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Getaway Inn

Getaway Inn is a bed and breakfast located on South Bass Island in Lake Erie. Owned solely by Danny Drake, the inn includes eight accommodations and strives to offer a personalized experience for guests. Danny says that he provides recommendations and insights into the local area to enhance their stay. While the inn is open from May to October, the peak season is generally from June to September. During this time, visitors can enjoy the island's attractions, including antique car parades, kayaking on the bay, parasailing, historical tour tram rides, and collaboration with the island's road race series. In addition to the breakfast and service, Getaway Inn recommends nearby restaurants to its guests. The Goat Restaurant offers chicken, steaks, and popular perch tacos. Danny also recommends The Forge, which he says is known for its "high-quality food" and "savory, sweet" crepes.


Getaway Inn is located in Put-in-Bay, Ohio, a community on South Bass Island. Eight rooms are available for reservation, each featuring either a queen or king bed, a private bathroom, cable TV, and complimentary WiFi. While the rooms share these amenities, they also have distinct characteristics. Some rooms are more spacious and can accommodate multiple occupants, making them more suitable for families. Additionally, all rooms have a sink inside the bedroom for guests to use while another person is "freshening up" in the bathroom. When it comes to popularity, Danny, the owner, says that all rooms at Getaway Inn are equally sought after, with no specific room standing out as more frequently rented than the others. He also characterizes the property as a boutique-like atmosphere, offering guests the opportunity to purchase various items such as artwork, glasses, T-shirts, and jewelry. The merchandise includes items with the inn's logo as well as other unique pieces.

In terms of common areas, Getaway Inn features what is known as the Great Room, which serves as a hotel lobby, and it is where a homemade breakfast is supplied every morning. The Great Room offers cathedral ceilings with a wall of windows overlooking the backyard. Patrons can also enjoy the sun porch area, back patio, and fire pit. While the property is just under an acre in size, the surrounding Cooper's Woods encompasses a sizable area. Outside the inn, visitors can also enjoy the English-style garden with trimmed boxwood hedges surrounding the patio area. Danny says that the garden looks manicured closer to the patio and becomes more natural and untamed as one ventures further into it, with hostas and additional boxwood plants. Boat rides along a 29-foot yacht that is captained by the owner, who holds a Coast Guard license, are available to guests as well. These boat rides offer the opportunity to explore nearby islands, enjoy sandy beaches, and engage in activities such as paddleboarding and Maui mat usage.

The inn offers a variety of breakfast options, including scrambled eggs, bacon, fresh cut-up fruit, and side dishes, such as potatoes, or sweet dishes, namely french toast casserole. Other breakfast choices are egg cups, quiches, and baguettes with eggs. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated, and gluten-free and vegetarian options are available upon request.

In terms of local attractions, Getaway Inn is located on a fairly small island that offers a range of activities and points of interest. While the establishment's website provides information on things to do throughout the summer and fall, some notable attractions include two local wineries, walking trails, a butterfly house, and Perry's Victory & International Peace Memorial monument and visitors center. People can also participate in the island's road race series, hosting evening receptions for attendees. On Sundays, the inn participates in the antique car parade, hosting an after-party for the participants. Getaway Inn is within relatively close proximity to Cooper's Woods, a protected wooded area on the island. The inn has a nature trail that leads guests into the woods, where they can explore additional trails. Whether taking a short five-minute stroll or embarking on a longer 20- to 30-minute hike, the nature trail can provide an opportunity to appreciate the island's views.


Getaway Inn occasionally hosts events and activities for the people of South Bass Island. For instance, the inn recently accommodated a ladies' luncheon organized by the Yacht Club on the island. The luncheon included stops at different locations, with Getaway Inn providing dessert and a cocktail. Additionally, the property has collaborated with the island's road race series, hosting evening receptions and social gatherings for participants. On Sundays, Getaway Inn participates in the antique car parade, hosting an after-party where visitors can enjoy hot dogs, hamburgers, and beverages. For guests specifically, they can arrange events such as a small wedding if they collaborate with the innkeeper. These events can give opportunities to socialize and create experiences.

As the owner, Danny enjoys interacting with guests and sharing his knowledge about the island. He takes pride in providing personalized recommendations and insights, in an effort to give patrons a “memorable experience.” The goal is to create a welcoming and home-like atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable and well-informed about local attractions, dining options, and recreational activities. Danny says that the intention is to go beyond what traditional hotels offer and provide a more personalized and engaging experience for guests. One person commented on their stay in a review, saying, "This home and the owners and staff are top notch. The breakfast was very nicely done, and the ambiance was perfect."

Getaway Inn operates from May to October, with potential plans to extend its operating season in the future. While the current schedule aligns with the peak tourist season on the island, there is room for potential expansion to accommodate holiday visitors. The establishment may consider remaining open through the holidays, as Danny says more people are showing interest in celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's on the island. Danny remarks that the busiest months at Getaway Inn are typically June through September, with June and September being particularly popular. The inn operates at "full capacity" during these months, as reported by Danny.


Getaway Inn is a historic property that has undergone significant renovations. The original house, believed to have been built in the early 1800s, was one of the first speakeasies on the island before being relocated to its current location outside the downtown area in the 1840s. Danny, the owner, says, "It is considered the oldest house on the island that is still standing."

In 1998, the property underwent a renovation to transform it into a bed and breakfast. During this renovation, the back of the house was expanded, and six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a two-car garage, the Great Room, a sun porch, and a back patio were added. This marked the official establishment of Getaway Inn as a bed and breakfast. Since 2012, the current owner, Danny Drake, has been operating the inn, making him the third owner in its history.

Danny's journey into the lodging industry was influenced by the opportunities available on the tourist island. Wanting to have a summer job while pursuing a career in teaching, Danny gravitated towards the hospitality sector rather than venturing into the bar or restaurant industry. He worked alongside a bartender named Mike Burns, who owned a bed and breakfast on the island. This experience sparked Danny's interest in the bed and breakfast business. In 2006, Danny joined Joanne Wolf at The Anchor Inn, where he eventually became a co-owner of the Wee Anchor Cottage, an aspect of The Anchor Inn. In 2012, both Danny and Joanne took ownership of the Getaway Inn. Then in 2016, Danny bought Joanne out, becoming the sole owner from then on. He recalls that her plan was to bring him into the hospitality industry to mentor him before her exit.

Regarding future plans, Danny envisions expanding the amenities at Getaway Inn. One of the planned additions is a pool, which is expected to be implemented in the near future. Additionally, Danny is considering adding a sauna to enhance the guest experience.

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