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Hotel Millersburg

Hotel Millersburg received its name due to is location, which is in the city of Millersburg, Ohio. The property is a collection of old buildings that have been combined on a city block. There are 32 rooms/suites at the hotel, each with unique decorations and style. Due to the size of the hotel, visitors are also able to rent it out as an event center, if they would like. Grover's Restaurant is part of the conglomerate of buildings and falls under the same management as Hotel Millersburg. The town has an extensive amount of history and has a sizeable Amish community that tend to be happy to interact with visitors and share their culture with them.


The Hotel Millersburg is comprised of 32 distinct rooms/suites within a collection of old buildings in downtown Millersburg, Ohio. The historic city block was once a group of separate businesses but has since been renovated so that they are all connected through their interiors. The tallest building of the collection is three stories tall and is equipped with an elevator. Though the buildings vary somewhat in size and appearance, they all have red-brick walls and tall, skinny windows overlooking the main intersection of Millersburg. The 32 rooms/suites vary in their decorations, furniture, and amenities. That being said, most of the rooms have coffeemakers, hairdryers, televisions, and private bathrooms. The larger suites in the hotel can house up to six people comfortably.

The most requested room at Hotel Millersburg is 212, due to an authentic brick wall that sits behind the bed rests of the two queen-sized beds. Additionally, it has a taller ceiling than most rooms and overlooks Main Street. Examples of other amenities that guests might find in some of the rooms include microwaves, refrigerators, tables, chairs, HVAC systems, and dressers. A few of the rooms at Hotel Millersburg are handicap accessible, aided by the fact that the hotel has a working elevator.

Grover's Restaurant is conjoined with Hotel Millersburg, and the two businesses are managed by the same staff. The restaurant serves dishes such as steaks, burgers, soups, salads, and spaghetti. The owner, Teresa, explains that the dishes are large for their price. Grover's Restaurant is open from 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM, though in COVID-19 conditions, the restaurant is only open from Thursday to Sunday each week. Breakfast is available at the restaurant as well, though it isn't part of the night's fee. Morning dishes include corn beef and hash, pancakes, waffles, bacon, sausage, yogurt parfaits, and egg platters. Generally speaking, the breakfasts are described as being "beautiful hot meals" by Teresa. Visitors are able to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner outside in a courtyard (weather permitting). The hotel doubles as an event center in its banquet areas. Some nearby attractions of the area include the Victorian House Museum, the Millersburg Glass Museum, and an assortment of cheese factories and wineries.


Some of the cultural aspects of Hotel Millersburg include entertainment, history, and a "homey" feel. Teresa Boggs, who owns the hotel, desires for her guests to feel that they are in a "home away from home." She explains that one of the aspects of the hotel, which helps achieve that goal, is that the rooms are all distinct in their decorations and styling. Specifically, she expresses with pride that the rooms are not "cookie-cutter." Guests can come to the hotel many times without staying in all of the different rooms, meaning that each stay will likely be different.

The historic nature of the property is also an important cultural draw. A small historical tour of the various buildings which make up Hotel Millersburg is given to guests upon their arrival. Many guests comment on the antique furniture and other miscellaneous pieces throughout the property. One guest said, "Beautiful historical hotel with friendly staff that does an excellent job of keeping the ambiance of the history of the hotel throughout the hotel." Supposedly, there is a ghost or two that roams the property, though it's such a small detail that Teresa doesn't mention it to guests unless they bring it up first. In such cases, her husband Ken gives them a short tour regarding the property's spectral history.

Millersburg, as a city, is known for being close to the largest Amish community in the world. Teresa says that Amish wagons (horse and buggy) frequently make their way downtown. The Amish culture of Millersburg goes so far as to include spots in many parking lots where such wagons can be "parked" for a time. Visitors are also encouraged to take Amish tours and eat Amish meals.

Yet another aspect of the culture of Hotel Millersburg is the entertainment provided by the banquet hall and restaurant. Live bands, DJs, and other entertainment groups frequently inhabit the restaurant. "Live music on the patio was awesome," commented one guest to the hotel. Overall, the Hotel Millersburg cannot be described merely as a hotel. "It didn't have that hotel feeling to me," one guest said. Hotel Millersburg is open year-round, though their busiest season is in September and October. This is likely due to the changing of the seasons, which produces an assortment of natural colors in the area. During December, January, and February (the slower months for the property), a standing offer is always included that allows guests to stay three nights and get the fourth night for free.


The Hotel Millersburg stands as the third oldest lodging properties in the state of Ohio. Though the original building was constructed in 1824, its first functions were primarily to be a stagecoach stop and a tavern. It wasn't until 1847 that the property became an official hotel. This was done under the management of Sampson Bever, who started the 170-year legacy under the name "Central Hotel." Electricity became available in the hotel beginning in 1888. In 1905, the name of the hotel was changed to "the American Hotel," and it wasn't until after World War I that the building became known as "Hotel Millersburg." One notable guest to the hotel was U.S. President Grover Cleveland. In 2019, the hotel came under the management of Teresa and Ken Boggs. They already knew the area well—they had been married just up the road years before—and had always had the dream of owning an inn or something similar to one.

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