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Five Star Inn

The Five Star Inn, located in North Carolina, can be found in the center of Maggie Valley next to Jonathon Creek. Known by some as a tourist town with various events and attractions, Maggie Valley is covered in trees, mountains, and valleys. There are three buildings that comprise the property, and all of the rooms at the Five Star Inn have private entrances. Occasionally, the owners host ice-cream socials at the inn to interact more frequently with their guests.


The Five Star Inn is a multi-structure inn that was originally a motel. It has 20 rooms among its three buildings which guests can stay in. Outside there are features such as a gazebo, and two gas firepits on the front lawn of the property. Rooms 2-11 are in the building known as the Long-Haul and were the original lodgings on the premises. Rooms 12 and 14-18 are located in the L-Wing building, named after its L-like shape. And the remaining rooms are in the Creekside building; a two-story, four-room structure built right next to Jonathon Creek.

Each of the rooms has its own private entrance, allowing tenets to park their cars and enter into their room(s) without having to walk through a common room or hallways—something the owner commented the guests appreciate. Able to accommodate two people, each room also has two white rocking chairs outside their door where tenets can relax or visit. One unique thing about the Creekside rooms is they each have a private balcony with rocking chairs overlooking Jonathon Creek and a king-size bed. One of the Creekside rooms also contains two bedrooms and a kitchenette, allowing up to four guests and the ability to stay in and cook for themselves. Additionally, the Five Star inn offers to its clientele four pet-friendly rooms, which consist of units 8-11 in the Long-Haul building.

Beyond offering basic features and amenities such as refrigerators, microwaves, coffee makers, free Wi-Fi, and flat-screen TVs with HBO, each room is distinctive in some way. Whether through its layout, the décor, the color theme, or the scenery of the room, the owners strive to differentiate their rooms from one another.

Maggie Valley, the town that the Five Star Inn resides in, can be described as being a tourist town. The Blue Ridge Parkway, which runs right through the city, links the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to Shenandoah National Park. Noted for the views of trees, valleys, and mountains one can find on its 469 miles of road, it attracts many bikers and motorcyclists that ride it every year, especially in the fall seasons.

Described by Sally as a "bustling metropolis for festivals and activities," there are a variety of places and activities that may attract guests' attention in the Maggie Valley area. Some of the events that occur there are the Hillbilly Jam, car and motorcycle rallies, and the monster truck mini nationals. There is also the Wheels Through Time Museum, which houses antique automobiles of various types; the Great Smokey Mountains National Park with paths that people can hike and explore; and the Haywood County Quilt Trail, which boasts a wide arrangement of quilt patterns adorning barns and buildings. Additionally, in the winter, one could make their way to the Cataloochee Ski Area or Tube World to participate in various winter activities on the slopes, trails, and hills provided there.

Places to eat nearby the Five Star Inn include the Valley Tavern (a sports bar), the Valley House (a takeout eatery), and Guayabitos, which is a family-owned Mexican restaurant. To commemorate one's stay in Maggie Valley, guests may consider visiting one of the several antique shops and stores.


The owners of the Five Star Inn strive to create an environment that can cultivate lasting friendships among their guests. They try and achieve this by hosting homemade ice-cream socials out by their firepits and providing each room with two white rocking chairs outside their door where tenants can sit and chat. They also have a Facebook page where guests can share about their stay and connect with customers of the inn.

One of the unique details about the Five Star Inn is how old it is, having been established in 1952—an aspect that the owners try to emulate. Sally explained that "it's old, which is what makes it feel welcoming." A statement supported by a guest review that reads, "It was like stepping back in time, and I loved it."

Beyond all this, the staff at the Five Star Inn hope to "make sure everything the tenants need is readily available to them." One guest said the staff at the inn "push to ensure that every guest feels like they have a place to come to for a vacation home away from home."


The Five Star Inn was built almost 70 years ago in 1952. It was first known as the Medford Motel and consisted of only a fraction of its current rooms. The L-Wing Rooms and the Creekside Rooms were all added as additions as the years went by. The current owners, Diane Padgett, her son, the late Chris Padgett & Sally Blanton, bought the property two years ago in 2019 as a family-owned business.

Chris Padgett initially found the property while under its previous ownership and started working there as a manager. According to Sally, he quickly fell in love with the inn and brought his mother and her up to stay, after which they also fell in love with the inn. Soon after that, the previous owner decided he would retire and sell the property, and so Sally, who has known Chris and Diane for 48 years, decided to go in with them and buy the Five Star Inn. All three shared co-ownership of the property, and Chris acted as the inn's manager. They made improvements to the premises, such as installing the two gas-burning firepits on the property's lawn where guests may enjoy each other's company and the warmth of the fire.

Unfortunately, after they had purchased the Inn, Chris Padgett was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and, after a year of fighting it through various medical procedures, passed away in December of 2020 at the age of 52. Sally tells of how the Five Star Inn "was Chris's baby," and because of this, she and Diane, who is "the sister she never had," will keep the inn going in memory of him.

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