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Georgetown Mountain Inn

Georgetown Mountain Inn is located in Georgetown, Colorado; a city found south of Rocky Mountain National Park. The business first opened as an inn in 1964, which is when construction on the building was finished. Since 2007, the current owner has been operating Georgetown Mountain Inn. Currently, the hotel offers 33 spaces for the public to reserve throughout the year. Breakfast is provided to each person who is staying at the hotel. The manager and other staff members strive to create a "casual" environment that can help guests relax. Patrons who want to bring their dogs can book one of the pet-friendly units, though it should be noted that not all available rooms are pet-friendly. There are several common areas where guests can gather and spend time, including a heated swimming pool, a hot tub, a lobby, and an outside porch with picnic tables and a charcoal grill.


Georgetown Mountain Inn has a total of 33 units available for reservation. The building is two stories high with rooms on both floors. Each unit is situated and designed similarly to others in the building. However, there are some differences between the Log Rooms, Guest Suites, Antique Rooms, Colorado Style Rooms, and Standard Rooms. Regardless of which room a patron decides to reserve, they all come with a microwave, a mini-fridge, a television, access to Wi-Fi, and breakfast. Units that are not Standard Rooms generally offer upgraded amenities, such as larger beds, a greater quantity of beds, and additional space. The inn also has an ADA-compliant room, which has accommodations for guests who use a wheelchair. The manager describes the Guest Suite as "an apartment flat" with a full kitchen and the ability to sleep up to six people per night.

Everyone staying at Georgetown Mountain Inn is invited to breakfast each morning. The meal is typically served in the lobby and usually consists of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, muffins, juice, pastries, oatmeal, fruit, hard-boiled eggs, and other similar options. One of the available main courses is breakfast sandwiches. Patrons can receive breakfast any time between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

There are several common areas on the property, including the lobby, where breakfast is served; an indoor swimming pool, which is heated; and an outdoor hot tub, located on the porch near the back of the building. The swimming pool is in a separate building next to the hotel. Visitors can also find a picnic area with tables and a charcoal barbeque grill on the grounds.

Georgetown Mountain Inn is surrounded by mountains, with several of The Rocky Mountains found on the north side of the town. Due to the various mountain ranges within close proximity to the property—with the most extensive range being Rocky Mountain National Park—visitors have many opportunities to participate in outdoor recreational activities, including hiking, biking, and horseback riding, to name a few. During the winter, people can go to one of the ski resorts, such as the Loveland Ski Area, and go snowboarding, skiing, sledding, snowmobiling, and other winter activities. The manager enjoys telling patrons about Georgetown Loop Railroad, a seasonal tourist location that offers historic mine tours and train excursions that detail the history of the railroad and the train. The manager also enjoys sharing his favorite restaurants with people looking for food in the vicinity. A few restaurants he likes to mention by name are A & K's Place, Phở Bay Georgetown, and Cooper's on the Creek.


The manager of Georgetown Mountain Inn would like his guests to feel comfortable and relaxed. He explains, "We're a getaway hotel, not a business hotel." According to the manager, to help guests feel at ease, the staff strives to focus on customer service and creating a "casual" atmosphere. The manager states, "We have a lot of things that we can do for people if they ask." He encourages people to ask whatever questions they have so that he and the staff can help them have a more positive experience at Georgetown Mountain Inn. Employees at the hotel interact with visitors as frequently as the patrons would like. The manager remarks, "Sometimes they're doing their own thing, and other times I'll start a conversation with someone at 10:00 p.m., and it will go on past midnight." His favorite aspect of being the manager at the business is interacting with guests that visit and learning about them.

People have left various reviews of the establishment and the experiences they had while they were in Georgetown. A few aspects that are often brought up are the cleanliness of the building, the quality of the customer service, and the employees. One person who recently stayed wrote, "All of the staff were very kind and accommodating, making our stay wonderful. The location is wonderful, within a block of the park for kids to play, right next to a dog park; the hotel is within a quick walk to downtown Georgetown and a picnic area on the property. The heated indoor pool with heated floors was one of the best indoor pools I have ever swam in, and my kids enjoyed the outdoor hot tub and indoor pool."

The company enforces several policies. Several units are pet friendly and only allow dogs, while the rest are not pet-friendly, intending to accommodate people with allergies. The manager asks that guests keep the noise to a minimum during their stay. The establishment does not usually host events for people. However, patrons are permitted to hold their own celebrations provided that they do not disturb the other visitors.

Many people find out about the business through searching online and with referrals from patrons who have previously stayed at the inn. The busiest season of operation tends to be during the summer, from mid-June to August. The most common demographic of guests that visit the property are families with kids ranging from infants to early teenagers. According to the manager, the hotel is likely known for being a "base camp for people who want to explore the Rockies." One unique aspect of Georgetown Mountain Inn is that it is within close proximity of the main street, which has a significant amount of history. Another aspect of the business that tends to be mentioned by guests and staff is the heated indoor swimming pool.


Georgetown Mountain Inn was first constructed in 1964 and has been running as a hotel since it was completed. According to the manager, the current owner of the business has been in charge for about 15 years. He also mentions that, while they do not own the restaurant that is next door, it has a large amount of history as well, having been a train depot for a train that traveled between Georgetown and Silver Plume. The train carried materials and minerals that were mined out of the mountains in the vicinity.

The manager reports that there have been several changes made to the property. Besides general maintenance that has taken place consistently throughout the years, they have added updated air conditioning units and put in new carpet in the building. In the future, the owner would like to continually improve the business and make it a space everyone can enjoy.

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