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Home Farm Bed & Breakfast

Home Farm Bed & Breakfast

Found in the town of Beachampton and next to the River Great Ouse, the Home Farm Bed and Breakfast is located east of the city of Milton Keys, which is in the southeast part of the United Kingdom. The traditional-style building was initially constructed as a farm home and dairy in the early 1700s and has since changed owners and functions multiple times until today. The property contains seven units available for guests to rent, two in the exterior barn and five in the main house. The owner of the property, Nick Duriez, states that he strives to create an atmosphere where guests feel "comfortable and relaxed." The property has received various reviews throughout the years, with the most common items mentioned being the quality of the breakfast served and the overall aesthetic of the property. 


Home Farm Bed and Breakfast is located west of the city of Milton Keys, which is itself located in the southeast section of the United Kingdom. The traditional-style farmhouse, which displays exposed brick and stonework on the structure's exterior, contains five rooms available for guests to choose from for their stay. In addition, the property is also equipped with a converted barn that includes two rooms available to visitors. Aside from the structures, the property also contains gardens that people can spend time in throughout their stay at the Home Farm Bed and Breakfast. 

The property is equipped with various amenities that people can use during their stay at the bed and breakfast. The rooms within the main house all contain modern and updated showers, double beds, kettles for coffee and tea, a fan, blackout window coverings, a flat-screen television, drink menus, and a space where customers can put their clothes. Biscuits are provided in the room at the beginning of the guest's stay. The owner says that these are meant to serve as a "welcome to the house."  The rooms in the main house come in two different varieties: double rooms and king rooms. There are three double rooms available for rent and two king rooms available. The king rooms provide a larger space and are equipped with sitting furniture in addition to the amenities mentioned above. The two rooms in the converted barn are equipped with the same basic amenities as the rooms in the main house. Additionally, these rooms contain full modern bathrooms with heated floors and are more spacious than the rooms in the main house. 

Every morning from 7 am to 9 am, a complimentary breakfast is provided for the guests of the Home Farm Bed and Breakfast. This breakfast is served as a continental selection of various foods, including meats, pieces of bread, eggs, and pastries. In addition, guests have the option of being served a traditional English breakfast. Nick Duriez, the owner of the Home Farm Bed and Breakfast, stated that they work to "accommodate their breakfast to [various] dietary needs" that the customers may have.  


Nick and Tim, owners of the Home Farm Bed and Breakfast, say that they strive to provide an experience in which guests "feel comfortable and relaxed." They describe doing multiple things to achieve this goal, including establishing household policies, planning the breakfast that each guest is served, and being available for customers when they need some form of assistance. Nick and Tim point out that multiple past guests to Home Farm Bed and Breakfast have left reviews that mention the quality of the breakfast and the aesthetic of the home itself. 

The owners have established multiple policies that all guests to the Home Farm Bed and Breakfast are expected to adhere to throughout the duration of their stay. Among these policies is a "no pet" policy. Additionally, only people 16 years old or older are allowed to stay at the property. Nick and Tim say that they believe that keeping younger children from being in the home helps maintain the "peaceful atmosphere" and "the countryside charm." The owners state that they work to be available for their customers and to meet their needs during their stay at the property. The owners state that they both live on the property, ensuring that they can be more consistently available for their guests. 

According to Nick and Tim, the most common demographics of the customers of Home Farm Bed and Breakfast are those who wish to see the countryside and nature and or visit the attractions in the region. Additionally, the owners say that many come for the nearby property and business people have come to the property due to not wanting to stay in a chain hotel. The bed and breakfast has received multiple reviews throughout its time of operation. One past guest of the property described their experience during their stay as such: "This is a lovely building. Our room was excellent, and there was plenty of hot water at all times. It was very clean and comfortable. Cooked breakfast was great on both days, and the owner was very friendly and enthusiastic."


The property that is now known as Home Farm Bed and Breakfast was originally constructed in the early 1700s as a farmhouse that was part of a larger farming community in the area. The property functioned as a farmhouse and dairy until the 1960s. In the 1960s, the farmhouse was converted into a private residence and functioned as a private residence until the year 2004. 

In 2004 the property was purchased and converted into Home Farm Bed and Breakfast. The original owners of the bed and breakfast installed private bathrooms into each of the units available for reservation. They furnished the house with decorations made from old farm tools that were used when the property still functioned as a farmhouse and dairy. The original owners still live on the property and lease out the bed and breakfast to the current owners and managers of the business. In addition, the original owners spend some of their time maintaining the gardens on the property. 

In November of 2021, Nick and Tim obtained ownership of Farm Bed and Breakfast. Nick was previously working in an airport before deciding to change his occupation. He says that he especially enjoys "the freedom [he feels] from having the ability to make [his] own mark on something." During his time as owner of the Home Farm Bed and Breakfast, Nick has replaced multiple older amenities in the home, adding some more modern amenities, including furniture, televisions, wifi, and bathroom items. The owners also have plans to construct a patio outside of the house for guests to spend their time during their stay and to continue to modernize the home while still maintaining what they call "the countryside charm of the building."

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United Kingdom


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