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Green Plains Cabin Lodging

Green Plains Cabin Lodging

Green Plains Cabin is located in South Charleston, Ohio. The property is a single cabin with two bedrooms, available for reservation year-round. The cabin's interior reflects a “polished rustic” style, according to the owner, Sarah Courtright. Sarah aims to provide a welcoming experience for guests and strives to be available to interact with them as much or as little as they prefer. Green Plains Cabin welcomes guests of all ages, including families with children. While the cabin features a few steps and different levels, Sarah notes that it remains accessible to individuals with limited mobility. In terms of policies, smoking is prohibited inside the cabin, but guests are allowed to smoke on the porch. Pets are also welcome for an additional charge, and Sarah expects guests to responsibly care for their dogs. Additionally, guests are encouraged to do their dishes, although it is not explicitly stated as a written policy. 


Green Plains Cabin Lodging is a rustic cabin accommodation located on Selma Pike in South Charleston, Ohio. The property consists of one cabin with two bedrooms. The Loft features a queen-size bed, while the lower level offers the option of two twin beds or one king-sized bed. Additionally, the owner says there is a "luxury sleeper sofa" on the main floor. The cabin has a “rustic feel,” according to Sarah Courtright—the owner of the establishment—with walls made of logs from around 1855 and a mix of contemporary and traditional furnishings, including upholstered furniture and rugs.

As for amenities, the cabin contains a range of facilities such as a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, stove, and hot tub. There is a full bathroom on the lower level, a half bathroom on the main floor, and an outdoor shower available during more favorable weather conditions. While the cabin does not serve breakfast or provide meals, it offers basic provisions such as coffee, creamers, sweeteners, granola bars, and instant oatmeal. Guests can enjoy an outdoor firepit and a Weber kettle grill for cooking, with charcoal and lighter fluid supplied. The cabin also offers a screened-in back porch and a covered stone patio where the grill is located. Parking is available on the property, and guests are welcome to explore the surroundings, including three pastures where bison can occasionally be seen.

Although there is not an official store on the property, Sarah raises American bison and offers bison steaks, ground meat, and other cuts for sale. She also has firewood for purchase. Guests have the freedom to walk around the property, but it is requested that they avoid entering the owners' yard. Additional activities that guests can undertake include fishing in the nearby pond and using bicycles and a rowboat provided by the cabin. 


Sarah Courtright, the owner of Green Plains Cabin Lodging, strives to offer a “cozy and comfortable” atmosphere for guests where they can “truly relax and feel at home.” In an effort to create such an atmosphere, Sarah tries to interact with guests as much as they desire, intending to ensure their comfort and privacy. She tries to be available to greet them upon arrival and assist them throughout their stay. The owner expresses one of her top priorities, saying, "I just want my guests to be able to take a deep breath, relax, and feel cozy and comfortable. When people come here, they can put their shoes up on the furniture, and it doesn't matter. Seeing my guests unwind and feel at ease brings me joy.” Guests are encouraged to enjoy the surroundings and have the opportunity to observe the adolescent male bison on the farm near the cabin. Sarah provides guidance on approaching the animals safely.

Regarding the bison farm, guests are encouraged to observe the animals without feeding or interacting with them directly. The surrounding area also offers a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking in the nearby state parks. Yellowsprings– located about 12 miles from the cabin –offers various restaurants and shops and occasional outdoor concerts by Dave Chappelle. The cabin's location, about 12 miles from Yellow Springs, Ohio, is an attraction with a variety of shops and occasional outdoor comedy concerts by Dave Chappelle. Some local eateries that Sarah recommends in Yellow Springs include The Winds Cafe, The Sunrise, and Peaches Bar. The area also holds historical significance, with ties to the Underground Railroad and Quaker settlements.

Those who come to stay at the cabin for the attractions nearby have often commented on the hospitality of Sarah as well as the amenities in the cabin and the fishing pond found on the property. One former guest said, “The cabin is rustic but has all of the comforts of home. The pond is fully stocked, and my husband and I caught bass after bass. The hot tub overlooks the pond and was so relaxing and very private.” Another visitor to the property commented on the features found at the cabin, saying, “A quaint and well-appointed cabin with a lovely view of the scenic pond. It's the perfect combination of rustic outdoor experiences, enhanced with custom decor and modern baths and kitchen. The screened-in porch is the best part!”

During a stay at Green Plains Cabin Lodging, there are a variety of policies in place that patrons are expected to abide by. Firstly, smoking is not permitted inside the cabin, but guests are welcome to smoke on the porch if they wish. This policy intends to create a smoke-free environment for non-smoking guests while providing an option for those who do smoke. Another policy highlights the allowance of pets at the property. However, it is expected that guests take responsibility for their pets and properly care for them during their stay, including cleaning up after them. Additionally, Sarah encourages guests to do their dishes, although there isn't a written policy explicitly stating this expectation. The cabin is equipped with a dishwasher for convenience. All age groups are welcome at the property, including families with children. However, guests should be mindful of the cabin's layout, which features steps to access different areas. Sarah also strives to help families feel at home by providing toys, coloring books, and books for children. 


Green Plains Cabin is a log cabin that dates back to circa 1855, though the exact year of its construction is not certain. The cabin is believed to have been built by Swedish settlers, as suggested by the research conducted by restoration experts who worked on the property in 1989. The cabin had fallen into disrepair before it was restored in 1989, with various renovations undertaken to make it more suitable for modern living. The restoration involved relocating the cabin onto a new foundation and adding contemporary amenities such as electricity, hot and cold running water, heating, and air conditioning. While there are no major plans for future additions or renovations to the property, Sarah Courtright, the current owner of Green Plains Cabin Lodging, has considered restoring an old barn that was dismantled due to safety concerns.

The property was initially a residence for Sarah and her family. However, after living there for ten years, she decided to transform it into a bed and breakfast in the year 2000. Sarah enjoys being able to host guests and meet new people who come to the property. The cabin has multiple decor pieces showcasing Sarah’s Swedish heritage as well. 

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8606 Selma Pike - PO Box 393
South Charleston, Ohio 45368
United States


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