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Galveston East End Guest House

Galveston East End Guest House

The Galveston East End Guest House is located in Galveston, Texas. The building of the property has multiple levels and is built in a Victorian style. The establishment is located in a small town that is close to the Galveston beaches. The property has three suites, most of which are rented out to couples. In the rooms are king-sized beds, bathrooms, and various decorations. One of the suites, the Osborne Suite, has a private balcony that guests can go on. The owners and workers of the property want their guests to feel happy and comfortable and work hard to make the rooms clean and tidy. The Galveston East End Guest House was built in 1888 and was originally used as an office space. Today, it serves as a bed and breakfast.


The Galveston East End Guest House has three rooms. The property has one, multiple story house with three rooms that can be booked. The house is green with a black roof. The house has eight columns that hold up the porches. In the front of the house are nine rectangular windows and a circular one near the top of the pointed roof. The house is surrounded by a low black fence. Behind the fence are trees and a grassy area. A small path leads to the front porch. On the upper deck is a table with two chairs. A hammock hangs from the ceiling. Also outside of the house are two flags; the American flag and the Texas flag. A wreath is often hung on the front door. Small lights are on the railing for the decks. Both sides of the house have multiple rectangular windows. The back of the house has windows. Lights are also strung around the fence in front of the house, and are often turned on at night.

The Osborne Suit is the most popular of the rooms. It has a king sized bed, bathroom, kitchen, and private deck. Next to the king bed are two side tables with drawers that can be filled. On top of the side tables sit round lamps. In one corner of the room is a large chair where people can sit. Also in the bedroom is a large vanity. In the kitchen, there is a table with two chairs and a small, living room with a large rug underneath the couches. There are antique decorations around the entire suite, some of them including paintings and clocks on the wall, furniture, small items, lamps, and pillows. The Osborne Suit has the private deck that people can go on. The deck includes a small table with two chairs, a starfish wall piece, and a hammock for people to sit in. Breakfast is provided for the guests staying at the bed and breakfast. It is brought up to their bedrooms every morning. The breakfast often consists of fruit, waffles, cinnamon rolls, and an assortment of other food items. Allergies and diets are taken into account while preparing the meals.


The owners of the Galveston East End Guest House strive to make their bed and breakfast a clean place where guests can feel comfortable. They work hard to clean each room and to prepare it for the next customers. The owners want their guests to feel welcome and safe. They work hard to keep the establishment tidy, meet guests' needs when it comes to allergies and diets with the breakfast, and they work hard to make their guests feel happy. The owners also want their guests to feel like they got enough for what they paid for--that the amount they paid to stay at the place was reasonable. When cleaning rooms, the workers try to make the place seem like nobody had ever been there before. They clean thoroughly and carefully, and they try to make it as nice as possible.

The owners of the property offer guests additional packages, mostly the Babymoon Package. The Babymoon Package offers special things to guests staying who are waiting to have a baby. The guests who get the Babymoon Package will receive slippers, a rejuvenating face mask, lavender bubble bath, and specialty bath soap, along with a variety of other available options. Also available is the Birthday Surprise Party for Two. Guests will receive a surprise that includes food, treats, and decorations.

Guests staying at the establishment have expressed their gratitude toward the owners. They also have complimented on how clean the rooms are. They have also mentioned that it can be nice to stay at a place that is close to the beaches and shops in the area. One, in particular, said, "The neighborhood is beautiful and peaceful. The Strand is within walking distance, so you can shop, eat and sightsee conveniently." Policies for the establishments can be clear and simple. No pets are allowed. No smoking is allowed within or on the property. Things to do in the area include the 1892 Bishop's Palace, Buckshot Saloon, Escape the Island, Galveston beaches, Galveston Island Horse and Pony Rides, Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier, Galveston Slingshot Rentals, and Galveston's Farmers Market.


The Galveston East End Guest House was first built in 1888. The current owners of the property have owned it for seven years. When the owners bought it, they converted the Victorian-style house into a bed and breakfast where people could stay. Back when it was first built, the house was split up into different sections. It acted as an apartment instead of a single house. People could live in different sections of the house. The current owners of the property bought the house and converted it into a bed and breakfast. They were the first people to use it as a bed and breakfast. Over the years, they have done a lot of work to the house, including repainting it, adding on things for the rooms, and remolding the house itself to be more modern.

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1714 Ball Street
Galveston, Texas 77550
United States


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