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Glenacres Inn

Glenacres Inn is a cottage-style hostelry that is located in Westport, Washington, near the banks of South Bay. The property has a total of 11 units, over half of them capable of rooming six people, with the cottages specifically being able to house up to nine people at a time. The main house is one of the oldest buildings in the town, as it was built by a sea captain in 1898. Glenacres Inn is open year-round. Due to the fact that the edifice is found close to the water's edge, activities like surfing and deep-sea fishing tend to be popular among locals and visitors alike. The city of Westport has many historical ties, including the tallest lighthouse in the state of Washington, which was built in 1898.


The main house of Glenacres Inn holds five rooms, all located on the second story. There are four cottages, which are capable of housing six to nine people at a time. Finally, there are two efficiencies, or apartments, that can accommodate up to six people. Each unit has access to WiFi and televisions, which are connected to it. Each house, cottage, and guestroom in the inn has its own bathroom. Some units have added features like jetted tubs or a king-sized bed instead of a queen-sized bed.

The property has multiple buildings. The main house is three stories tall and has several pet-friendly rooms and a commons area on the first floor, the rest of the guestrooms on the second floor, and the innkeeper's residence on the third floor. The first-floor commons room connects to a gazebo, outdoor deck, and garden area. Also on the first floor is a small café. Breakfast is not formally served on the property. However, they do have some food available, as well as a complimentary coffee in the morning. They offer limited scones and fruit in the café. The café also doubles as a store that sells old-world Scandinavian knives, shaving equipment, and brushes. These are typically supplied by the owner's brother, who is Danish and lives in Copenhagen.

Outside of the main house, there is a community fire circle, horseshoe pit, and gardens. The gardens have various paths that lead across the land. A meadow connects Glenacres Inn to the harbor, giving patrons an optional place to hike and walk their dogs. The cottages are spread out on the property, offering those who are staying there a sense of privacy and solitude.

There are a variety of places to go and activities that can be done in the area. Many people who are visiting can find a variety of things to do by the ocean. The Maritime Museum owns the local lighthouse, which is abnormal as usually those are owned by the state. Cranberry Coast is located south of the town, and there are a number of Scandinavian farms that grow cranberries. The owner, whose name is Steve, mentions that it is an ideal place for seeing the landscape and getting pictures of the geography.

Steve, the owner, also enjoys telling his guests about some of the restaurants that can be found close to Glenacres Inn. There are several wineries in the area, though he likes to recommend Sea Glass Restaurant, which is about 15 minutes away by car from the inn. Another place he recommends is called Blackbeard's Pizza. Finally, there is Aloha Alabama, which is a unique restaurant that mixes themed dishes from both Hawaii and Alabama.


The owner, Steve, most enjoys the connection with people that visit not only his property but also the town and community. He explains that he likes to interact with people, learn about where they are from, and share the history of the property and city with them. Steve wants his guests to feel relaxed when they visit. The goal of the property is to give guests an authentic, coastal atmosphere. He hopes that guests enjoy the environment and natural setting of the outdoors.

The property has hosted a number of events, including ones that celebrate the history of the property with sea shanty sing-alongs. Glenacres Inn has also invited regional performers to come to the house and perform for the patrons. Some guests will hold their own events, such as weddings, family reunions, and various retreats, from bird-watching groups to business groups.

Glenacres Inn has received many reviews from those who have stayed in the past. Many previous patrons mention the quality of cleanliness of the units that they stayed in, while others will note the care that the staff and owner put into customer service. One patron who recently stayed at Glenacres Inn writes, "Quaint, historical, and met our needs well. Glad we drove out to Westport, as we enjoyed the area. Convenient location and easy to find. Steve is welcoming, knowledgeable about the area, and a warm host."

Westport is most known for being a historical fishing town. Many visitors have spent time walking around the downtown area and visiting the docks. The ocean is within walking distance of Glenacres Inn. The marina offers many activities such as catching crabs, fishing off the docks, watching the boats in the harbor, and more. The Grays Harbor Lighthouse is located a short distance west of the property and is the tallest lighthouse in Washington. The lighthouse was built in 1898 and offers tours to visitors.


Glenacres Inn has operated under that name for about 15 years. However, the idea of the inn was initiated in the 1930s. It has been an inn under other names ever since then. One person that played a significant role in turning the house into an inn was Minnie Armstrong, the wife of Ben, a sea captain. She was very active and connected in the community.

One unique thing about the history of Glenacres Inn is that it was initially built and lived in by the town's founder. The main house was built in 1898 as a house for a sea captain and his seven children. It was not until 1930 that it became an inn that could be used by the public. Also, according to the owner, there have been several notable people that have visited the inn, including Robert Kennedy and his family in the 60s. Sergeant Schreiber and his family were also patrons at the inn at one point.

The current owner, Steve, found the property and decided to purchase it when he came to the conclusion that it would be a good fit for his desired lifestyle. He has enjoyed running Glenacres Inn and seeing people come to visit the town.

The owner has done many renovations on the property over the years that he has owned it. He explains that there was much neglect when he first obtained Glenacres Inn. Steve began by purchasing just a few of the acres and then, over time, accumulated the rest of what they currently own, which is a little more than ten acres of land. Over the years, he has developed a number of gardens and trails for people to walk through, leading across his land and to the edge of the water. Every room inside of the main house has been renovated to include amenities such as televisions during Steve's tenure as the owner of the business. Steve is in the process of creating two boathouse units, which are estimated to be available for rent in the near future. "They will essentially be a small cottage built off the hull of a fishing boat," the owner explains. The hulls are authentic from the marina in Westport, which are salvaged and repurposed by the owner.

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