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Inn at Indian Creek

The Inn at Indian Creek is a 20-acre lodging property situated amongst the Boehnemann farms outside Burton, Texas. Surrounded by rural farmland, the property has been landscaped and manicured to provide its patrons with extensive grass areas shaded under mature oak and pecan trees. A fishing pond covered in water-lilies and an abundance of flower gardens is also available for guests to enjoy on the premises. There are four limestone cottages spaced apart from one another on the grounds to provide privacy and seclusion—three of which are available for reservations. Two of the cottages—Wigwam and The Chief—have two bedrooms with queen-sized beds, while the third—Tepee—has a single bedroom with a king-sized bed. They all have full-sized kitchens, living rooms, and covered outdoor porches. The property is open year-round and is located near Round-Top, Texas, known for hosting The Original Round Top Antique Fair each year.


The Inn at Indian Creek is located just outside the small town of Burton, Texas. The lodging place is established in the rural farm country of the area, settled on Boehnemann road amongst several Boehnemann farm properties. Once a Boehnemann farm itself, the 20 acres of land has been converted to accommodate guests visiting the area, though there are two hay fields on the property that local farmers harvest each year. Beyond these two fields, the property has been landscaped extensively in order to create a “charming” environment, according to the owner Margaret.

As one enters the property, perhaps the first things they might notice are the dozens of mature, 2000-year-old oak and pecan trees spread throughout the gardens and grass. There is an abundance of flowers planted in various flowerbeds on the grounds during the spring and summer seasons, showcasing everything from roses to bluebonnets—a common flower in the area. A pond takes up a portion of the acreage and is cleaned and maintained by Margaret. One of her favorite aspects about the aesthetic of the Inn at Indian Creek is the “exotic water lilies” that blossom on the pond each year. The pond has been stocked with fish so that visitors who wish to—and bring their own equipment—can spend some time fishing if they so desire. Guests might also relax next to another, smaller pond called the “Goldfish Pond,” though they cannot fish in this pond. Guests are welcome to explore the property as much as they wish, and there is even a nature trail they might take. The path snakes through the trees, past the pond, and the fields beyond. Guests can use benches shaded under some of the larger trees to sit and enjoy the scenery, as well as the community fire pit available on the property.

The Inn at Indian Creek has four cottages on the property. Three of those are available to the public for reservations, while Margaret stays in the fourth. As the property consists of 20 acres of land, the cottages are not conservative in their placement, having been spaced apart in hopes of providing seclusion, privacy, and peace. According to Margaret, the buildings were built in a Texas farmhouse style with large porches. Constructed from near-white limestone, each single-story guest accommodation has a lighter aesthetic and is surrounded by flower beds and grass. A concrete driveway leads up to each building, and a walking path runs up to the front porch in between the flower beds. The roof extends to cover the front porches, which have been furnished in such a way to provide an outdoor sitting area with several chairs and tables.

The three cottages at the Inn at Indian Creek are called Tepee, Wigwam, and The Chief. The first of these, according to Margaret, is also the most popular of the guest accommodations. This is due to the fact that it is the smallest of the units, and therefore, an ideal lodging place for reservations consisting of only one or two people. Tepee is 600 square feet in size and has a king-sized bed in its single bedroom. It is also the only ADA accessible cottage with a ramp leading up to the front porch and handrails installed in the walk-in shower, the tub, and next to the toilet. Wigwam cottage is slightly larger than Tepee (830 square feet) and has two bedrooms, each holding a queen-sized bed. Reminiscent of its name, The Chief is the largest of the guest accommodations on-site, sitting at 1100 square feet. However, it also has two bedrooms with queen-sized beds. What sets it apart from the other units is the large wrap-around covered porch it has. They were all constructed in 2004 by the original owner and Margaret’s late business partner, Ken.

Regardless of which accommodations guests stay in at the Inn at Indian Creek, they will have similar amenities. Beyond the industry-standard items each unit offers, they also benefit from having full-sized kitchens. The kitchens include a refrigerator and an ice maker, a microwave, a cooking range, an oven, and a coffee maker with provided coffee. Margaret has also stocked the cupboards and drawers with dishware, cookware, and silverware. The Chief also has a dishwasher. Additionally, each cottage has a furnished living room with a small dining table, sitting chairs, and other decorations. The bathrooms in the units have a tub, a shower, and a sink area. The entertainment features in each unit consist of a flat-screen HD television, 40” to 42” in size, a DVD player, Dish Network or DirectTV, and Wi-Fi Internet Access. According to Margaret, she makes sure always to provide “state of the art Wi-Fi” and has the “top-tier bandwidth” she can get.

It should be noted that the Inn at Indian Creek does not provide food and that guests should bring their own to cook at their leisure in their private full-sized kitchens. However, there are several dining options nearby that guests can eat at as well if they so desire. Margaret personally recommends three restaurants to her patrons, including the Brazos Belle Restaurant, JW’s Steakhouse, and the Lone Star Southern Grill. The first of these is in Burton itself and is open on Friday and Saturday nights, offering American and French meals with wine and beer. The chef there is a well-known French chef who moved to the area from Houston, Texas, 20 years ago. JW’s is a western-themed saloon famous for its steaks and seafood menu options. Its located in Carmine, Texas, 7 minutes west of Burton. The Lone Star Southern Grill is in Brenham, Texas, 15 minutes east of Burton. She also suggests that her guests go to Brenham eat and take a Bluebell Icecream tour. Brenham is where the headquarters of Bluebell Icecream is located, a well-known ice cream brand around the country.


Margaret, the current owner of the Inn at Indian Creek, talks about how she has tried to create an environment where her guests can feel comfortable and peaceful. As many of her patrons are from city areas, Margaret wants them to be able to feel like “they’re away from it all” while also maintaining a “homey” feel. One guest’s review reads, “Peaceful getaway from the city. Love the cottages. Nice porch to enjoy morning coffee and the surroundings. Close to Brenham and Round Top, but it’s nice to just stay 'home' in the cottages.”

According to Margaret, many other visitors talk about how peaceful, quiet, and restful the property is. This atmosphere is created through a combination of both the cottages and the extensive grounds, which Margaret and her staff strive to keep clean and well-manicured. These grounds are something the property is well-known for amongst its guests. In particular, there is a fully grown, mature oak tree near the Wigwam Cottage that is leaning so far over as almost to be parallel with the ground. In the early 1900s, a hurricane came through the area and pushed the tree to lean at nearly 45 degrees. When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in 2017, Margaret said it pushed it even further. Now many visitors spend time playing on the tree and taking pictures of it. One patron who stayed in one of the cottages said in a review that this was an ideal lodging place “if you’re looking for some back-roading, starry skies, and a beautiful property to come home to at the end of the day.”

Beyond this feeling of getting away, Margaret also wants to provide her guests with everything they need in order to have an independent vacation. When guests are coming, she simply lets them know that the door is open at their cottage, the key is inside, check themselves in and check themselves out at the appropriate times, and enjoy your visit. The cottages at the Inn at Indian Creek have been designed in such a way that they can better provide this independent feeling, having a full-sized kitchen and all the other amenities offered. They were spaced apart on the property to provide a more secluded and private setting. “We stayed at the Teepee, and it really exceeded our expectations. The rooms are clean, they provide you with Wi-Fi, they even leave fresh water and coffee or tea for you to have in the morning. The location is perfect if you’re looking to escape into the quiet countryside. Plus, there are cute dogs.”

Speaking of dogs, a unique aspect of the property is that it allows guests to bring their pets with them. Margaret has a dog of her own and believes that pets are a part of the family for many people. In addition to an independent and peaceful environment away from the city, she hopes to create a family-friendly space, and as such, welcomes pets. One person who came and stayed at the Inn at Indian Creek with her pets said in a review, “Friendly owners, very dog friendly and private in a lovely setting. I went with my mother and two of our dogs. It was great.”

Margaret tells how she will often see parents sitting on the front porch as they watch their kids play amongst the trees on the extensive grass lawns. The concrete driveways also provide an area for riding bikes, scooters, skateboards, and other small recreational vehicles. One person who brought their family to stay at the Inn at Indian Creek mentioned in a review that “Our family of 5 stays comfortably. Outside, there’s a small pond where you can watch birds and other small wildlife or just play a game of croquet, frisbee, or horseshoes on the expansive lawn. The concrete driveway is ideal for letting little ones ride their bikes or ride on other toys. My favorite activity is waking up early and listening to the birds while sipping coffee on the front porch.” Margaret has a volleyball net guests can set up and use at their leisure. She also sends out thank you cards to her customers after their stay.

Besides the property itself and the cultural environment it tries to provide, one of the reasons people come and stay at the Inn at Indian Creek is due to the many festivals and events that happen nearby. Chief among these is The Original Round Top Antique Fair, which takes place in Round Top, Texas, 15 minutes from Burton. Though the little town has a population of fewer than 100 people, during the antique fair, thousands of people flock to buy, sell, trade, and peruse vast galleries and collections of antiques from across the country. It’s so popular that permanent buildings and structures have been built solely to host the antique galleries, vendors, and juried shows, that take place during the fair. Margaret herself has been in the antique show business before, specifically with her late business partner Ken. The Original Round Top Antique Fair is a biannual event that takes place from the end of March through the beginning of April for its Spring Antique Week and during the end of October for its Fall Antique Week. They also host smaller shows such as a Winter Antique Show in January. The fair was started by a lady from Houston more than 50 years ago. After receiving some traction, a wealthy businessman moved several “little houses” to Round Top and turned them into antique shops. The event has only grown since its founding.

Beyond this, there is the Bluebonnet Festival which takes place the second week of April in Chappell Hill, Texas. It draws nearly 30,000 tourists each year as people gather to spend time in a carnival, while the bluebonnet flowers are in full bloom. Also taking place in Chappell Hill is the Scarecrow Festival, which takes place at the beginning of October each year. It offers visitors pony rides, country-style catering, music, and more as they celebrate the fall and Halloween season. Both of these festivals are put on by the Chappell Hill Historical Society, a volunteer non-profit organization that is dedicated to preserving the local community’s history and culture.

It should be noted that the Inn at Indian Creek is not a venue for events and gatherings. Margaret hopes to maintain an air of peacefulness and solidarity on the premises and believes that activities such as these might disturb other visitors. Smoking is also prohibited inside the cottages, though guests can smoke outside. The property is open for reservations year-round, though its busiest season of operation is from the end of March to the beginning of April and the month of October. This is due to The Original Round Top Antique Fair in Round Top, Texas, during those months.


The Inn at Indian Creek has been in business for more than 15 years now. It was established by Margaret’s late business partner, Ken, in 2004. When Ken acquired the property, it was simply farmland. However, he had plans to run it as a lodging place and built the first cottage in 2004 and added three more cabins onto it that same year.

Margaret was a teacher for 31 years in Victoria. She was friends with Ken and was even an antique show partner with him. After she retired, he told her that he wanted somebody to share and help run the business. In 2011, Margaret moved to Burton and began working at the Inn At Indian Creek with Ken. When he passed a couple of years ago, the business fell to his family, who agreed to sell it to Margaret. She is the current owner, running the Inn at Indian Creek at 80 years old. Since her time there, Margaret has continued to improve the premises, including cleaning up the pond, repairing the sprinkler system, and doing a large amount of landscaping.

The Inn at Indian Creek resides on Boehnemann Road just outside the main of Burton, Texas. The road got its name due to the dozens of Beohnemann families that live in the area and whose properties completely surround the Inn At Indian Creek. Margaret’s land was once also owned by a Boehnemann family. She tells how the Boehnemanns were german Immigrants who came to Texas when it was still a region and were given land from Stephan F. Austin to establish a home. Austin is known as the “Father of Texas; A hero of Texas.” He was the first to colonize Texas in the early 1800s successfully. Many things in Texas still immortalize him today, including Stephan F. Austin State University, and of course, Texas’ state capital city, Austin. Nearly 200 years later, the Boehnemann families still live in the area after being given land grants for the Texas “hero.”

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