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El Cuervo ABQ Guest Rooms

Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, El Cuervo ABQ Guest Room features eight units in total. Each of the rooms are decorated with art that was done by local artists. The current owners, Brad Patton and Stephanie Carrodegua, have been managing the bed and breakfast since 2018, making minor updates to the building's character throughout the course of their ownership. The property puts forth the effort to support the locals and to advertise a culturally diverse atmosphere. Interaction between the owners and their patrons occurs often as the hosts frequently recommend a few places nearby that guests may take interest in. A few of the main draws for tourism in the area are Old Town and the Convention Center, as well as a considerable number of breweries and museums.


El Cuervo ABQ Guest Rooms covers an expanse of about half an acre of land in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The business offers eight units for visitors to rent, and free on-site parking is also available to guests. Two additional units can be found down the street from the establishment as the owner mentions that the establishment can be considered an "overflow property" for patrons who would prefer to stay in a separate unit rather than a shared house. Each of the eight rooms at El Cuervo is decorated with local artists' work that is for sale. The owners put forth the effort to support locals in this sense, and they try to encourage their guests to do the same. Furthermore, several common areas are located throughout El Cuervo, namely the dining area, living room, coffee nook, and porch space with a sitting area. A self-serve breakfast is available to occupants during their stay, featuring options such as oatmeal, breakfast bars, coffee, tea, and whole milk.

Each of the eight guestrooms has its own bathroom, shower, TV, and Wi-Fi. Some of the amenities that are shared among the eight guestrooms are the microwave, dining area, living room, and front porch. Contrastingly, the two larger units down the block from the property contain different amenities such as a washer, dryer, kitchenette, coffee pot, microwave, fridge, and bathroom. The two units are also dog-friendly, while the other eight units are not. 

Considering the property's urban location in the downtown area, a number of attractions can be found in close proximity to the bed and breakfast. Breweries, museums, and live music venues are some of the main draws for tourism, as well as a nearby zoo and a park. The owners, Brad and Stephanie recommend their patrons visit the Convention Center a couple of blocks away from the business. There, events ranging from library functions to cosplay gatherings are frequently held. Regarding places to eat, the owners recommend El Pinto, Antiquity Restaurant, and Vinaigrette. El Pinto is a dining option that serves authentic New Mexican cuisine, according to the owner. It has also been family-owned for generations. Antiquity Restaurant may interest those who are searching for a more upscale restaurant. Soups, salads, and drinks are served at Vinaigrette, which is a locally owned eatery.


The culture at El Cuervo is relatively unique from an average bed and breakfast, as the owners, Brad and Stephanie, try to emphasize the fact that they strive to be culturally diverse. "The diversity" is what Brad believes to be the most well-known aspect of the property. The owners have the goal to provide their guests with a welcoming atmosphere; they "don't want anyone to feel threatened, or that they have to justify their beliefs." One visitor who had previously stayed at the establishment commented on El Cuervo's overall character, saying, "It feels like living in a museum or an old house of an aristocratic family." In an attempt to further emulate this laid-back atmosphere for their patrons, they try to interact with guests frequently while still allowing them to have their space. Occasionally, the owners may walk downtown with their visitors to show them their favorite bars and restaurants. 

Showing support to the local artists is one particular element that is important to the owners, and they try to apply this principle to their system of management by showcasing the artists' work, for example. They want guests to "see the city from our point of view instead of just the tourist perspective of it." In the past, El Cuervo has hosted several events such as artist retreats, outdoor retreats, Murder Mystery Weekend, and various art shows. The owners are hoping to hold weekly events for visitors in the coming years, as well as bike tours.

The owners try to make El Cuervo an environment for ages 21 and older because the property gives local beers to patrons. With this in mind, minors must be accompanied during their stay. It should be noted that one of the main policies that is implemented at El Cuervo ABQ Guest Rooms is the quiet time that lasts from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM.

El Cuervo is open year-round with the busiest season typically occurring from spring to fall, most significantly during the summer. Many visitors discover the property through online Google searches. According to Brad, the owner, when guests search 'LGBTQ-friendly bed and breakfasts in New Mexico' online, El Cuervo ABQ Guest Rooms is one of the properties to appear. The general demographic of those who visit the establishment are typically younger travelers or those of the LGBTQ community. 


The current owners of El Cuervo ABQ Guest Rooms have been managing the business since 2018. Renovations were done to the home in the 80s; however, the building itself was first constructed in 1897. The establishment was formerly known as Mauger Estate B&B when the Mauger family purchased the acreage in 1907. According to the owner, the house was ordered to be built by a woman, and since then has been woman-owned and queer-owned throughout the course of its history. The current owners were led to purchase the property as they were in search of a house that they could invest in. Prior to owning El Cuervo ABQ Guest Rooms, the couple had a bit of experience in the hospitality industry as they had rented out a few single units to visitors in the past. 

A few minor updates for the business have taken place since Brad and Stephanie acquired the acreage, mainly regarding the decorations, colors, and amenities. USB ports were added so that visitors can charge their phones easier. Additionally, landline phones were removed, and cable TV was replaced by streaming TVs. Many of these updates were done to "shave away the reputation of the B&B that it had previously been," Brad explains, and to create a place that is more geared towards the nature of the owners. 

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Brad Patton and Stephanie Carrodegua

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