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Grayhouse Inn

Located in the southern region of Nebraska, the Grayhouse Inn covers one acre of land and features nine rooms available for rent. Within the two-story high building, there is an area known as "the lounge", which has several couches and a wall-mounted TV - giving guests the opportunity to relax and socialize. The property is located within walking distance of several restaurants and attractions such as Escape Fairbury, Rowdy's Steakhouse, and Casey's. Many people have found the Grayhouse Inn to be a peaceful getaway from the larger cities around Nebraska. The atmosphere of the area is perhaps more laid back and relaxed due to the town's smaller size. The property began as a three-unit apartment, before transitioning to become a B&B.


The Grayhouse Inn is located in the southern region of Nebraska. The B&B resides on one acre of land and features nine suites within the two-story-high building. The two most popular units are rooms 2 and 3. Each room features a TV, private restroom, and Wi-Fi. Outside, tenets have access to a picnic area, a barbeque setup, a patio, and a lounging space on the front porch. Upon arrival, guests will receive a voucher to go to a nearby restaurant for breakfast. It should be noted that the vouchers must be used on their reserved dates, though they can be redeemed anytime from 6:00 AM to 1:00 PM. The restaurants are also available to cater for those hosting weddings, class reunions, birthday parties, or other events.

The exterior of the property can be described as having a classic "home" appearance. The Greyhouse Inn itself is two stories tall with an additional attic. The coloring of the building primarily consists of neutral colors such as gray and white. There are windows on the first and second floors that overlook the lawn outside. Multiple trees encompass the building and can protect visitors from strong winds from at least two directions. There is a small light a few steps away from the front porch that offers lighting for those who are ascending the four steps to the front door at later times of the day. The porch itself is covered and has a small roof that is supported by various white columns. A wooden fence with a few hedges can be found to the left of the front door.

The lounge room is popular among the tenets of the Greyhouse Inn and offers a wide array of furniture. There are multiple sofas that guests can relax on, including one that faces a small television hanging on the wall. There are also various coffee tables and ottomans in the lounge, which can be used for an assortment of social purposes.


The small-town location of the property, in Fairbury, Nebraska, has been noted to give off a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Zach Howe, the current owner, hopes for visitors to feel as though they're at home while staying at the Grayhouse Inn. Several guests have mentioned the property's cleanliness and the owner's accommodating service. Zach works to maintain and preserve the building as much as possible for the comfort of visitors. Many guests choose to stay at Grayhouse Inn to take a break from the more urban, highly populated areas. The inn receives a 20% rate of guest returns. Smoking is not allowed inside the house, in respect to other guests staying at the inn.

Several visitors have mentioned how homey and comfortable the Greyhouse Inn was during their stay. One guest, in particular, said, "We stayed here because all of the hotels were booked, and we're so glad they were! The room was cozy and the bed was so comfortable! Even though it's a house, it was so quiet." Another guest acknowledged the owner's personable service, saying, "The owner went out of his way to help me with a flat tire and was very understanding of our necessities!"

Though Fairbury Town is small, it features many restaurants and entertainment venues that give guests the opportunity to explore the area. Rock Creek Station State Historical Park—located about 15 minutes southeast of the Grayhouse Inn—is a nature trail showing several wagon ruts and buildings with historical significance.

The Grayhouse Inn is within walking distance of at least five restaurants and is located about one block away from the downtown section of Fairbury. Some of the local favorites include Rowdy's Steakhouse and Casey's. A popular attraction within walking distance of the inn is Escape Fairbury, an escape room with various challenges and levels, featuring two rooms to choose from. To the west of the inn is a small ice cream store called Classic Cone, open two days a week for visitors who are craving a sweet treat.


The Greyhouse Inn has been open to accommodate guests since its opening in 2017. Before becoming a B&B, the house was once a small three-unit apartment complex. The building's flooring was originally from a nearby church that was damaged by a tornado. This flooring had been a part of the church for over 123 years and was recovered from the wreckage, repaired, and installed into the Grayhouse Inn following the tornado. Inside the Grayhouse Inn, there are pictures hanging up of what downtown Fairbury once looked like before it developed. The current owner plans on expanding the property and purchasing the lot next to the B&B, in hopes of turning it into a putt-putt golf course for his guests. 

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