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Colorado Springs
Holden House 1902 Bed & Breakfast Inn
Holden House 1902 Bed & Breakfast Inn

Holden House 1902 Bed & Breakfast Inn

The Holden House 1902 Bed and Breakfast is owned by Sallie and Welling Clark, who renovated and restored the building in 1985. The business has been in operation ever since 1986, being open year-round. The inn is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, which is known for the various activities in the area. Such attractions include hiking Pikes Peak, zip-lining, horseback riding, dining, shopping, museums, and visiting wineries. The inn also has a wine social every day for patrons, including wine and cheese. The property has three buildings on the premises- The Main House, Rose Victorian, and the Carriage House. Each home has two suites available for visitors to book. Breakfast is served every day at either eight or nine in the morning in the Main House. Breakfast includes fresh fruit and muffins, with either a sweet or savory dish.


The Holden House 1902 Bed and Breakfast is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The property has three separate buildings, all two stories, and is surrounded by trees with a garden in the front. A walkway leads through the garden, passing by a fountain containing more flowers in it. The outside of the house is blue accented with red trimming and has a front porch spanning the whole front of the house. On the porch, there is a sign with the business’s name providing more recognition for guests. Patrons are able to access the rocking chairs and porch swing that are located in the front of the house. There is additional sitting in the back of the property, overlooking the backyard lawn with additional gardens. The gardens in the rear surround the gazebo feature on the property. Overall, the premises consists of less than an acre of land located in a residential area.

The premises has the Main House, Rose Victorian, and the Carriage House. The Main House has two upstairs suites, while the Carriage House and Rose Victorian have one suite upstairs and one downstairs. The Main house has the Aspen and Cripple Creek suites. The Aspen Suite has open-beamed turrets featuring a hand-painted sky mural on the ceiling. The business advertises this suite as a “honeymoon or anniversary dream.” The Cripple Creek Suite is a two-room suite designed to be elegant and romantical of the historical past. The suites in the Rose Victorian house have hardwood floors and are accented with woodwork. The suites in this building are the Independence and Pikes Peak suites. The last house on the property, the Carriage House, with the Goldfield and Silverton suites. All of the available units can have the “Breakfast en Suite” romance package added on.

Every suite is similar in the amenities that each unit offers. Such amenities include a DVD player with a flat-screen TV, private sitting areas, a fireplace, internet, refrigerator, access to front porch and back gardens, spa treatments, and refrigerators. Depending on the suite, other features might include kitchenettes with a microwave, complimentary coffee, a private balcony with views of the mountains, or a Roman marble tub.

Each building has common areas for guests, including the porches and backyard. Breakfast is served each day at either eight or nine in the Main House unless guests opt for the “Breakfast en Suite” package, where breakfast is served in their units for an extra fee. The dining room is decorated with golden wallpaper and 1898 restored Estate Oak parlor stove. The business serves a full breakfast that includes fresh fruit and muffins while rotating between sweet and savory dishes. Such dishes may include German puff pancakes with spiced apples, potato-cheese-egg casserole, ruffled crepes, and southwestern eggs fiesta. The owners, Sallie and Welling, strive to do their best to accommodate food sensitivities and allergies if they are is informed ahead of time of such restrictions. They will also put a continental-style breakfast in the fridge for guests who need to leave early in the morning.


Sallie, the owner of Holden House 1902 Bed and Breakfast, has set the goal of providing guests personalized service and hopes to make them feel that she and her staff are aware of their personal time. The staff is known for being available to guests as often as they can be and giving recommendations for surrounding activities and directions while making it personalized to each individual person who stays at the Holden House. The bed and breakfast is located in Colorado Springs, which is known for its abundance of attractions and activities. Sallie says that one of the most popular activities in the area is hiking Pikes Peak, known as “American’s Mountain.” According to legend, Katharine Lee Bates wrote America the Beautiful at the top of the peak. The mountain annually hosts the Pikes Peak Marathon and is also the location of many hikes, zip-lining, and horseback riding. There is a brand new visitor center at the top of the peak for those who complete the hike. Other activities include visiting the local zoo that has the largest herd of giraffes and going to the wine festivals.

The Holden House has a wine social every afternoon between five and seven. Snacks and beverages are provided with the wine. Guests have left highly rated comments about this service and the gourmet breakfast. One patron has said, “Every breakfast was superb and alternated between sweet and savory. Room cleaning was spectacular. Afternoon wine and cheese was tasty and timely.”

Sallie has attributed the success of her business through the years to being able to have good innkeepers and staff. The business is open year-round, with the busiest season falling between Memorial Day and Labor Day. It starts to slow down during the colder months, but decorations still go up during the holiday season, which guests have been known to enjoy. The premises continue to get a high amount of new visitors as well as returning guests.

The property has implemented policies to help keep a clean and safe environment for those staying at the Holden House. Pets are not allowed on the property; however, the inn has a resident cat, Mingtoy, who watches over the building. Smoking is not permitted inside or outside the property to provide more comfort for guests. There are also no suitable accommodations for children; all visitors to the property must be 21 years or older.


The Holden House 1902 Bed and Breakfast officially opened 35 years ago in 1986 by Sallie and Welling Clark. The couple was led to open the inn because of the various bed and breakfasts they visited while traveling. They also thought it would be a perfect way to meet new people and help them have a good time while traveling. This specific property is also a way for Sallie and Welling to share their love for older homes with their guests. The Main House was built by Isabel Holden in 1902, who was an early Colorado Springs pioneer. The building was constructed for herself and six children and is located on the historical side of Colorado Springs.

The Clarks moved to the area in 1985 and renovated the historic home, restoring it entirely while adding modern amenities such as plumbing, heating, wiring, and a new foundation. The business was ready to open in June of 1986. Later the other buildings were added to the establishment. The Rose Victorian was the first home to be added to the bed and breakfast in 1994, soon after the Carriage House followed. The inn is adorned with antiques collected by the Clarks and Sallie’s grandmother, who contributed to the building’s first furnishings. The rooms are home to family heirlooms, antiques, and portraits.

Sallie and Welling currently own the Holden House 1902 Bed and Breakfast and continue to enjoy meeting new guests and providing a place to stay for them. At this time, they have no intentions of adding anything to the property or completing any other renovations.

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