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Hummingbird Inn Bed and Breakfast

Hummingbird Inn Bed and Breakfast

Since 2017, Eric Levinson and Michael Abbott, the owners of Hummingbird Inn Bed and Breakfast, have managed the property. Currently, the business is open year-round and offers six guestrooms. Every morning, a three-course breakfast is provided to all patrons, generally consisting of beverages, homemade bread, a choice of an entrée, and side dishes. The owners describe the inn as a "private oasis in the downtown area," as there are a wide range of attractions and restaurants are in close proximity to the bed and breakfast. Eric and Michael remark, "Our guests and their experience are number one and anything else comes second to that." They mention that one of their goals as the innkeepers is to "try to help people have a different impression of what a bed and breakfast is."


The Hummingbird Inn Bed and Breakfast occupies about three-fourths of an acre of land in eastern Maryland. Visitors are given the option to reserve one of six guestrooms. Some of the units are capable of accommodating more than two occupants, though one of the owners, Eric Levinson, mentions that "a total of seventeen sleeping surfaces" are available at Hummingbird Inn Bed and Breakfast. All six of the rooms are spread throughout three stories of the building. Four units constitute the second floor, and two larger ones can be found on the third floor. The first floor consists primarily of common areas as well as the inn's kitchen. Moreover, the main floor also has a larger guest parlor with an antique grand piano that people can play at their leisure. Books, games, a seating area, and a fireplace are also offered in this guest parlor. The second and third floors additionally feature smaller lounging areas that patrons have access to throughout the duration of their stay. "There are a lot of different areas to relax in," says Eric.

With the exception of the Crisfield Room—which has a Contemporary theme—every unit is designed with a Victorian style. All of the guestrooms are supplied with heated towel racks, linens, air conditioning and heating, ceiling fans, sitting areas, and an ensuite bathroom with bath products. It should also be noted that all of the toilets in the bathrooms are equipped with bidets. Two of the reservable rooms also include a functional gaslit fireplace. Tubs and showers are provided in four of the rooms which may be a combination of a step-in tub shower or a separate walk-in shower. The other two rooms have walk-in showers without a tub. Eric Levinson and Michael Abbott, the two owners of the establishment, report that the most popular rooms are the Easton Room, due to it being one of the larger rooms with a king-sized bed, a fireplace, sofa, and seating area; St. Michael's Room because of its separate walk-in shower and clawfoot soaking tub, which also serves as a jacuzzi; and the Crisfield Room because of the style and size, as it can sleep up to four people.

Eric and Michael remark, "We are the proud recipients of the Best Breakfast Award in the Eastern Shore area." They believe that the breakfast provided at the inn is a "very popular amenity for first-time guests and returning guests." Every morning, the owners serve a three-course gourmet breakfast with beverages, cocktails, homemade bread, a choice of an entrée, and side dishes. The menu changes daily depending on patrons' dietary restrictions; however, the menu always offers a choice of two entrées and two sides. With regard to what cuisine is served at the inn, Eric comments, "We try to expand people's breakfast options, and we do a lot of international breakfast foods." A couple of examples of this are the Japanese pancakes and the Austrian egg cake. In a typical breakfast meal at the inn, a savory egg-based dish and a carb-based food are served. Concerning the side dishes, these might include sautéed mushrooms; a meat item, such as the Guinness candied Chesapeake bacon; and a fried food. Breakfast is served from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. daily. Moreover, coffee and tea service is additionally offered to all guests, starting at 7:00 a.m. For visitors who have dietary restrictions, Eric and Michael would like patrons to contact them about these food allergies during the booking process or any time before their arrival. Eric is the cook for all breakfast meals.

Outside the inn, the yard space of Hummingbird Inn Bed and Breakfast is "fully landscaped with English gardens," according to Eric. A Victorian garden with a water fountain also characterizes the acreage. Eric and Michael remark that their bed and breakfast is "one of the largest private properties in the downtown historic area." A private on-site parking lot is available for all visitors, and each guest of Hummingbird Inn Bed and Breakfast can claim their own parking space to use during their time at the inn. The private parking lot also has a charging station for electric vehicles. Furthermore, the inn itself features a 1,000-square-foot wrap-around porch where the owners frequently host a non-official event known as "porch time."

Hummingbird Inn Bed and Breakfast is said to be "optimally located," in the words of Eric and Michael, as they mention several nearby attractions. The property is within walking distance of the downtown area, a shopping district, a theater, hiking trails, and galleries. Two particularly notable touristic draws that the owners recommend are the Avalon Theater and the Art Academy Museum. The Avalon Theater features live performances every weekend, and according to Eric, "They get substantial headliners such as David Sedaris and Judy Collins." Beyond this, the downtown area also holds events frequently. The Alexander Jazz Festival, the Waterfowl Festival, and various outdoor art festivals are some of the events that people can attend. In addition to the attractions, Eric and Michael also consider the urban surroundings to be a "foodie town." They further explain that Blue Point Hospitality has opened up a collection of restaurants that receive several visitors. "Anything from casual bars to five-star level dining" is what Eric and Michael mention can be found within the Hummingbird Inn Bed and Breakfast's vicinity. Some of the restaurants that the owners direct their patrons to are Bas Rouge, Legal Assets, and Wardroom.


Several events are hosted at the Hummingbird Inn Bed and Breakfast, which entail both public and private celebrations. As previously mentioned, the inn's wrap-around porch is used often for social gatherings and private events. Every summer, the bed and breakfast holds what is known as the Crab Feast, which features live music and a bar. Another event that visitors can attend at the establishment is the horse and carriage rides. The Hummingbird Inn Bed and Breakfast partners with a horse and carriage company that can take patrons on a 45-minute tour of historic downtown starting at the inn. During major holidays, such as Halloween, Christmas, and New Year's, they hold themed events. A multi-weekend celebration called Home For The Holidays is held in December for Christmas. Eric Levinson and Michael Abbott, the two owners of the inn, note that "all of these events are benefits, and [they] raise money for local nonprofit organizations to keep other businesses going." Another festival that is significant to the owners is the Pride Festival. Eric and Michael are fairly supportive of the LGBTQ community and they mention, "We are very open and we welcome everyone who comes here." 
The Hummingbird Inn Bed and Breakfast implements a few policies that visitors must conform to during their stay. Concerning pets, the bed and breakfast is a dog-friendly property, and Eric and Michael say, "We don't discriminate about breed or size. They just have to be well-behaved dogs." Regarding quiet hours, visitors are expected to keep noise to a minimum from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. As for smoking, people may do so in the picnic area, however, smoking is prohibited anywhere else on the premises. Eric and Michael comment that one of the most important guidelines is the check-in time from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. In the event of a late check-in, special accommodations can be arranged but there may be an extra fee. It should also be noted that children over the age of ten years old can stay at the Hummingbird Inn Bed and Breakfast.

Eric and Michael want their guests to feel "like they're home" during their time at the bed and breakfast. "When they come down for breakfast in their bare feet and pajamas to get coffee then we feel like we've accomplished that," Eric expresses. In an effort to provide this experience for visitors, the owners interact with patrons often. The aforementioned "porch time" event that is hosted on the inn's wrap-around porch in the evenings is a notable interaction that the owners have with their occupants as they socialize with them. "The general atmosphere [of the inn] gives a sense of warmth and welcoming," the owners add. They explain that they are "very involved with guests and [they] think that that helps [the property] have a more homey and inviting feel." Eric says that he and Michael have had patrons in the past tell them that they "truly felt like friends by the time they left." To further convey this, the property's slogan is as follows: "More than just a place to sleep." 

In reviews, the owners have noticed that people frequently mention Eric and Michael's "attention to detail." One person commented about this particular aspect, saying, "Every detail is considered to make the guestrooms and public spaces comfortable and relaxing. The lovingly cared-for house and gardens are beautiful, and the location is an easy walk to all that Easton has to offer." The owners remark that they "take [their] patrons' opinions very seriously because [they] are always trying to improve and always trying to do better." Michael and Eric also like to accept visitors' suggestions to "make them feel like they have contributed," in a sense. 

Nearly 40% of visitors are repeat guests, as reported by the owners. The establishment generally receives those who are between the ages of 30 and 60 years old, though Eric notes that they receive "a wide range of ages." According to the owners, the best time of operation is quite difficult to determine as it depends on the season. During the summer, many people come due to the fact that school is not in session, but in the spring and fall seasons, several events draw a number of tourists.


Michael Abbott and Eric Levinson, the current owners, have been managing Hummingbird Inn Bed and Breakfast since August of 2017. According to Eric, the establishment was a bed and breakfast prior to its opening as Hummingbird Inn Bed and Breakfast but "the model is very different and everything has been changed since the previous version." The building itself dates back to 1887 when it was first built by a man who was in the canning industry. He constructed two homes, one for each of his daughters to live in. Eric says that the Hummingbird Inn is the only building of the two homes that still stands today.

Before becoming one of the owners of the bed and breakfast, Eric Levinson comments that he was a "huge traveler for work and for pleasure." He reports that he "traveled to 70 countries." Throughout his traveling experience, Eric was "exposed to many hotels and dining places." Additionally, cooking was a "big part of [his] life" and he ended up starting a potential career in the restaurant business. Soon after, he decided to change directions as he took interest in hosting guests. "It was something I always wanted to do if the timing was right and if I could find the right place," he explains. One of Eric's favorite parts of his job as an innkeeper is "the cooking and the social aspect of it." 

Michael Abbott has had several different careers prior to being one of the owners of Hummingbird Inn Bed and Breakfast but "the one that resonated with [him] the most was when [he] ran a restaurant for nine years in upstate New York." He was also an event coordinator in New York, which ultimately caused him to "fall in love with the lodging industry." "When I entered the Hummingbird Inn business, it brought together everything that I'm passionate about," he expresses. "For those who are hosting an event, making it the best event from the moment they walk through the door to the moment they leave" is one of Michael's favorite parts of being an owner of the bed and breakfast.

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