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Galice Resort

The Galice Resort is located across the street from the Rogue River near Grants Pass Oregon in a town called Merlin. The property is within an hour's drive of the Oregon Coast, Oregon Caves, and Crater Lake. The resort has been a lodging establishment since the 1940s and has been family-owned and operated since 1981. The current owner, Debbie, is the second-generation owner of the land, as her parents purchased the resort in 1981 and passed it on to her. There are 10 units available on the property for guests to stay in, all with various numbers of occupants allowed per unit. The location of the property is close to the Rogue River and offers patrons the option of rafting down the river in boats that can be rented on site. 


Located near Grants Pass Oregon, the Galice Resort has 10 different options available for guests to stay in. There are four cabins, a cottage, a bunkhouse, as well as four other houses on the property. The occupancy varies depending on the type of lodging patrons select, but generally ranges from 4 to 22 occupants. The cabins each sleep four people, and the houses sleep more depending on the size of the building. The various buildings are all near to each other on the grounds, however, because the forested area that the resort is in, seclusion and privacy can still be found.  Many of the rooms have views of the Rogue River that is near the establishment. 

Each of the houses that can be rented has common areas. The lodge house has a game room with a pool table as well as a ping pong table set up. There are also five couches in the game room with a television and a game table as well as a private hot tub outside the house. Other houses have similar amenities such as pool tables or game rooms. The most popular unit according to the owner, Debbie, is the Lodge House, due to its relatively large game room and the hot tub. Many of the options for lodging on the property have full kitchens that guests can use to make food for themselves or store takeout from the area. 

The area surrounding the Galice Resort is home to various wildlife and vegetation. The section of the river across the street from the Galice Resort is the wild and scenic portion of the river. This means that many different animals and wildlife can be seen on the property and in the surrounding area. Guests mention seeing families of deer wandering the property, as well as foxes, raccoons, and squirrels. Near the water's edge, there are multiple types of birds including bald eagles, ospreys, herons, cranes, and ducks. 7 miles away from the property is a popular hike in the area called Rainy Falls that patrons can visit. During the summers, from the rainy falls, visitors to the area can watch the salmon run up the river. 

Currently, the Galice Resort does not offer food on the premises but can refer guests to various caterers in the area as well as restaurants. Multiple buildings at the resort have full kitchens that patrons can use. Some have smaller kitchens that include a mini-fridge, a coffee maker, and a microwave.

During the summertime, a popular activity for many who visit the area is rafting down the Rogue River. There are Class 1 and Class 2 rapids that patrons can raft on. The resort offers raft rentals for guests. The staff on-site can drive patrons and their rafts up the river where rafters can then float back down the river to the property. Included in the rental are lifejackets as well as paddles. There are no children under the age of five allowed to raft, due to the white water rapids that those who are rafting may encounter. Typically, it takes three to four hours to float down the river from where guests are dropped off back to the property. 


Debbie, the owner of the Galice Resort, hopes that those who stay at the establishment are able to have a relaxing and fun visit. She also hopes that her guests feel comfortable and enjoy the nature that surrounds the property. Debbie strives to provide an atmosphere described as "river life," where guests can come for the rafting, fishing, and nature watching that the area is known for. The motto of the Galice Resort is "your adventure starts here," and Debbie strives to provide an atmosphere conducive to having adventures and making family memories. 

Many who stay at the property are there for family reunions, a family vacation, or business retreats during the summer. The resort is open year-round, however, some of the various buildings close from October through the end of May for regular maintenance. The manager of the property says that many of those who stay at the inn are repeat guests with family traditions of spending time during the summer at the resort. There is a wide range of demographics common to the property, from singles to established families, as well as older and younger patrons. 

Those who stay at the Galice Resort frequently comment on the location of the property, as well as the surrounding nature and the hospitality of the staff on the grounds of the resort. One guest said "The Galice Resort is all about providing an affordable service to customers. The location is easy to get in and get out of. The employees are friendly and helpful, and I feel taken care of every time."

In the area near the resort, there are multiple places to eat as well as natural sites to visit. Located within an hour of the property is the Oregon Coast, as well as the Oregon Caves and Crater Lake. Some restaurants nearby that the staff recommends include The Twisted Cork in Grants Pass and Taqueria Mexico.


The Galice Resort has been in operation since 1945. In 1981, the current owner's parents purchased the property. At that time, there was only a small store, a restaurant, four cabins, and a bunkhouse. All other amenities have been added by the current owner or her parents. Mary Lou and Gilbert Thomason purchased the property in the 80s while driving through the area. They had won a pony at a gas station while passing through and decided to purchase the land so they could keep the pony. They passed the establishment on to their daughter, Debbie, the current owner, and she has tried to continue her parent's legacy.

Before the resort was established in the 40s, the cabins on the land had served many purposes. They were originally built to house gold miners during the gold rush along the west coast. Since that time, they have undergone multiple updates and renovations to keep them in good condition for guests to stay in now.

In 2020, the restaurant, bar, and outdoor patio area that were a staple of the Galice Resort caught fire and burned down. The owner has plans to rebuild the structure as soon as possible and offer food services to her guests again. The restaurant area used to have live music five nights a week in the summer months, and Debbie hopes to continue that tradition as soon as the building is rebuilt.
In the past few years, the staff at the Galice Resort have worked to update the various buildings. There are now all new floors throughout all the lodging options, as well as new mattresses and bedding. The decor has also been updated in hopes to reflect a modern, comfortable atmosphere.

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