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Hayhurst Bed & Breakfast, LLC

The Hayhurst Bed and Breakfast, which is located in Pine, Idaho, has eight units, seven of which are rooms. The cabin the rooms are located in was built in 2006 to act as a bed and breakfast. The current owners, Debra Gates and Buzz Britton have owned the property since 2019 and have been functioning it as a bed and breakfast. The hosts strive to create an environment where their guests feel comfortable and right at home. They want their guests to feel that their needs are met, that it is enjoyable, and that they are getting adequate service for their money. The staff at the property clean the rooms and make sure everything is working before the guests stay in the room. They also interact with their guests as much as possible to help them feel welcomed and comfortable.


The Hayhurst Bed and Breakfast is located in Pine, Idaho. The building, first built in 2006 to act as a bed and breakfast, is located in a forest area. There are a few other houses nearby, along with a small area that has a café, convenience store, and bar that is located two miles away. Nearby attractions include the Pine Café, Trinity Hot Springs, Elf Valley Golf Course, Trinity Mountains, the reservoir, and the lake, which is located just across the street. The nearby reservoir is surrounded by a hill.

The property sits on an acre and a half of land. On the property, there are various features such as the log house, an outside patio, and grassy area, and a place where weddings can be held that provides an archway. There are flower beds and bushes throughout the premises. Also outside of the house are many trees. Hayhurst Bed and Breakfast has eight units, consisting of seven rooms and a stand-alone cabin. The rooms include the Grand Trinities, the Moose Trail, the Grizzly Den, the Warming Hut, Blazing Glory, the Wolf Den, and the Bunk House. Each room has a private bathroom. Some rooms have access to the wrap-around deck, which has chairs that are openly accessible by patrons of the bed and breakfast. Multiple rooms have a king-sized bed, while other rooms have multiple full beds. Each room is decorated according to its theme with paintings, photography, lamps, and various other decorations. Additional features found within the cabin include a common area that is frequently used by guests, a kitchen, a pool table, a sauna, and a hot tub.

Each room is decorated according to its theme. The Grand Trinities Room has a carousel horse, multiple lamps, and a large wreath above the bed. All of the walls are made of wood and have a log cabin theme. The Moose Trail Room has many moose decorations, including pillows, lamps, wall pieces, and chairs. Also aptly decorated based on its name, The Grizzly Den has grizzly bear lamps and pillows, along with pictures on the walls. The Warming Hut has two beds, each decorated with sheets and linens. Blazing Glory has one bed and a bathroom and is decorated with lamps, pillows, and chairs. Continuing in the description of the various units, the Wolf Den has two chairs and a lamp on a small table set up in a corner across from the bed. The Bunk House has three beds, two against one wall and the third against the opposite side. There are lamps, chairs, and a bathroom. Each room also has a plaque on the door with the room's name. Things such as wolves, tents, and moose are also carved into the pieces of wood.

As a part of their stay, guests can receive breakfast. Breakfast is served at 8:30 AM. It often consists of waffles, homemade syrup, eggs, bacon, fruits, yogurt, juices, and coffee. The cooks make special accommodations to those with allergies or on a diet if they are given the information before the guest's stay.


The owners of the property, Debra Gates and Buzz Britton strive to create an environment where their guests can feel "at home and comfortable." They want their guests to feel like their needs are met and that their stay was enjoyable. To achieve their goal, the staff at the Hayhurst Bed and Breakfast often try to interact with their guests as much as possible. They try to be friendly and to be good hosts, and to take care of guests' needs when they can. Standard cleaning and quality control take place by the staff before any guest's reservations.

Many of the guests staying at the property are often forty and older and are typically consist of couples or business groups. The majority of the guests find the Hayhurst Bed and Breakfast through search engines such as Google. The guests often come to the area to go boating, fishing, and snowmobiling. There are many repeat guests to the property.

On the property, weddings can be held. There is an archway that is provided for the ceremony, and there is a unique wedding suite in which guests can stay. Also offered is a meeting room where guests can hold business meetings, church meetings, or other meetings. The meeting room is accommodated with supplies such as chairs and tables. It is well suited for business retreats and couples retreats.

Guests who have stayed at the Hayhurst Bed and Breakfast have complimented the demeanor of the hosts, the overall cleanliness of the rooms, and the quality of the breakfast. One guest, in particular, said, "Our room was spotlessly clean, comfortable, and quiet. We sat out on the balcony outside our room for hours, just enjoying the beautiful scenery, watching the deer pass below us and the birds singing their happy songs. We were surprised the next morning at breakfast that the resort was actually full. Speaking of Breakfast, it was absolutely delicious. Homemade lemon zest buttermilk pancakes with homemade syrup, bacon, ham, eggs, fruit, and more. There was something to satisfy everyone's tastes. Debra and Buzz were amazing hosts."


The Hayhurst Bed and Breakfast was originally built in 2006 by the last owners. The current owners, Debra Gates and Buzz Britton, have owned it for two years and have been functioning it as a bed and breakfast. When the cabin was originally built, it was designed to act as a bed and breakfast where people could stay. Since Debra and Buzz have owned the property, they have made a few changes. Some of these include creating a quiet area, converting a garage bay into a meeting room, adding a better air conditioning system, and adding a double oven to the guest kitchen. Buzz and Debra also have future plans to change a few things, the first of which being to create a self-serve wine and beer dispenser.

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810 So Twin Pine Dr
Pine, Idaho 83647
United States


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Debra Gates & Buzz Britton

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