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Denali National Park
Denali Touch of Wilderness Bed & Breakfast

Denali Touch of Wilderness Bed & Breakfast

Denali Touch of Wilderness Bed & Breakfast is located in Healy, Alaska. The property is surrounded by trees and woods, helping to provide a feeling of seclusion in the woods and away from the rest of the world. There are 10 separate rooms available to those who are hoping for a place to stay as they explore various areas of Alaska. The owners of the property hope that everyone who stays with them is able to feel comfortable and at home. They strive to keep the building and rooms clean and up to date for everyone who stays in them, with the additional hope that they will enjoy their accommodations. The property is open all year, with a busier season during the summer months of June, July, and August.


The property of Denali Touch of Wilderness Bed & Breakfast is located in Healy, Alaska. The building that guests can stay in has ten rooms available for them to choose from as they stay at the bed and breakfast. Three of the ten rooms include king-size beds, while the other seven include queen-size beds. Besides the beds, each room offers a variety of different pieces of furniture. Some may have a full couch, while others have multiple closets. There is also a family room which has a kitchenette, two queen-size beds, a twin bed, and a microwave. Toiletries, linens, towels, and hair dryers can all be found inside the rooms. The property is family-friendly, and the staff strives to cater to a wide range of demographics. Other rooms that can be found inside of the bed and breakfast include the dining room and a couple of sitting rooms. A refrigerator, freezer, and microwave are provided for those who may need them to store or heat up any food that they bring to the property, but no other cooking is allowed on the property besides those in the family room. Board games, television, and popcorn are provided in the public areas of the property as well. There is a front porch on the property with some tables and chairs available for guests to sit at as they look at the surrounding landscape or socialize with other people on the premises.

The building itself can be described as having a "rustic old home" feel. It mainly consists of brown wood logs and green metal roofing, which can create a cabin-type feel. Windows permeate the building to provide guests with views of the surrounding area. The building is two stories tall, most rooms being located on the top floor, while the other rooms are mainly downstairs. The property can be considered secluded due to its location in the mountains and the fact that it is surrounded by trees. Many guests who have stayed at the bed and breakfast in the past came to the area because of its distance from their regular busy lives. The property offers views of the mountain range and sometimes even the northern lights, otherwise known as aurora borealis. There is free parking at the property to ensure that everyone visiting has a place to put their vehicles.

Breakfast is served at the property free of charge on a daily basis. The food that is given to the guests to the property changes from day to day. Sometimes guests will be given some sort of breakfast burrito; other days, guests might be served some hashbrowns or other potato-based breakfast. Fruit, coffee, tea, juice, boiled eggs, yogurt, cereal, and toast are also options that are given to their guests for their morning meal. For those guests with dietary restrictions, accommodations can be made to ensure that they are able to have their breakfast. The staff strives to help their patrons with dietary restrictions. Breakfast is typically served from 7 AM - 9 AM, but if a guest needs an earlier breakfast, they can make such a request. Visitors typically eat in the dining hall.


Denali Touch of Wilderness Bed & Breakfast has had many different types of guests visit for various reasons. Some visitors have stayed at the property for retreats or getaways of multiple kinds. Other people have held their weddings at the property, finding it to be the location that would work best for them and their wedding day. The owners of the property strive to keep the building clean and comfortable, hoping that the property will feel like a home away from home for those who stay with them. They give their visitors breakfast every morning, decorate the home in what they believe to be a "homey" feel, and provide a baked good to those arriving at the property. The owners normally have someone at the property throughout the day that guests can talk to whenever they need any assistance. The manager also strives to text all new patrons with updates.

The owners of Denali Touch of Wilderness Bed & Breakfast have desires to improve what is already at the property, hoping to help their guests in any way they can. They mainly do this by striving to have the property as up-to-date as possible with amenities, features, and other aspects that visitors frequently see or use. They have also put a few policies into place to help their patrons keep the property orderly as well. One of these policies is that there is no cooking allowed on the property unless a guest is using the provided kitchenette in the family room. Another is that no pets are allowed on the premises to avoid conflicts with other people who may have allergies to any animals—the exception to the no-pet rule is if they are certified. Guests are asked to follow these policies as best as they can so that everyone's stay might be uncomplicated and enjoyable. The last main policy that the owners ask their patrons to follow is that they adhere to the mandatory quiet time from 10 PM to 7 AM.

The property is known for its food and unique views. Many guests in the past have mentioned the cleanliness of the property, as well as noting the food and hospitality of the staff as being highlights of their stay. One such person left a review that reflects this sentiment when they said, "The facility is very clean, and the decorations were very well made and quality. The facility is fairly remote but close to town. Breakfast was served each morning except Sunday and was pretty good." Another visitor left a similar review, describing the business as a "very nice place. There is a beautiful view of the mountains when there are no clouds. The room was very clean, along with the rest of the areas. Very nice common room to just sit and read or even watch TV if you wanted."

The property is open year-round for those who desire to stay in Alaska during any of the months of the year. The bed and breakfast is typically busiest from the month of June through the month of September. There doesn't seem to be a pattern in the demographic of guests who visit the property. The only pattern that there seems to be is the reason as to why people stay at Denali Touch of Wilderness Bed & Breakfast. Many people visit to see Denali National Park, which is only a thirty-minute drive away from the property. Others stay at the property to participate in the many hikes, do some river rafting or dog sledding, or go on some ATV tours. There are also some people who come to go fishing in any number of the lakes or rivers in the region. There are also many places that guests can go to eat while they are staying at the property. The owners personally recommend that visitors try the Black Diamond Grill, 229 Parks Restaurant and Tavern, and Rose's Café.


Barb Claspill, one of the owners of the property, had always dreamed of owning a bed and breakfast. When she finally was able to purchase one of her own, she personalized the décor of each room by using things she had collected from years spent traveling. 

Denali Touch of Wilderness Bed and Breakfast Inn opened for business in the year of 1991. Since that time, it has grown from a small project with no electricity and very basic amenities to what it is today, a ten-room bed and breakfast with a variety of amenities. The staff enjoys meeting new people and learning about their different stories. They strive to help anyone who requires assistance, and they hope that those who stay with them will enjoy their experiences while they explore their area of Alaska.

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Healy, Alaska 99743
United States


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