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GraceNote Inn and Spa

The GraceNote Inn and Spa is located in Bethel, Maine. It has six units, one of which is handicap accessible. Each room has a private bathroom that is equipped with tile flooring, heated shower floors, and bidet toilet seats. Outside of the rooms, guests can visit the three dining rooms, two decks, or piano lounge. Breakfast is served at 8:30 every morning, though breakfast can be packed for those who leave the property early. Usually consisting of berries, croissants, and a hot entrée, breakfast is often served in the breakfast dining room. On the exterior of the building, there are gardens, one of which is a zen garden pond. The perimeter is fenced, and a patio that can seat 16 people is situated in the yard. With various activities in the area, the GraceNote Inn and Spa can be a popular hotel to visit for those looking for outdoor activities.


Located in Bethel, Maine, the GraceNote Inn and Spa has six units. Each room is equipped with a fireplace and a private bathroom with tile flooring, bidet toilet seats, heated shower floors, and benches. With different themes, furnishings, and layouts, each room at the GraceNote Inn and Spa is designed to hold two people. One of the rooms of the GraceNote Inn and Spa is handicap-accessible. This suite has two fireplaces and specific accommodations for the handicapped personnel that can stay in the room. Overall, the owners say that the style of the house is federal. Many of the decorations fit the theme, while others are unique to the rooms. Prior to its opening, the owners of the GraceNote Inn and Spa, Brenda and Carl Blond, say they spent over a million dollars on improving the house. Other rooms that visitors can visit are a breakfast dining room, a piano lounge, two decks, and two other separate dining rooms. In some of these extra rooms, things like board games are available for guests' use.

Breakfast at the GraceNote Inn and Spa consists of fruit, berries, granola, yogurt, muffins, croissants, and a hot entrée that is usually sweet or savory. All of the food is handmade, and around 90% of the products come from Maine. Breakfast is served at 8:30 in a specific dining room, which seats eight people. Dining in other rooms is an option for those who do not want to eat in the designated dining room. For those who leave the property early to go to activities, breakfast can be packed for them. The breakfast usually consists of yogurt, juice, fruit, and a breakfast sandwich. 

Outside of the house, guests have the option of visiting some of the other features of the property, such as the two decks, gardens, and patio, which seats 16 people. The zen garden pond is one of the more popular areas on the grounds, which is fenced and landscaped. Normal gardens also take up a section of the establishment, which is located on a total of two acres. Currently, a gazebo is being shipped and will soon be another feature in the yard. Additionally, at the GraceNote Inn and Spa is a saltwater pool and inferred sauna, both of which are located in the spa, which is focused on wellness and relaxation.

Activities to participate in around the GraceNote Inn and Spa include a ski resort, hiking trails, and other outdoor amenities such as waterfalls and mountains. Handicap-accessible hiking trails are suggested to those staying in the handicap room at the GraceNote Inn and Spa. Because the property is located near the Androscoggin River, water activities are popular. Brenda, one of the owners of the business, suggests that people eat at Chosun, a Korean restaurant, or Brian's Restaurant, both of which are located relatively close to the establishment.


At the GraceNote Inn and Spa, a few different activities are available to the guests on the grounds. Hot course dinners are served to the public and patrons, though they must be paid for separately. Also hosted at the GraceNote Inn and Spa are private parties. Occasionally, people will rent out the majority of the six units and host an activity or other event. 

Brenda and Carl, the owners of the business, want their guests to feel comfortable and well taken care of. To do this, they have set a few rules in place, the main one being the children's policy. Children under the age of 14 are not tolerated on the property. The inn is not family-styled and only accommodates two occupants per room. Smoking is prohibited, along with vaping. Pets are not allowed in the normal rooms, and the only animals that are accommodated are handicapped animals that give specific assistance to their owners. Emotional support animals are not considered to be in that category and are not hosted. The pets that are going to stay at the establishment must be certified service dogs.

Interacting with the visitors is important to Brenda and Carl, and they try to create opportunities to talk to their visitors as often as possible. Receptions are held in the afternoons, allowing for interactions to take place. Brenda, one of the owners of the property, says that she loves to offer her home to others as an inn. She also enjoys listening to the guests' stories and experiences.

Because the GraceNote Inn and Spa is relatively new, the business has received few reviews, however, people who have stayed at the inn have commented on their visit, saying that the food is good and that the home is comfortable. Brenda believes that success at the GraceNote Inn and Spa comes from attention to detail. Despite the fact that the building has undergone years of construction, it doesn't look busy or chaotic.

Something that Brenda and Carl Blond plan on featuring in the future is an Experience Maine Retreat. During the retreat, which will be during the slower season for the business, patrons will have the opportunity to participate in various activities. With a 12-passenger van that can take people around, Brenda and Carl plan on featuring moose hunting, hikes, canoe trips, and scenic ocean spots. Wellness retreats are also of interest to the owners. November, March, April, and May would likely be when the retreats would take place because the summer and winter tend to be busier.


Brenda and Carl Blond, the current owners of the business, have been working on the property since 2017 and opened it very recently. Features that they added include a barn and the second floor in a specific portion of the house. Future plans for the establishment include building a gazebo, but that will be it. Brenda explains that they already did most of the changes they needed to over the years, and they don't plan on adding anything else to the property. Both of the owners previously worked in the medical profession before becoming innkeepers, and have much knowledge of basic first aid. Prior to Brenda and Carl, the business was owned by a few different people, the most noteworthy being William Rogers Chapman, who was a musician.

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