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Enfield Manor Bed & Breakfast and Vacation Rental

Enfield Manor Bed & Breakfast and Vacation Rental

The Enfield Manor Bed and Breakfast and Vacation Rental is a property on fifteen acres of land. The property consists of a Greek Revival house with two rooms, a cabin that people can rent out, patios, ponds, and a monarch butterfly preserve. The property is surrounded by maple tress, offering a backdrop while guests walk around, adding to the potential to enjoy the view of the fields and the small town a few miles away. The property provides breakfast for its guests which typically consist of meals such as bacon, fried eggs, French toast, and omelets.


The Enfield Manor Bed and Breakfast and Vacation Rental is on fifteen acres of land. It consists of a Greek Revival house, patios, ponds, flower gardens, and a butterfly sanctuary. The house, which was built in 1846, has two rooms which are available to reserve. Next to the house is a cabin with one room that also serves as a unit on the property. The main house has a living room, kitchen, office bedrooms, bathrooms, and a dining room. There are various patios outside, each with furniture to sit on where guests can relax and enjoy themselves. Breakfast is also available to be served to guests at the patios and can be eaten while guests sit on the furniture. Within the property, there are small ponds and a butterfly sanctuary, along with some flower gardens. Guests are welcome to wander the property and look at the different sights and things that the property has.

There are three units at the Enfield Manor Bed and Breakfast and Vacation Rental. First is the Harriet Tubman Suite, which consists of one bed, a bathroom, chairs, and a desk located in a small nook at the end of the room. Several shelves in the room hold decorations such as swans, books, and lamps. A table by one of the chairs contains a vase full of flowers. On the wall are several pictures and paintings. In the Alex Haley Room, there is a bed, bathroom, corner desk, and window seat. The room is decorated with paintings and tapestries, along with a small tree near the bed. Upstairs—next to both the Harriet Tubman and Alex Haley rooms—is a small kitchen that they can use. The kitchen has a microwave, coffee machine, and cabinets. The Mallard Cottage is separate from the main building and is available for people to stay in. There is a bedroom with a queen bed. The bedroom also has a door giving the guests access to the deck. Also in the cabin is a bathroom, along with a full kitchen. The kitchen has a fridge, microwave, dishwasher, and counter. Connecting to the kitchen is a small living room with a painted glass window. According to guests, the cottage is small but comfortable.

Guests can also enjoy a homemade breakfast consisting of an option of their choice. Unlike most bed and breakfasts, the Enfield Manor Bed and Breakfast and Vacation Rental has a breakfast menu for its guests to choose from. The menu is comprised of things such as omelets, bacon, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, French toast, yogurt with granola, juice, coffee, muffins, homemade bread with jam, and more. They also have a dietary option available for those staying at the property who are on a diet.


The owners of the Enfield Manor Bed and Breakfast and Vacation Rental strive to create an environment where people can feel at home. More specifically, they work to create a place where people can "relax" and "enjoy themselves." The property has recently allowed pets to accompany their owners to the establishment, including in the rooms and on the property. The hosts of the property make sure they greet their guests and try to have conversations with them on a daily basis during the guest's stay. One of the owners says that "You must love people."

At the Enfield Manor Bed and Breakfast and Vacation Rental, there are several policies that the guests are asked to comply with. One of these policies is the no-smoking policy, which means that no smoking is allowed on the property at any time during a guest's stay. There is Wi-Fi provided at the house, but they do not provide televisions. Check-in time is from 4-6 p.m., while check-out time is at 10:30 a.m. Any guests that fail to check-in or check-out within the correct amount of time will be charged a $10 fee. Personal items left behind will be held for two weeks before being disposed of. The house is not wheelchair accessible because the building was built in 1846, thus being too old to make the necessary changes that would allow for wheelchair access.

Many guests come to the property to see the surroundings and to get a vacation. Guests who visit are often couples or small families on vacation. Others are parents staying to be near their child who is going to a nearby college or school. The property also gets many return guests, including some that return annually to celebrate an anniversary or holiday. Many guests have complimented on the appearance of the property and the general environment that it gave off. One, in particular, said, "Beautiful inn, lovely gardens, amazing hosts, breakfasts outside each morning next to the lily pond overlooking their butterfly meadow and the vistas beyond."


The main building of the Enfield Manor Bed and Breakfast and Vacation Rental was initially built to act as a farm in 1846. When it was first built, it was on 90 acres of land that were used for growing various plants and other farming purposes. The house is of a Greek Revival style, which is a kind of building style that has become less popular over time. Decades after the house was first built, the land was divided, and the farm ceased to function. It was bought by a family, one of the members being a man by the name of Jack Luis. Jack Luis was the religious coordinator for the nearby university and was a very respected man. Jack Luis passed it down to his daughter after owning the house for a few years, and from there, the daughter sold it to the current owners. The current owners bought the house in 2014 and have been using it as a bed and breakfast ever since. Over the years, they have made many refurbishments to the property to make it more comfortable and modern for the guests. Since they bought it in 2014, the owners have kept the old house in working condition.

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