restaurants in the area that are within walking distance of the property for lunch and dinner. Various attractions are additionally located in proximity to DeKoven Suites, including the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Coney Island Beaches, and the Historic Greenwood Cemetery. The busiest season of operation for the property is typically during the spring and fall. Susan mentions that most people come to visit family members that are residing in the area.


Located in the center of Brooklyn, New York, and less than a mile away from Brooklyn College, DeKoven Suites offers three rooms for visitors to reserve. Patrons also have access to the dining room and back porch throughout the duration of their stay. Susan Lehrer, the owner of the property, describes the bed and breakfast as "a Victorian house." The bed and breakfast is located in the Victorian Flatbush area of Brooklyn, which contains additional historical and Victorian-style homes. The building itself was first constructed in 1904. Susan remarks that each room has "original details" that date back to when the house was first built. A considerable number of stained glass windows have survived since the initial construction of the building and currently decorate the establishment. Outside the building, the backyard area contains both a garden and provides seating with umbrellas available for use.

Some of the amenities in every room include air conditioning, a table with chairs, secure Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV with Netflix and Amazon Video, and a private bathroom. The Jacuzzi Bedroom, in particular, features a jacuzzi tub and shower, plus air conditioning, a small fridge, and a table with chairs. Comparatively, the Master Bedroom does not have a jacuzzi tub but has a small fridge and an ensuite bathroom in addition to the amenities common to each room. Lastly, the remaining room is a studio apartment with two sleeping areas, a washer, a dryer, a bathroom, a dining area, a microwave, and a full-size refrigerator.

Patrons are given the opportunity to have a continental self-serve breakfast at DeKoven Suites every morning from 8:00 to 11:00 AM. In the dining room, a refrigerator stocked with juices, bread, yogurts, and condiments such as jelly, butter, and cream cheese is all provided for guests to eat. Other breakfast items include croissants, cut-up fruit, an assortment of cereals, coffee, tea, and milk. 

Outside the confines of the bed and breakfast, visitors can explore the nearby area by taking the subway system or by walking. Other nearby conveniences that people have access to include bars, restaurants, pizza shops, and coffee shops. For patrons who need to purchase groceries or other similar items, a supermarket can be found about one block from DeKoven Suites. For guests who wish to eat out, there are a variety of restaurants within a two- to a four-block distance of the bed and breakfast. 


Susan Lehrer, the owner of DeKoven Suites, wants her patrons to feel as though they are staying at a "home away from home." Susan explains, "We don't require anything of our guests except mutual respect." She puts effort into greeting people and interacting with them, especially in the mornings when she is given the opportunity to see them at breakfast. Considering her efforts, Susan also mentions, "We don't like to interfere with guests' comings and goings. We provide all our guests with privacy." 

DeKoven Suites is open year-round, with the busiest seasons typically occurring in both the spring and fall. During the months of April, May, June, September, and October, Susan says that she sees the highest number of visitors compared to other times of the year. Most people who stay at DeKoven Suites are between the ages of 30 and 60. Susan says that the majority of visitors come to the area to visit family members. Word of mouth is one of the most prominent sources of advertisement for the property; however, nearly "90% of patrons are repeat guests," according to Susan. 

A few notable policies are implemented at DeKoven Suites. In terms of smoking, guests are prohibited from doing so inside the bed and breakfast, though smoking is permitted in the backyard and deck area. Moreover, pets are not allowed to accompany those who are staying at DeKoven Suites. 

Susan notes that a fair amount of visitors have commented on how they "enjoy staying in a part of history." "The comfort of old world Brooklyn" is what Susan believes to be one particular draw to the establishment. Many reviews from previous guests mention the hospitality, as reported by Susan. One patron made remarks about this specific aspect, saying, "Susan was absolutely the best. The perfect mix of accommodating but not overbearing. The room was excellent, and there is also a peaceful backyard area with trees where you can eat/pass the time."


DeKoven Suites was originally constructed in 1904 and has been in business as a bed and breakfast since 1999. Susan Lehrer, who is the current and fourth owner of the house, established and runs the bed and breakfast. Susan purchased the property from the previous owners, who had owned it since the 1940s, on May 29th, 1988. Initially, houses in the area of Victorian Flatbush, where Dekoven Suites is located, were custom-built and sold to serve as country homes or vacation homes for wealthy Manhattan residents, according to Susan. She also says that some of the descendants of previous residents of the home have come back to visit in the past.

Susan explains that her motivation for starting the bed and breakfast was primarily financial in order to support her children, who were in college when she established the bed and breakfast. Some of the changes and updates that DeKoven Suites has undergone include the expansion of the number of rooms that guests can reserve. Now that her children have grown up and left the house, Susan has expanded the available rooms from one to three. 

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