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New Mexico
Heart's Desire Bed and Breakfast

Heart's Desire Bed and Breakfast

Heart's Desire Bed and Breakfast is located in Raton, New Mexico, about three miles from the state border with Colorado. Mountains and nearby lakes for fishing and recreation surround the city. Nearby attractions include the previously mentioned lakes and mountains, Sugarite Canyon State Park, a geographic line containing evidence from the dinosaur extinction event, and the site of the Ludlow Massacre. The bed and breakfast features five guestrooms in a three-story house from 1895 with a "New Mexico Victorian" appearance and decorations, according to the owners. The owners, Jason and Sofia Wolfe, allow dogs at their property as long as pets are housebroken and friendly. 


Heart's Desire Bed and Breakfast is located in Raton, New Mexico, which—according to Sofia, one of the owners—is the first stop from Colorado into New Mexico, about three miles from the state border. The bed and breakfast is a few blocks east of the mountains near a residential part of the city, with three churches at its corners. It is also close to the main street.

Heart's Desire Bed and Breakfast comprises a single three-story house. It features five guest units. The second floor features two double rooms with a shared bathroom, another room with a queen bed and shower, and an additional unit that functions like an apartment with its queen bed, bathroom, and kitchenette. The third-floor room has a parlor and is between 600 to 800 square feet. It includes a kitchen, private bathroom, king-size bed, and couch. All guestrooms have a flat-screen TV with cable or a Smart TV, individual air conditioning, a sink, Wi-Fi, and private entrances. Additionally, Sofia explains that the Victorian Room is the most popular because of its "bright" atmosphere and shower. She describes the decor as "New Mexico Victorian," saying that it blends aspects of the region and the time period.

The property takes up two lots on a block near the main street of Raton. Heart's Desire Bed and Breakfast has apple, peach, plum trees, as well as grape vines. The bed and breakfast has two formal dining rooms. Additionally, a wraparound porch serves as a place for visitors to socialize or relax, and a fenced backyard can be accessed for dogs to play. More sitting areas and tables are set up outside. Sofia says wildlife is common near the property; deer can be spotted during the day, and bears have occasionally been observed at night.

According to Sofia, breakfast is made from scratch each morning. The food may include various options, such as eggs, potatoes, green and red chilis, pastry foods, Dutch babies, egg poofs, jelly made from scratch, or organic maple syrup. Sofia adds that she and her husband, Jason, try to keep their breakfast items as locally sourced as possible. If large groups stay at Heart's Desire Bed and Breakfast, breakfast typically begins at 8:00. Otherwise, the specific time is accommodated to fit visitors' needs. Finally, Sofia states that guests' dietary restrictions and food allergies are addressed.

One attraction that Sofia recommends to her occupants is Colfax Ale Cellar, the brewery across the main street. Additional attractions in the area include nearby lakes to fish for trout, Sugarite Canyon State Park, the site of the Ludlow Massacre, and a geographic layer near Raton that is thought to contain evidence from the dinosaurs' extinction. Sofia also recommends her guests visit the following restaurants: Colfax Ale Cellar, Bruno's Pizza, and The Historic Ice House.


Sofia, a Heart's Desire Bed and Breakfast co-owner, wants her visitors to feel relaxed and taken care of. She and her husband, Jason, welcome the people who arrive, and they strive to create a place that "feels like a community" and allows them to get to know their guests and neighbors. In most cases, Sofia says the bed and breakfast is a social place, particularly at breakfast, but occupants tend to be quiet at night. Sofia also says she and Jason try to make patrons feel special, even if someone would rather stay in their room throughout their stay. She adds that she and Jason gauge their guests' intentions and work accordingly; the owners can be social with people who want to approach them or give introverts space.

One visitor left the following review of Heart's Desire Bed and Breakfast: "Heart's Desire is within walking distance to town. The host and hostess were lovely, and they offered teas, coffee and snacks when we arrived. The bed was comfortable and breakfast was a treat." Sofia also explains that some patrons have told her that the bed and breakfast feels like a trip back in time, particularly because of its "New Mexico and old-fashioned vibe." She adds that the wildlife contributes to the atmosphere of Heart's Desire Bed and Breakfast.

Heart's Desire Bed and Breakfast has a few important policies for visitors to follow. First, pets are allowed, but they must be housebroken, and owners must have planned beforehand how to take care of dogs. No indoor smoking is permitted. Finally, while quiet time is not strictly enforced, Sofia says that people tend to become quieter at around 8:00 PM each night.

Heart's Desire Bed and Breakfast is open year-round, with a high season during the summer months. According to Sophia, Raton's elevation, nearby lakes, and mountains facilitate mild weather throughout the year, so excessive heat and cold are uncommon. The bed and breakfast receives many couples each year, although families frequently visit with their children as well.


Heart's Desire Bed and Breakfast was constructed in 1895 and served as a boarding house for many years, especially for unmarried people working or studying in the area while wanting to live away from their families. Barbara Riley was the previous owner before Sofia and Jason Wolfe. Before buying the house from Barbara, Sofia worked as a community organizer in Denver, and Jason worked as a mailman. They came across Heart's Desire Bed and Breakfast as they searched for a new business and adventure after their children got older. Sofia and Jason hoped to stay in southern Colorado or northern New Mexico. Since purchasing the bed and breakfast in early 2022, Sofia says Barbara has remained part of the effort to keep the business moving, coaching Sofia and Jason for several months.

Sofia and Jason have made a few changes to Heart's Desire Bed and Breakfast since acquiring it from Barbara, namely, painting the wraparound porch and adding new paintings to the house's interior walls to "make it [their] own." They plan to add more features to the wraparound porch and include more tables, a hot tub, paddleboards to take to the lake, and scooters. The owners would also like to incorporate more activities into their business, such as hosting birthday parties and shower events with the community.

Sofia enjoys the fruit trees, the space inside the house, and the social atmosphere visitors help create. She says her favorite part of owning Heart's Desire Bed and Breakfast is meeting new people and cooking. She also appreciates her children's opportunity to visit, saying they can stay as long as they would like and have privacy in the home's studios.

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301 S 3rd Street
Raton, New Mexico 87740
United States


New Mexico Victorian


Jason and Sofia Wolfe

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Previous Owners

Barbara Riley

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