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Grandview Inn

The Grandview Inn is located in Page, Arizona, and is only 10 minutes from Lake Powell. The property contains three units for guests to choose from, as well as the ability to rent out the entire house for a night's stay. The surrounding area is a desert climate with distinct red rocks which are famous in the southern Utah landscape. Activities such as boating and fishing are possible by means of nearby lakes and rivers. Breakfast is served at the Grandview Inn each morning, including items such as omelets, croissant breakfast sandwiches, and quinoa bowls.


There are three guest rooms within the Grandview Inn, which is located in Page, Arizona. The Blue Sky Room contains one queen bed and shares a bathroom with the River Room. A small vanity area in the corner allows guests to get ready in the morning, as well as acting as space where people could place a laptop. The owner of Grandview Inn describes the Blue Sky Room as being "calm like Lake Powell on a windless day." As the room's name suggests, most of the decor in the room follows some kind of blue theme, including the bed covers and walls.

The River Room shares a bathroom with the Blue Sky Room, but unlike the first unit, the River Room contains a king-sized bed and windows facing the east side of the property. This latter feature has been noted to allow for easier viewing of the sunrises each morning, though there are blackout curtains provided in all rooms in the event that a guest needs them. The River Room's decorations are relatively simple, mostly with patterns of flowers or other plants. A lamp rests on either side of the bed, and the room contains an alarm clock. Finally, the Serenity Suite is the largest of the units at Grandview Inn, with two queen-sized beds, a private bathroom, and a balcony that overlooks a section of Lake Powell. Sunsets have been reported to be particularly visible from the suite. Within the bathroom is a master bath with spa features, as well as a double sink.

It is also possible to rent out the entire house with enough notice ahead of time. Regardless of the unit, however, all of the rooms at the property come equipped with televisions with HDTV and Roku, free Wi-Fi, blackout shades, bathrobes, irons, and ironing boards. In addition to the three suites at the inn, there are a small handful of common rooms to which guests have full access. There is a kitchen with granite countertops, an oven, and various microwaves. Additionally, there is a lounge with a few couches and a television. A dining room is also located on the first floor, with the ability to seat up to eight people comfortably at a wooden table.

Breakfast at the Grandview Inn typically consists of dishes such as quinoa bowls, vegetable omelets, and croissant breakfast sandwiches. The dishes that are prepared for breakfast each morning vary depending on the preferences of the guests. When the weather is permitting, breakfast is generally served on the patio of the property.

The main building of the establishment is a home with a modern appearance with a small curved stairway leading to the front door. The desert climate of southern Utah means that there isn't much greenery on the premises, though there are a few small trees and bushes which are spread throughout the yard. The home is a beige color with white accents on columns and window frames. A porch swing sits just outside of the front door with enough space to seat two people comfortably.


One of the biggest goals of the Grandview Inn is to provide its guests with a location that allows them to participate in various nearby activities. Many people who come to the property enjoy activities in the area, such as boating, paddleboarding, kayaking, and bass fishing. Additionally, there is a bike trail named Rim Trail that is ten miles long and goes through many different regions within Page, Arizona. Antelope Canyon is another tourist attraction that offers views of unique rock formations of different shades and colors. Lee's Ferry is a service that gives visitors the opportunity to kayak on the Colorado River. Rentals for kayaks are available in the vicinity, and the river offers various fishing locations.

When visitors are spending time at Grandview Inn itself, the owners hope that they are able to feel taken care of. Specific details are taken into consideration in order to better a guest's time at the inn. Some features that have been specifically mentioned by past guests to the property include the breakfast which is provided, the quality of the customer service at the inn, and the living arrangements as a whole. One guest, in particular, mentioned one of the owners by name when they said, "Kris is very personable and enjoyable to visit with, and she provided us with a very tasty breakfast each of the two days we stayed. There is a very comfortable lounge for guests to use with tea-making facilities and a fridge. Our room was very spacious and comfortable, and the bathroom was large and well-stocked."

As a hostess, Kris is known for helping her guests know what attractions nearby might be most appealing to them. One popular restaurant recommendation is Big John's Texas BBQ, which serves home-cooked meals such as pot roasts, ribs, and chicken parmesan. Kris has also suggested seeing lower Antelope Canyon through Ken's Tours, which has received positive feedback from Grandview Inn patrons.

Some of the most important policies at the Grandview Inn include the check-in/check-out times, thoughts regarding pets and children, and smoking. Check-ins can occur anytime between 3 PM and 9 PM, though accommodations can be made for different times so long as it is discussed in advance. Check-out is 11 AM on the last morning of any reservation. Children aged ten and up are welcome at the inn, but younger children and pets are not allowed at the Grandview Inn. Finally, smoking is prohibited indoors, though there are designated areas outside that guests are free to use.


Grandview Inn started its operating procedures roughly eight years ago, in 2013. Kris is one of the owners of the property, and she got into the lodging industry because it seemed like an intelligent decision regarding what use to make of the large house that she owned. As such, conversions were made to the building to make it more accommodating for guests, and the business became official. Kris has expressed that she enjoys the experience of being an innkeeper and makes efforts to help her guests also have positive experiences while they stay at the Grandview Inn.

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