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En Passant B&B

En Passant B&B is located in a neighborhood area of Cornwall, Ontario—a province in Canada. The B&B's theme is modeled after the game of chess, something that guests may find unique. As such, its two guest accommodations are respectively known as the King room and the Queen Room. Visitors at the En Passant B&B may enjoy participating in one of the several festivities held in the area, such as the Cornwall Ribfest. Ontario—Canada's capital city—is also located in Ottawa, as well as Toronto—the most populated city in Canada.


En Passant B&B sits on a 100 X 100 ft. city lot in a neighborhood of Ontario, Canada. At the property, there are two private rooms available for guests. The first of the spaces provided is the King's Room, named after the chess piece. The game of chess—a two-player strategy board game played on a checkered board—is the bed and breakfast's primary theme. In fact, the phrase "En Passant" in the property's title derives from a chess move of the same name involving pawns. Raymond Lacroix, a part-owner of En Passant B&B, ran several chess tournaments for 30 years, influencing his decision into the property's name and decor.

The King's Room, reminiscent of its name, is complete with a king-sized bed that is decorated in shades of tan and red. A TV can be found on a mount near the bed, allowing access to both movies and local television channels. An air condition unit and heating unit in the room are self-controlled by the guests, allowing them to change the room's temperature to match their needs. An en-suite bathroom is conveniently located, including a toilet, sink, shower, and bathtub for cleaning purposes. The owners, Raymond, and his wife, Jeannine Lacroix, provide towels and linens for each of the rooms as well.

The other room located in the En Passant B&B is the Queen's Room, located in the corner of the house's main floor. A queen-sized bed adorns this room, with fresh linens and a floral decorated comforter. Similar to the King's Room, an en-suite bathroom is also provided in this room. In the bathroom, a sink with wooden cabinetry is situated near a toilet in addition to a shower and bathtub combo—providing a full wash opportunity for patrons. Additionally, complimentary Wi-Fi is supplied for visitors, as well as access to the Bishop's Living Room—a living area with cathedral ceilings.

The location of the bed and breakfast is described as "ideal" by the owners, with it being an hour from Montreal and five hours from Toronto, both of which are popular destination points in Canada. In Cornwall, guests can experience Upper Canada Village—an area that depicts life in the 1860s for its consumers.


En Passant B&B's culture is based on chess, with the words "En Passant" meaning "as you are going by" in French. En Passant is a known move in chess and one of the inspirations behind the name of the bed and breakfast. The owners, Raymond and Jeannine Lacroix, mention the quality of rest provided, stating the property gives guests "good rest that they will need while they travel throughout Canada."

Cleanliness is also strived for, with the owners handwashing and disinfecting every item in the rooms after each guest stay. Raymond Lacroix mentions this factor, stating it gives him "great pride to be able to provide clean, disinfected rooms for our guests. Motels and most bed and breakfasts don't provide this amenity." Guests of the property mention the home's condition, stating, "their pictures on their websites don't do justice for the actual mint condition of their place."

The breakfast served each morning has been seen as a highlight by previous guests, some of which have mentioned that it is a "refreshing and simple breakfast." A variety of the items that are served during breakfast include cereal, bagels, muffins, and cheese.

The city of Cornwall, Ontario, provides several festivals guests may wish to spend their time participating in. One such event is the Cornwall Ribfest, an annual festival held by the Optimist Club of Cornwall. Taking place over four days in July, the Cornwall Ribfest attracts upwards of 55,000 to 60,000 people each year.


The proprietors and innkeepers of the En Passant B&B are Jeannine and Raymond Lacroix, who have owned the bed and breakfast for the last six years. Before being purchased by the Lacroixs in 2015, the property was a residential home for a plumber and his family.

Raymond Lacroix is a former school teacher, having taught several musical instruments to his students—his favorite being the clarinet. After retiring from teaching, he and his wife acquired the property for the En Passant B&B and went to work renovating it into a bed and breakfast. The couple lives on-site, living in a room in the basement of the property. They rent out the top half of the building to their guests, providing two rooms with an additional smaller room offered to guests upon approval from the owners.

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