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Fair Winds LLC

The Fair Winds Cabins is a cluster of six cabins located in Cherryville, Missouri, and are found right on the edge of the Mark Twain National Forest. There are five cabins—some of them larger than others—and one lodge that is meant to house groups of up to ten people at a time. Fair Winds Cabins' motto is "unplug and reconnect," which is a reference to the fact that the cabins generally have no internet access and a minimal amount of cell service. The cabins are spaced a fair distance away from each other, which provides guests the chance to have a peaceful and relaxing vacation. Due to the lack of internet access, there is much more emphasis on outdoor activities and indoor relaxation. For those who wish to bring along their pets, several of the cabins are pet-friendly and allow guests to bring them along for an additional fee.


Fair Winds Cabins is made up of three small cabins that can sleep up to two people, two larger cabins that can house four to six people at a time, and a lodge that can be used for much larger groups who need more space. Each of the cabins is uniquely decorated and individually named. Though they tend to offer a different living arrangement and experience, they all come with similar amenities, with only a few differences between them all. Regardless of which cabin a guest chooses to stay in, they are equipped with a full kitchen, which includes a microwave, stove, oven, ice maker, coffee maker, pots and pans, silverware, bowls, plates, and cups. They also come with items like a dishwasher, an iron with an ironing board, and a television with Direct TV and a DVD player. A private bathroom is located inside with a jacuzzi tub, along with fresh towels, extra pillows, and blankets. The smaller cabins are called Long X Trail, Hunter's Run, and Jude's Dream. These cabins come with all of the aforementioned amenities and only sleep a total of two people per visit. This can make the smaller cabins more ideal for couples and those who are on a honeymoon or anniversary, relative to the other units on the property. Long X Trail has a number of western themes and pays homage to life living on a ranch. Hunter's Run is decorated as the name would suggest, with a collection of pictures and trinkets of birds, animals, and plant life that adorn the interior. Finally, Jude's Dream provides a more romantic setting with lighter-colored themes and flowery designs. The two larger cabins that can sleep a total of four or even six people are called Meadow and Wildflower. These cabins have several different bedrooms with a king-sized bed, two queen-sized beds, and two bathrooms, which can be ideal for a family, group of friends, or multiple couples. The Meadow Cabin receives its name from the large, open field that is found next to it. A picnic table and a fire pit can be found in it that guests can use for picnics and late-night activities like roasting smores. The Wildflower Cabin is intentionally designed to be a more rustic "farmhouse" environment that is meant to allow guests to be able to maximize relaxation and have a peaceful stay with as few distractions as possible. The last place of stay that guests can select for their vacation is the Lodge. The Lodge is meant to be the largest living space for guests that need a sizable amount of space. Three bedrooms with queen-sized beds, one of which has a twin trundle bed and two bathrooms fill the home. A private deck that overlooks a large lawn area is found on the outside. All guests have access to an outdoor charcoal grill where they can have their own cook-outs. Lighter fluid and charcoal, as well as firewood, can be purchased at the same time when guests are making their reservations if they plan on doing any grilling while they are on vacation. One thing that the owner, whose name is Allison, notes is that the cabins are a reasonable distance away from each other, allowing all of the guests to have a more private experience while they are staying at Fair Winds Cabins. A small creek flows through the property, which is made up of a total of 100 acres. The stream is not big enough for guests to take small watercraft all the way down it, like canoes, but they can still swim and play in it at their leisure. The cabins are located in a more rural place on the fringes of Cherryville, which is a small town. Many of the activities that can be done in the vicinity are primarily outdoor recreational activities, and the owner recommends several locations that can give guests an extra thing or two to do. East of the property is the Mark Twain National Forest which is a place where guests can go on various hikes, hunt during the appropriate seasons, and spend time rafting down some of the rivers. Other attractions in the area include the Onondaga Cave, which is north of Fair Winds Cabins, where guests can take guided tours throughout a large cave, though it is only open seasonally. Maramec Spring Park is another location that guests can visit, which is one of the largest spring parks in the state. Another place recommended by the owner is called Dillard Mill. Dillard Mill has a hiking trail as well as several spots for guests to spend time doing leisurely activities like having a picnic or doing some yard-sized games.


Allison explains that the goal of Far Winds Cabins is to create an atmosphere that is private and allows guests to reconnect with their loved ones. One thing that is done to help make this possible at Fair Winds Cabins is that all of the cabins are spaced away from each other. That way, guests can have more privacy to do their own activities. Another thing to know about the cabins is that a majority of them don't have any access to Wi-Fi, with one exception being The Lodge. This is also where Fair Winds Cabins receives their motto, which is, "unplug and reconnect." The history behind the slogan is that, due to guests not having Wi-Fi, they are able to set their phones down for a while and interact with their friends, family, and maybe even their neighbors staying in the other nearby cabins. The owner of Fair Winds Cabins has several policies in place to ensure that all of the guests can have an enjoyable time during their stay. She asks that guests keep the noise to a minimum during the nightly hours. She explains that the cabins are not meant to be a place for guests to throw loud parties, but more for relaxation and peace. It is for these same reasons that they don't allow four-wheelers and other similar vehicles on the property. Another policy that is enforced is there is no smoking allowed inside any of the cabins. A fee may be charged to the guest if any evidence of smoke is found inside any of the rooms. That being said, people staying in the cabins can still smoke outside on the decks and porches, so long as they properly dispose of the cigarette butts. Half of the cabins are pet-friendly, specifically Hunter's Run, Meadow, and The Lodge. Guests must pay a 25 dollar fee, or if they don't plan on bringing the pet inside, they can leave it outside in a kennel and not have to pay any extra cost. The Fair Winds Cabins has received a number of reviews over time that mention the outdoor setting and all of the possible activities that can be done in the vicinity. One review from a previous patron reads, "Great place to stay a few days. Secluded, clean, good hiking right on the property, zero internet, and almost no cell service, which was delightful. There is a nearby creek that is fun to explore and plenty of activities close by." A portion of them also mentions the care and quality of the cabins as well as the number of amenities that the living spaces came equipped with for their stay. Another person who recently stayed at Fair Winds Cabins wrote, "The cabin was absolutely beautiful, well kept, and had everything you needed. I loved the fact that it was remote and peaceful."


While the current owner, Allison, has had the property for a little more than five years, the cabins, or at least a few of them, have been around since 2002, with the original owner being a woman named Judy Baumbstark. Judy did not have all six cabins built at the time, but only one or two. She had been renting them out as vacation rentals since she first opened. It wasn't until Allison purchased the property that the rest of the cabins were built. Since they first opened, they have acquired a number of regular vacationers that come back to the property for more vacations. Allison explains that the first person to have rented one of the cabins has come back multiple times a year since he came the first time. Over the last 18 years, he has been to Fair Winds Cabins almost 70 times. Allison acquired Fair Winds LLC in 2013, about eight years ago. She explains that she and her family moved to Missouri from North Dakota and that they wanted a change of scenery. Her family helps her run the property, with some of her children helping clean alongside the few staff members they have. She explains that she enjoys the flexibility of the job and being able to work with her family. Ever since Allison took ownership of Fair Winds Cabins, there have been a number of improvements made, but she explains that they have not made any large-scale changes to how things are run at the establishment. With regards to how she tries to treat returning guests who have been coming for longer than she has owned the property, she says, "Basically, they are getting what they remember, but better." There are future plans to add to the property and give people more options when they are selecting a cabin for reservation. She plans on adding a small fishing lake, as well as a cabin to go next to it so that guests can have access to a body of water for more water-based activities. She also mentions that they may add camper slots for people who would rather bring their trailer, as well as several more cabins on top of what they already have.

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