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Harvest House Bed and Breakfast

Harvest House Bed and Breakfast

Noel and Suzette, the current owners of Harvest House Bed and Breakfast, have been operating the business since 2019. The establishment is located in southern Utah, offering four guestrooms in total. Additionally, many amenities are available to those who are staying at the property, including a hot tub, Wi-Fi, and car charging stations. Each week from Friday to Sunday, breakfast is provided every morning for guests at the property. One of the most popular attractions that can be found in close proximity to the Harvest House is Zion National Park, which typically draws in a fair amount of tourists. The national park offers a wide arrangement of outdoor recreation, with hiking being one of the most prominent activities. 


Harvest House Bed and Breakfast is situated in southern Utah, nearby Zion National Park. Four guestrooms spread among a two-story building on the premises are available for reservation. Some of the additional rooms that can be found within the building are a dining area and living room area, both of which are considered common areas that patrons can have access to during the day. Additionally, a seating area on the front porch of the bed and breakfast is also available for visitors to lounge. Balconies that lead to the backyard are provided with two of the first-floor guestrooms. A back door that leads directly to the backyard is included with one guestroom. 

The exterior of the property contains various outdoor characteristics such as a hot tub, koi pond, multiple patios, tables, and chairs, all of which are available to patrons during their stay. The owner, Noel, mentions that though the property may not offer outdoor games to guests, visitors can engage in stargazing outside and viewing the natural surroundings of the area.

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning from March to October, a full breakfast is provided to those who are staying at the Harvest House, while a continental breakfast is served every morning from Monday to Thursday. Breakfast is served between 7:30 and 8:00 AM, and the owners ask guests to let them know in advance if there are any dietary restrictions, which they will try to accommodate. Some of the breakfast items that are typically served include avocado toast, whole grain waffles, and cheese soufflé with red bell pepper sauce, to name a few.

Residential areas generally surround Harvest House Bed and Breakfast, in addition to Zion National Park, which is one of the main draws for tourism in the area. For visitors who are hoping to spend time outdoors, several hiking trails can be found throughout Zion National Park. The Narrows, in particular, occupy space in Zion National Park, where visitors can view the topography of the area. A few other attractions in close proximity to the bed and breakfast include Bryce Canyon, Cedar National Monument, Bryan Head Ski Resort, and Snow Canyon. Regarding restaurants in the area, Noel recommends guests visit The Spotted Dog, Oscar's Café, and King's Landing.


The times when the property is open for visitors to book a reservation tend to vary each year. Harvest House Bed and Breakfast's peak season has typically been from March through October, with the main demographic consisting of couples and occasionally families. Some of the policies that guests are expected to act in accordance with during their stay are the prohibition of pets. Additionally, visitors under the age of eighteen years old are allowed to stay at the property only with parental approval. Furthermore, the owners ask that guests refrain from visiting the common areas in the early morning or late night hours, in order to allow other occupants to rest.

Noel and Suzette strive to interact with patrons often and give recommendations of things to do in the area. Noel says that one goal that they have in mind is to provide their guests with a "personalized experience," and to feel "comfortable" whether that means sleeping in or utilizing the on-site amenities. One particular visitor who had previously stated at the Harvest House commented, "Our room was comfortable, and it felt like a lot of personal touches went into the decorations/updates they recently completed." The unofficial motto of Harvest House Bed and Breakfast is "enter as strangers, leave as friends," which is written on a sign outside the bed and breakfast.


Harvest House Bed and Breakfast was purchased by the current owners, Noel and Suzette, in 2019. It was first built in 1989, and was originally built for the purpose of being a bed and breakfast. The former owners of the business, Tom and Maryanne, had owned it from 2007 to 2019, making various updates and remodeling throughout the course of their ownership. They completed the basement, which the current owners live in, remodeled the guestrooms, and built a garage with a long-term unit above it, separate from the bed and breakfast itself. 

Prior to owning the Harvest House, Noel and Suzette were in search of "a different lifestyle" before retirement, according to Noel. Though they had little experience in the hospitality industry, they decided that it would be something they wanted to experience. Since acquiring the property, they have redecorated, conducted carpet maintenance, and repainted the exterior.

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