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Dreams Negril

Dreams Negril is a bed and breakfast in Negril, Jamaica. Three rooms are offered, each with separate entrances, private bathrooms, and the ability to accommodate two to three occupants, depending on the room. A patio segmented by gates is also available with each unit. Coletta's Restaurant, a local Jamaican restaurant, is located on-site and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The primary components of the vicinity are houses, local attractions, and other hospitality businesses. Across the main road, a seven-mile beach is about a two-minute walk from the resort. In addition to this, there are a few attractions that are within walking distance of Dreams Negril, including Jungle Night Club, Woodstock Bar & Grill, Roots Bamboo, the Time Square Shopping Mall, and Alfred Ocean Palace. Access to some of these sites can be facilitated via taxi, such as Dolphin Cove, Captain Jack's Ocean Tours, and Rick's Cafe.


Dreams Negril is a bed and breakfast located in Negril, Jamaica, about a block from the beach next to Norman Manley Blvd. The house has three rooms with separate entrances, all of which are found inside one building. Their walls are painted yellow, and the decor varies with shades of blue. Rooms 1 and 2 are bedrooms with private bathrooms, standup showers, minifridges, dressers, and closets with safes. They can accommodate three guests between two beds. The third room—the Studio—can house up to two guests with one queen bed. It contains a kitchen, microwave, full refrigerator, and two chairs as well as a built-in seating area. Donnet, the Dreams Negril host, explains that the rooms were originally different colors but were changed to yellow when she noticed that the original yellow room was booked the most. Furthermore, each room has access to a patio and chairs. 

An on-site Jamaican restaurant called Coletta's Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As such, the restaurant is Donnet's main dining recommendation. While it is not directly associated with Dreams Negril, Donnet explains that her visitors often eat at the restaurant. It also has several reviews on TripAdvisor and other sites, with one saying, "Truly the best taste and price on the Blvd. You can pass in the morning to see preparations for the day. Locals eat there daily. The ladies in the morning are sweet and treat you like you are at your Mima's house." Currently, Donnet is trying to find ways to implement the restaurant into the bed and breakfast experience, such as adding deals.

Donnet explains that Dreams Negril has a driveway for visitors to park their cars. She adds that a seven-mile-long beach is about a minute away from the bed and breakfast from across the main road. Much of the surrounding area consists of other houses and hospitality properties. Additionally, several attractions and forms of nightly entertainment are generally within walking distance of Dreams Negril. Some of these include Woodstock Bar & Grill, Jungle Night Club, Alfred Ocean Palace, and Roots Bamboo; each of these is within a few minutes walk of the bed and breakfast. Other attractions, such as Rick's Cafe, Dolphin Cove, and Captain Jack's Ocean Tours, may require a taxi ride. Information for taxi services is listed on Donnet's website. She adds that visitors can find places in the area that they may consider to be convenient, including an ATM, shops, other restaurants, and a medical center.


Donnet, the Dreams Negril host, wants her visitors to feel safe, at home, and "like they are on vacation." To her, a vacation means that one should be able to unwind and leave their burdens behind for some time while experiencing something unique. Donnet affirms that she frequently communicates with guests to ensure this experience, though she notes that she often finds herself off-site. However, visitors can email her with questions, to which she tries to respond promptly. Donnet can also send someone to assist occupants if she is not on-site, and she says this person can reach them within fifteen minutes. Several guest reviews appear to reflect Donnet's efforts; one says, "Dreams Negril is the place to be if you would like to be immersed in Jamaican culture. The room was comfy and close to the beach. I loved the food at Ms. Coletta's restaurant. There were also several other great options just a short walk away."

Donnet believes what makes Dreams Negril unique is the culture and atmosphere surrounding it; she says, "I don't even think it's the property as much as it is the vibe when you get to Jamaica itself." She elaborates that Negril is an environment that "calls for relaxation," reiterating her previous point of a vacation being a time to unwind.

Dreams Negril's main policies prohibit any smoking inside the bed and breakfast. While Donnet does not typically turn pets away, she says that she does not recommend that visitors bring their animals on vacation. She also explains that she has found no need for a quiet hour since most people arriving from the nightclub seem to enter their rooms fairly quietly.

As the property is open year-round, Donnet says Dreams Negril's busiest season is December through April. This is primarily due to people traveling away from winter and snow to get some sunlight. Donnet also explains that she receives various guests of different ages, though she does not see families frequently. Instead, couples and single individuals comprise Dreams Negril's primary demographic, and Donnet affirms that she receives many repeat guests.


Dreams Negril was constructed from 2008 to 2009 and entered the hospitality industry shortly thereafter. Donnet, its original host, is from Jamaica and has worked as an entrepreneur. She started the business because she "wanted a little piece of the island" to have for herself and share with others. Donnet's favorite part of Dreams Negril is "entertaining the folks," explaining that she likes seeing people of different nationalities and cultures visiting the bed and breakfast and "enjoying themselves."

Donnet has added a solar hot water system to Dreams Negril and annually repaints parts of the property. She plans to contract another Wi-Fi company in the future for a stronger internet connection, and she also wants to implement solar power throughout the entire house. 

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