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Emma's Bed & Breakfast

Emma's Bed and Breakfast, located on the outskirts of Springfield Ohio, is nestled between the larger cities of Columbus and Dayton, Ohio. The building was originally constructed in 1833 and has been used for various purposes over the years, including a family home and a tea room. For the past six years, the establishment has been a bed and breakfast and the owner hopes that those who stay at the inn can relax and take a break from their normal, fast pace lives. The edifice has five rooms that guests can stay in across the two-story home. Patrons can also explore the area and roam on the property’s grounds, which expands to 9.5 acres.


Emma's Bed and Breakfast is seated in central Ohio on the outskirts of Springfield. The property is located between Dayton and Columbus in a secluded area. The exterior of the building features brickwork and relatively large columns. In the backyard, there is a porch with a swing that patrons can sit on and enjoy their evenings outside when the weather is relatively warmer. Also in the back, there is a firepit area where, during the summer months, those staying at the property are welcome to have bonfires. Sitting on 9.5 acres of land, Emma's Bed and Breakfast has multiple acres of manicured and landscaped grounds that patrons can enjoy. 

Inside the establishment, there are five rooms that guests can stay in. Four of the rooms are located on the second floor, and one is located on the first. Every room has a private bath, central air conditioning, microwave, mini-fridge, internet, and an iron. The rooms all have unique names such as Sydney's Suite, Abbey's Hideaway, and Becca's Bungalow. The most popular of the accommodations is Sydney's Suite. The suite is more spacious than the other four rooms, having two bedrooms, a living room, and a private bathroom. Sydney's Suite also has a personal porch with a swing, fireplaces in the living room area and one of the bedrooms, as well as access to management's kitchen and laundry room. Another popular option at the bed and breakfast is to rent out all of the rooms for family gatherings or weddings. 

Across the property, there are many common areas where guests can get to know each other or socialize. Inside the converted home, there is a parlor room and a dining room that visitors can use. The parlor has two televisions that can be used to watch Disney Plus or cable TV. Many antiques can be found inside of the building, and the owner hopes to help guests feel taken back to the 1800s while being accommodated with a variety of modern amenities. One particular amenity outside of the edifice is an outdoor seating area. The 9.5 acres of land are also available for those staying at the property to roam as they choose. Though the owner has a limited amount of lawn games available, equipment for games such as volleyball and soccer are available for people to borrow and use in the backyard.

Breakfast is served every morning at the bed and breakfast from 8:30-9:30 in the morning. If there are early risers or those with morning activities planned, the staff can accommodate for earlier times as well. While the meal is different each morning, generally guests can expect something such as sausage, bacon, hash brown casseroles, French toast, pancakes, or other similar dishes. 

While staying at Emma's Bed and Breakfast, Ron Brown, the owner, has some policies in place for the comfort of all who are staying at the inn. Pets are prohibited from staying on the premises. Additionally, the business is a no-smoking establishment. In an effort to allow occupants at the establishment to sleep, there is an enforced quiet time of 10:30 PM each night. 


Ron, the owner of Emma's Bed and Breakfast, strives to create an environment that allows guests to relax. Ron says that he wants those who stay at the inn to be able to "get away from the routine of their lives." In an attempt to help facilitate this feeling, Ron puts forth the effort to interact with patrons of the establishment to the extent of the visitor's preference. "I love to talk to guests," says Ron. He tries to make himself available to anyone who might have questions, but he also intends for those who are staying at the property to be able to relax and socialize as much as they choose. 

Emma's Bed and Breakfast is also open to hosting different events. In the past, weddings have been held on the premises, as well as baby showers, bridal showers, and family events. The property can have up to 150 guests at a time for events. Tables and chairs are available and provided for these gatherings. Birthday parties, corporate events, church gatherings, and other occasions can also be held on the grounds of the establishment.

According to Ron, many who stay at the bed and breakfast are repeat guests. Those who stay at the inn often comment on the landscaping on the grounds, as well as the decor of the house, and the breakfasts served each morning. One patron said, "Beautifully decorated in wonderful Victorian style. Our suite was very comfortable, the outside grounds and landscape were beautiful and breakfast each morning was served hot."

The business is open year-round for guests. The busiest season at the bed and breakfast is generally the beginning of April through the end of October. Those who stay at the establishment tend to be more mature, however, there are many groups who come to the inn for weddings and other events. There are various attractions in the nearby area that bring in a diverse group of people, according to Ron.

The location of Emma's Bed and Breakfast, nestled between Columbus and Dayton, Ohio, brings a diverse array of activities for patrons' entertainment. Once a year, there is an event called The Extravaganza in Springfield, which is an antiques and flea market event. Nearby is also Frank Lloyd Wright's Westcott House, which is a restored, prairie-style house that was converted into a museum. In Dayton, approximately 25 minutes from the grounds of Emma's Bed and Breakfast, is the Air Force Museum that many guests visit. Some restaurants in the area that the owner would recommend include The Meadows, Speakeasy's, and Los Mariachis Mexican Restaurant.


Emma's Bed and Breakfast is located on a national road, that was formerly used for wagon trains and stagecoaches. The national road was previously called Lincoln Highway, and it crosses right in front of the house. On the roof of Emma's Bed and Breakfast is an area called a "Widow's Walk" that was used during colonial times by those staying at home waiting for letters from their loved ones abroad. 

The building was originally built in 1833 by a man named J.M. Cartmel who was a banker. It was used as his family home for many years and was eventually sold. A later owner of the establishment renovated the downstairs of the edifice and used it as a public tea room for nearly 30 years. When the property was sold, the new owners hoped to turn the building into a bed and breakfast but never had the opportunity. The current owner, Ron Brown, purchased the historic building six years ago with the dream of making it into what it is today. Ron has owned a bed and breakfast in the past but was looking for a change when he found the property that he turned into Emma's Bed and Breakfast. 

In the time that Ron has owned the establishment, he has completed multiple projects to get it ready for guests. He painted all of the interior rooms, as well as added storm windows. He decided that because the property sits on the highway, he wanted to do something to help the house feel quieter, so he soundproofed all of the windows on the front of the house. He hopes that it provides a more peaceful experience for those staying at the bed and breakfast. In the future, he has the goal of adding trails in the back acreage of the establishment. Approximately five of the back acres are full of old-growth trees, and he hopes to add a bridge and trails in the wooded area for guests to be able to enjoy the entire property to the fullest extent. Ron said that he "never seems to get tired of meeting new people. It is incredible the diversity of people who have stayed over the years."

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