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Duck Pond Bed and Breakfast Cottage
Duck Pond Bed and Breakfast Cottage

Duck Pond Bed and Breakfast Cottage

The Duckpond Bed and Breakfast, located in Leamington, Ontario, is a one-unit bed and breakfast cottage available from May through September. The cottage is a stand-alone building with one bedroom and one bathroom. The cottage is able to accommodate up to four people, as there is a king-sized bed in the bedroom and an additional queen-sized bed in the living room area. Each morning, breakfast is provided. Marjolein—one of the owners of the business—prepares the meal ahead of time and leaves it in the refrigerator for guests to heat up at their leisure. On the grounds is a duck pond, which is where the name of the bed and breakfast came from, and where patrons can see ducks and chicken. 


Situated in Leamington, Ontario, the Duckpond Bed and Breakfast Cottage is available seasonally for guests. The accommodation consists of a 950-square-foot cottage with one bedroom and one bathroom. The cottage can only be rented by one party at a time, with group sizes of up to four people being able to be accommodated. The bedroom features a king-sized bed. There is also a queen-sized bed in the living room that can sleep up to two additional people. Marjolein—one of the owners— says that the cottage is decorated in a modern style. There is also a kitchen in the building that has an induction cook plate, microwave, refrigerator, and utensils such as plates and silverware. Just outside the front door is a barbeque that can be utilized by guests as well. 

On the grounds of the bed and breakfast cottage is a duck pond. On the property there is a duckpond where ducks and chickens can often be watched by guests. Also on the premises are gardens and a grassy area between the pond and the cottage. Surrounding the property is mainly farmland, according to Marjolein, which contributes to a feeling of privacy that former patrons have commented on.

Each morning at the bed and breakfast, guests are provided with a meal made by Marjolein. She makes the meal the day before and puts it in the kitchen of the cottage so that patrons can eat breakfast at their leisure in the mornings. Homemade jams, breads, and cakes are characteristic of the provided food, as well as a dish such as omelets, french toast casseroles, dutch pancakes, or frittatas. Also provided are fresh fruit and a dessert, typically either a vanilla or chocolate custard or a rice pudding. Around midday, Marjolein also provides those staying at the cottage with a "midday snack," which is either ice cream for the warmer months or something baked. Additionally, Marjolein can cater to those with restrictions or allergies, but guests need to notify her before their stay if accommodations are needed. 


While staying at the Duckpond Bed and Breakfast, the owners have certain policies in place that guests are expected to abide by. Firstly, there is a no refund policy. When patrons make a reservation to stay in the cottage, 50% of the price of their stay is due, and the other 50% is due three weeks before their stay. If guests cancel their reservation, they are able to receive a refund only if they are able to re-book the rooms for that date. Additionally, there are no pets, no burning candles, no children under 12, and no smoking allowed in the cottage. Smoking is permitted on the grounds, just not inside the bed and breakfast. 

Marjolein and Aad, the owners of the establishment, "make sure that guests feel welcomed, relaxed, and enjoy the property," says Marjolein. Based on guest preferences, Aad will generally bring treats to those staying in the cottage and help them make a fire in the fireplace if they need it. Those who have stayed previously at the establishment often comment on the hospitality shown by the couple, as well as the food and the convenience of the cottage. One former visitor said, "The Duck Pond Cottage is a very clean and relaxing place to stay. The owners are very pleasant and helpful. The homemade breakfasts are a delight and delicious way to start your morning off." Marjolein says that one unique aspect of the cottage is that it is a single level. This is especially convenient for older guests who may struggle with stairs. 

The area around the bed and breakfast is known for the migration of birds at various points of the year. May and September are especially busy at the cottage, according to Marjolein, due to the birding that is possible in the area. She also reports that during the open season of the cottage, which is May through September. Aside from birding, there are also multiple wineries in the region and a national park, Point Peele National Park, that guests can visit. Some local eateries that the owners recommend include Mettawas Station, Jacks Gastropub, and the Crave Bar and Grill. 


Aad Ahsmann and Marjolein Desterke owned the Duckpond Bed and Breakfast Cottage since 2002. "We started it from scratch," Marjolein said. They purchased the land, which also houses their personal home, while the couple was running a bakery. The cottage was originally used as a woodworking shop and a slaughterhouse before the couple converted it into a bed and breakfast. When they purchased the property, Aad saw the potential for the building, and the couple decided to renovate it. "The building was gutted inside," Marjolein said. To prepare the building for guests, they added a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen to it. Each year, they update various aspects of the cottage, but there are no major plans for a renovation in the future. 

Marjolein says that her favorite part of the business is being able to interact with guests. She and Aad strive to help each occupant feel welcome and interact with them as much as the patron desires. There are some guests that come back each year, and Marjolein says that she likes being able to get to know people over the year. "I like to see happy faces," she said.

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901 Mersea Road 7
Leamington, Ontario N8H 3V8


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