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Genesee Country Inn

The Genesee Country Inn is located in the small township of Mumford, New York. Owned and operated by Deborah Stankevich, the property has been considered a bed and breakfast since 1982. Inside the building, there are a total of ten rooms available to guests. The area is known for its wineries, golf courses, and various universities. The building itself has a history that dates back over 175 years ago. There has been a substantial amount of work put into the property to preserve its past and keep it in shape. The Genesee Country Inn also doubles as an event venue. Guests are able to hold significant events and celebrations like weddings and birthdays at the inn if they would like.


As its name implies, the Genesee Country Inn is situated deep in the heart of New York's northern countryside. It is located in Mumford, New York, a village of 330 permanent residents. Mumford doesn't appear on all maps of the area due to its small size.

Genesee Country Inn is a bed and breakfast, providing guests with ten different rooms to stay in, and access to Spring Creek in the property's backyard. The ten rooms are each distinct in decorations and position on the property: Garbutt, Barcklow, Allen, DeFazio, MacKay, McQueen, MacNaughton, Skivington, McGinnis, and Stewart. Each of the ten rooms at Genesee Country Inn has private bathrooms. Most of the rooms have queen-sized beds and have no additional rooms, though there is a suite with two rooms and a king-sized bed facing a window overlooking the creek in the backyard. Another room has access to a private patio. The garden-level rooms have gas fireplaces that are especially popular in winter months. If phone reservations are made, the owner, Deborah, will try to talk through the various lodging options with the guest in order to accommodate them in the room that will best suit their preferences. Some indoor amenities of Genesee Country Inn are hairdryers, DVD players, flat-screen televisions, public fridges to store food for longer trips (not in the bedrooms), a dining room, and a parlor in which guests may congregate.

The grounds surrounding the property are full of unique features. These include gardens with seating available, a patio that overlooks the water, a sun-room that can be used year-round, a gazebo, a fountain, a small waterfall, and a dock that spans above Spring Creek.

Typical of a bed and breakfast, Genesee Country Inn serves a full breakfast to its guests as part of the nightly rate. All of the meals are home-cooked. Some examples of breakfasts at the inn include hashbrowns with seasonings, bread, freshly-baked blueberry muffins, and oven-baked pancakes with fruit, bacon, and powdered sugar. Deborah also accommodates dietary needs and preferences, including vegetarians and vegans. The property is open year-round, though May 1st to December 31st is the peak of the inn's season.


The desired culture at the Genesee Country Inn is that of relaxation and peace. The property's owner, Deborah, describes the inn as "country-chic." The bed and breakfast's catchphrase is "a short drive...a world away." This motto is probably in reference to the fact that Genesee Country Inn is situated away from larger cities, on eight acres of country land. The town in which it resides—Mumford—is a quaint village with 330 permanent residents. Deborah explains that their location provides guests with seclusion and privacy, yet is close enough to a variety of cities and activities to be convenient as a destination setting. The gourmet breakfasts each morning provide visitors with the opportunity to explore the different kinds of local food.

The Rochester region is known for having an abundance of wineries and golf courses. There are about seven different golf courses within a few miles of Genesee Country Inn. One of the most significant draws of the property is the Spring Creek access directly in the backyard. This spring is a short distance downstream from a trout hatchery, and the property is listed on a national registry of trout fishing. Guests enjoy the quick access to nature, as well as the well-maintained grounds of the bed and breakfast.

Visitors' reviews typically mention the appearance of the inn, the gourmet breakfast, and the hospitality of Deborah, the innkeeper. One guest said, "Wonderful overnight escape in a quaint village. The bed was comfortable and the breakfast was completely satisfying. The owners were always available, and the other guests were just as friendly and pleasant. An experience to remember." The Genesee Country Inn is also available as an event location for weddings, family reunions, birthday parties, baby showers, or other similar activities.


The foundations of the Genesee Country Inn were constructed in 1833. At its conception, the building was a plaster mill. It served in this capacity until the year 1917 when it was purchased by a new owner to be used as a family home. In 1982, the building fell under new management, and the owners decided to convert it into a bed and breakfast. Finally, in 2005, the Genesee Country Inn was bought by Deborah Stankevich, who is the current owner of the property.

She entered the industry because it was an opportunity for her to come back "home;" many of her family members live in surrounding cities. She and her husband were close to retirement, so they used the bed and breakfast initially as a transition into those later years of life. Deborah has since fallen in love with the work, stating that "it's even more than what I imagined." It exceeded her expectations on every count.

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